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Lansdowne Park Booking Request Form

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Rental Request

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Will there be alcohol at this activity? (required)

Please note that the facility is not currently licensed and that a Special Occasion Permit or Catering Endorsement will be required to serve alcohol. More information can be found at Special Occasion Permits: Private Event

Facility Requirements

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Live or Recorded Music

Live or Recorded Music (required)

If you will be playing live or recorded music additional fees may apply.

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Smoking is prohibited on City of Ottawa property.

For more information please visit the City of Ottawa website at: Smoke-free – Public Places (By-law No. 2001-148)


Additional charges may apply and will be invoiced separately.

Waste Management/Removal

Additional charges may apply and will be invoiced separately.

Other Requirements

Floor plan, logistical needs and event schedule required at least 20 days in advance.

Emergency plan, special occasion permit and insurance certificate may be required.