Take It Back!


  • Residents must phone ahead to the retailer before returning an item.
  • Take it Back! members will accept this material for reuse, recycling or proper disposal.

Astley's Pharmasave423 Rideau Street613-233-8454
Beausejour Clinic Pharmacy1220 Place d'Orleans Drive613-841-5401
Bell Pharmacy737 Gladstone Avenue613-234-1890
Bells Corners Rexall Pharma Plus2144 Robertson Road613-820-4980
Brisson Pharmacy270 Dalhousie Street613-241-6273
Campus Pharmacy100 Marie Curie Private613-563-4000
Carver's Pharma Plus1190 Wellington Street613-728-3724
Centrepointe Gabriel Drugs117 Centrepointe Road613-723-2366
Drugstore Pharmacy1619 Orleans Boulevard613-830-9914
Drugstore Pharmacy200 Earl Grey Drive613-599-4046
Drugstore Pharmacy363 Rideau Street613-789-3346
Drugstore Pharmacy2210 Bank Street613-733-2283
Drugstore Pharmacy760 Eagleson Road613-254-5334
Drugstore Pharmacy2065 Robertson Road613-829-4680
Drugstore Pharmacy3201 Greenbank Road613-825-3748
Drugstore Pharmacy1226 Place d'Orleans Drive613-834-4074
Drugstore Pharmacy100 McArthur Road613-744-3225
Drugstore Pharmacy200 Grant Carman Drive613-727-7477
Drugstore Pharmacy2681 Alta Vista Drive613-247-1070
Glebe Apothecary778 Bank Street613-234-8587
Green Street Pharmasave16 Green Street613-825-7700
Greenbank Shoppers Drugmart181 Greenbank Road613-820-1306
IDA580 Rideau Street613-789-3422
Jean Coutu Pharmacy2701 St. Joseph Boulevard613-837-7804
Kanata Pharmasave99 Kakulu Road613-592-6955
Medical Pharmacy770 Broadview Avenue613-725-9671
Medical Pharmacy501 Smyth Road613-731-9152
Nutri-Chem Pharmacy1303 Richmond Road613-820-4200
Parkway Pharmacy311 McArthur Avenue613-749-2324
Pharma Plus Drugmart1670 Heron Road613-731-8087
Pharmacity1 Centrepointe Drive613-225-5070
Remedy's Rx Riverside Court Pharmacy3635 Rivergate Way613-739-0950
Rexall Pharma Plus1415 Carling Avenue613-728-1929
Rexall Pharma Plus2121 Carling Avenue613-722-4588
Rexall Pharma Plus2525 Carling Avenue613-828-4612
Rexall Pharma Plus2950 Carling Avenue613-829-3415
Rexall Pharma Plus900 Greenbank Road613-825-1821
Rexall Pharma Plus1595 Merivale Road613-224-7322
Rexall Pharma Plus2116 Montreal Road613-741-0483
Rexall Pharma Plus753 Montreal Road613-749-4954
Rexall Pharma Plus2269 Riverside Drive613-733-9144
Rexall Pharma Plus1620 Scott Street613-724-9875
Rexall Pharma Plus240 Sparks Street613-238-1198
Rexall Pharma Plus1910 St. Laurent Boulevard613-733-4571
Rexall Pharma Plus300 Eagleson Road613-592-3109
Rexall Pharma Plus1980 Ogilvie Road613-745-9497
Rexall Pharma Plus4048 Carling Avenue613-599-6606
Rexall Pharmacy832 March Road613-599-6699
Rexall Pharmacy407 Laurier Avenue613-782-2332
Rexall Pharmacy Plus1160 Beaverwood Road613-692-2424
Richmond IDA Pharmacy6265 Perth Street613-838-2028
Rideau Pharmacy390 Rideau Street613-789-4444
Russell Pharmacy110 Craig Street613-445-5555
Shas Pharmacy Limited1428 Walkley Road613-737-4106
Shoppers Drug Mart2446 Bank Street613-247-9893
Shoppers Drug Mart595 Montreal Road613-748-3118
Shoppers Drug Mart2339 Ogilvie Road613-741-6465
Shoppers Drug Mart174 Bank Street613-232-5723
Shoppers Drug Mart1642 Merivale Road613-226-1155
Shoppers Drug Mart2515 Bank Street613-523-9999
Shoppers Drug Mart6491 Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard613-837-1521
Shoppers Drug Mart3310 McCarthy Road613-523-8887
Shoppers Drug Mart111 Albert Street613-235-5139
Shoppers Drug Mart1200 St. Laurent Boulevard613-745-8201
Shoppers Drug Mart1180 Walkley Road613-737-3344
Shoppers Drug Mart2638 Innes Road613-824-2257
Shoppers Drug Mart2148 Carling Avenue613-725-9990
Shoppers Drug Mart1469 Merivale Road613-224-7270
Shoppers Drug Mart888 Meadowlands Drive613-225-6204
Shoppers Drug Mart1821 Robertson Road613-828-4487
Shoppers Drug Mart - Desjardins298 Dalhousie Street613-241-1871
Smyth Medical Pharmacy1929 Russell Road613-521-1300
Stittsville IDA Pharmacy1250 Stittsville Main Street613-836-3881
The Medicine Shoppe5303 Canotek Road613-745-5905
Vanier Pharmacy & Natural Health355 Montreal Road613-746-8102
Victoria Pharmacy1065 Wellington Street613-729-6149
Walmart450 Terminal Avenue613-562-0500
Walmart 500 Earl Grey Drive613-599-6765
Walmart 2210 Bank Street613-247-1184
Walmart 1350 Richmond Road613-820-8767
Walmart 3900 Innes Road613-837-9399
Watson's Pharmacy and Compounding Center192 Main Street613-238-1881
Westboro Pharmasave421 Richmond Road613-722-7647
White Cross Dispensary264 Elgin Street613-233-4029


  • Place this item in your regular garbage
  • Check the City's website for information on Garbage Set-out