Rural Association Partnership Program Application

Thank you for applying to the City of Ottawa's Rural Association Partnership Program. Detailed below are the contents of the supporting documentation package that must be submitted with your request for funding. This should provide sufficient information to permit an assessment and decision of your application. The City of Ottawa may request additional information or clarification of the data provided. All information provided will be kept strictly confidential. Further information on assessment criteria, and application process are available from a separate document - Rural Association Partnership Program Guide.

The Rural Association Partnership Program objectives are to support economic development projects throughout Ottawa's rural areas. Projects that may be supported include strategic planning on a local level, research and feasibility studies, tourism initiatives, and events along with small-scale technology or capital projects. Submissions that demonstrate active partnerships are encouraged.

Please complete and sign the accompanying City of Ottawa request for funding form and return it with the supporting documentation package to:

City of Ottawa - Rural Affairs Office
110 Laurier Ave W. 3rd Floor East
Ottawa ON K1P 1J1

Applications can also be emailed to

Applications are assessed on the following criteria:

  • Merit of Project
  • Economic and Community Impact
  • Organizational effectiveness

If the application is approved, the City of Ottawa will prepare a letter of offer with terms, conditions and a funding disbursement schedule. Funds will be released after successful completion of the project subject to a 10 % hold back until applicant, after completing the project, has met all project requirements as laid out in the letter of understanding and/or until a final report and budget is received by the City of Ottawa.

Any questions regarding the application process for the Rural Association Partnership Program should be directed to the Rural Affairs Office at 613-580-2424, ext. 27815 or by email

City of Ottawa

Rural Association Partnership Program-Application Form

Contact Information
Financial Details
Eligibility Criteria:

Please ensure that your organization meets all eligibility criteria.

Organization Type

Describe your organization:

Ongoing presence?

Is your organization based in and have an ongoing presence in rural Ottawa and/or have project activities that significantly benefit rural Ottawa?


Is your organization "not-for-profit"?

Accountable structure?

Does your organization have a publicly accountable structure with an active Board of Directors that meets regularly?

New or enhanced project?

Is this a new or enhanced project that will contribute to the economic development of Ottawa's rural area?

Copy of minutes?

Have you attached a copy of the minutes from your most recent Annual General Meeting, the details of your governance structure and a copy of your most recent financial statements?

Organization Description:

Provide a brief description of your organization including history, governance structure, role in the community, and projects of a similar scale that your organization has successfully implemented in the past. In addition, please attach the following documents to your application: the minutes of your most recent Annual General Meeting; details of your governance structure including a list of your board of directors and key officials; and financial statements from your most recent fiscal year.

Project Description:

Project Description: Provide a full description of the project. Specify objectives to be achieved and critical issues that the project will resolve. Identify project activities, work plan and time lines. Outline partner information and mutual benefits. Note: projects that involve hiring a consultant must provide Terms of Reference for the recruitment and hiring of the consultant.

Economic Benefits and Expected Impact:

Describe how the project will benefit the local or regional economy. Outline the project measurements and expected results by identifying clear and measurable targets for the project.

Costs and Financing:

Identify and substantiate detailed project costs. Provide the proposed budget details (expenses and revenues) regarding all cash and in-kind contributions attaching estimates/quotes where applicable (Note: Political contributions do not apply). Ensure that other sources and amounts of City of Ottawa funding for this project (received or requested) are demonstrated. Provide a monthly cash flow projection for the project. If required, demonstrate the need for a cash advance.


List, in point form, any attachments, which may include letters of support, financial information, quotes for capital projects, terms of reference for consultants.

Payment of City of Ottawa Contributions

Detailed instructions and claim forms will be provided to applicants after the City of Ottawa approves their projects. However, applicants may find the following general information useful in their financial planning.

In order to receive payment, applicants must file a claim. The claim must include a listing of all the costs incurred for the project with supporting invoices.

Applicants may claim 90% of the approved City of Ottawa contribution upon completion of the project. The final 10% of the approved City of Ottawa contribution will be released upon submission of the required final report. Applicants are required to maintain proper books and records of the costs of the project, including invoices and cancelled cheques, and to provide City of Ottawa auditors with access to these records when requested.

The City of Ottawa will pay up to 50% of the approved costs of the project up to a maximum City of Ottawa contribution of ,500 during the agreement period and prior to December 31, 2017. Applicants must have requested and receive permission, in writing, from the City of Ottawa in order to be eligible for a deadline extension.

If advance payments are required, please provide justification through your financial statements and any interim statements.

Any application not signed by proper authority of the organization cannot be processed. The undersigned certifies that all information provided to the City of Ottawa in support of this request for funding is true and complete, and undertakes to provide any further information that may be required for City of Ottawa to render a decision, in a timely manner. The undersigned also herewith provides consent for the City of Ottawa to make sufficient credit and other enquiries that may be necessary in the evaluation of this request for funding.

The City of Ottawa is subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.M.56, as amended (“MFIPPA”) with respect to, and protection of, information under its custody and control. Accordingly, all documents provided to the City in the Rural Association Partnership Program application form may be available to the public unless the party submitting the information requests that it be treated as confidential.

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Signing Authority

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Please return completed Application Form to:
City of Ottawa - Rural Affairs Office
110 Laurier Ave W. 3rd Floor East
Ottawa ON K1P 1J1

Applications can be emailed to