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DATE                              30 July 2012


TO/DEST.                       Chair and Members, Ottawa Police Services Board


FROM/EXP.                   Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board








That the Ottawa Police Services Board receive this report for information.





In December 2005 the Ottawa Police Services Board received a report from the City of Ottawa’s Auditor General on the Board’s governance practices.  One of the Auditor’s recommendations addressed the need for a calendar of monitoring requirements.  He recommended that the Board: 


            …exercise more aggressive oversight of reporting to the Board by ensuring that the Executive Director organize and maintain an annual calendar of monitoring and other reports to be received by the Board.  Furthermore, that the Board require reports to appear as an agenda item on the date they are scheduled to appear, and require OPS senior management to formally respond if a report is not going to meet a scheduled deadline.


Following input and review by the Board’s Policy & Governance Committee and OPS staff, the Police Services Board approved a Calendar of Monitoring Requirements in 2006 and has done so each year since then.   


Included in the 2012 Calendar attached as Annex A is a column indicating the reason why each report is required; in most cases they are required under the Police Services Act, the Province’s Adequacy and Effectiveness of Police Services Regulation, or the Board’s own policies. 


Also included is a “Status” column to record any delays in submitting a report, the reasons for the delay, and the new date on which the report will be submitted.  As recommended by the Board’s Policy & Governance Committee, the Board is notified of changes in report due dates through the submission of quarterly status reports to the Board.  This report constitutes the second quarter status report for 2012. 


There has been one change to the Calendar since it was approved in January:  the Annual Report on the Public Consultation Policy has been permanently moved from July to September.  The rationale for the new submission date is that last year’s annual report was submitted in September, and moving it to September again this year and in the future will ensure a complete year of data is captured. 


Most reports due to be submitted to the Board in the second quarter of 2012 were received within that timeframe.  The following reports due in the second quarter have not been received for the reasons indicated:


Ø   Use of Force 2011 Annual Report – delayed from Q1 so that comparative data can be included.

Ø   Compliance with Ministry Standards:  2011 Annual Report – A component of compliance reporting was submitted to the Board in April in the 2011 Audit Report; the remaining components will be reported on in the fall to allow for the development of an enhanced format to report evidence of compliance

Ø   Employer of Choice Progress Report:  Q4 2011, Q1 and Q2 2012 – delayed from Q1 and Q2 to allow time for review by the new Chief of Police.

Ø   2012 Audit Plan – delayed from Q2 to allow for input from the Board’s Finance & Audit Committee.




Consultation takes place on an ongoing basis with members of the Ottawa Police Service.




There is no direct financial impact associated with this report.




The development of an annual Calendar of Monitoring Requirements sets clear expectations for OPS staff and the Board with regard to when reports of a monitoring nature are due.  It assists the Board in meeting its legislative obligations to monitor, on a regular basis, certain aspects of Police Service business such as the status of the

budget, administration of the public complaints system, and the achievement of Business Plan objectives, as well as compliance monitoring required by several of the Ministry Policing Standards.  



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Wendy Fedec


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