Asbestos Tiles



  • Asbestos waste must be transported to the Trail Waste Facility by a driver trained in the management of asbestos waste.
  • Asbestos is only accepted by appointment booked 24 hours in advance prior of delivery of asbestos to the Trail Waste Facility to allow for preparation of the location.
  • The Deputy City Manager reserves the right to limit or refuse the acceptance of asbestos at the Trail Waste Facility.
  • Asbestos must be contained in a rigid, impermeable, sealed container of sufficient strength to accommodate the weight and nature of this waste.
  • If the container is a cardboard box, the asbestos must be in a sealed 6 mil polyethylene bag free of punctures, tears or leaks which is placed within the box.
  • The unloading of asbestos shall only be done in the presence of a landfill facility operator to ensure that no loose asbestos or broken containers are unloaded and that no airborne particulate is generated.
  • Check Municipal Landfill for directions, hours of operation and tipping fees.