Corporate Services and Economic Development
Meeting Of: 01 August 2000

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Regular Items

Item 1 (12.74 KB)
Property Tax - New Multi-Residential Optional Property Class

Item 2 (11.25 KB)
Supply of Coarse Crushed Rock Salt (Tender 01300-77545-T01)

Item 3 (11.25 KB)
Eagleson Road Feedermain Extension Bridgestone Drive to Emerald Meadows Contract No. ETL99-3029

Item 4 (11.86 KB)
Contract Award for the Security Monitoring System for the Peter D. Clark Long Term Care Centre

Item 5 (283.94 KB)
Lease Proposal, 370 Catherine Street, Ottawa

Item 6 (9.88 KB)
Loan Guarantee: West Carleton Airport Authority

Information Previously Distributed

Item 1 (22.19 KB)
Record of Tender Openings for the Month of June 2000

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