Report to/Rapport au:

 Transportation and Transit Committee/

Comité de transport & des services de transport en commun


and Council/et au Conseil


February 8, 2002/le 8 février 2002


Submitted by/Soumis par: R.T. Leclair, General Manager/Directrice générale,

Transportation, Utilities and Public Works/Transport, services et travaux publics


Contact/Personne-ressource: G. Diamond, Director/Directeur,

Transit Services/Service du transport en commun

842-3636 ext. 2271,





Ref N°:  ACS2002-TUP-TRN-0004










That the Transportation and Transit Committee recommend to Council that the name of Abbey Station be changed to ‘Lycée Claudel’.





Que le Comité des transports et des services de transport en commun recommande au Conseil municipal que le nom ‘Abbey Station’ soit changé à ‘Lycée Claudel’.





When Abbey Station was designed in 1989, it was intended that there would be a transit link through from Alta Vista Drive and a pedestrian connection to Abbey and Balfour (see Exhibit 1).


In the planning process, the connection to Alta Vista Drive was eliminated and with it the pedestrian connection from Abbey and Balfour.  However, the station name ‘Abbey’ was established and no change was made.


A request was received two years ago from the Board of Governors of the Lycée Claudel  that the station’s name be changed to ‘Lycée Claudel’, since the station name Abbey was no longer relevant.

This led to an investigation of the possibilities to providing a single pedestrian connection from Abbey and Balfour under the railway lines to provide Transitway access for this community.  However, the connection under the railway line would have involved long walking distances (the nearest homes would have been more than 300 metres from the station) and would also have been isolated and raised concerns about security.


In view of these problems, and because this community has direct to downtown service on routes 8 and 82 on Alta Vista Drive, this idea was not pursued.


The possibility of ‘Old Riverside Drive’ being renamed was investigated by the representatives of the Lycée’s Board and it appears that it is unlikely to happen for at least eighteen months.  Indications are that residents prefer to retain the existing name but, if that is not possible, would accept the name ‘Claudel’.




Generally, Transitway stations are named after streets or major shopping centres.  There was some concern about naming a station after a school, which could move at any time.


However, there is a station already named ‘Riverside’ and the process of renaming ‘Old Riverside Drive’ looks as if it will take at least another eighteen months.  It also appears from the attached correspondence that residents would prefer to retain the name of Riverside.  We are also assured that the Lycée intends to remain where it is for the foreseeable future.


Therefore, it is recommended that the station name be changed to ‘Lycée Claudel’ to enable its location to be more easily identified by customers.


In order to effect this change at the least possible cost, a decision would need to be made by the end of May so that the new map and timetables could reflect the change.  There would be costs of about $5,000 to make the required signage changes at the station, which the school will cover.




The Ward Councillor supports this name change, recognizing that the name of Abbey is misleading.




The cost of about $5,000 to change signage at the station will be paid by the Lycée Claudel school.




Exhibit 1 – Map of area surrounding Abbey Station.





Following approval of the name change, staff will arrange to replace ‘Abbey’ by ‘Lycée Claudel’ on station signage and will include the new station name in all future public information.