Meeting Of: 05 July 2000

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Regular Items

Item 1 (147.27 KB)
Southeast Transitway - Riverside Station To Billings Bridge Station - Investigation Of Noise Attenuation Fencing Options

Item 2 (10.33 KB)
Annual Report On Nortel Networks "GreenCommute" Program

Item 3 (1986.25 KB)
Use Of Regional Roads By Telecommunications And Utility Companie

Item 4 (550.03 KB)
Canadians For Responsible And Safe Highways (CRASH) - Increased Trucker Workload

Item 5 (165.18 KB)
Traffic Control Signal On St. Joseph Boulevard At Edgar Brault Street

Item 6 (239.81 KB)
Modifications To Greenbank Road Between Strandherd Drive And A Point 400 M South Of Strandherd Drive - Public Hearing

Item 7 (168.62 KB)
Modifications At Bank Street And Lester Road/Davidson Road To Accommodate A Traffic Control Signal - Public Hearing

Item 8 (6923.44 KB)
Road Maintenance Minimum Standards

Item 9 (28.28 KB)
Arterial Sidewalk Implementation Program

Item 10 (36.47 KB)
Truck Industry - Hours Of Work

Information Previously Distributed

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