Presentation to the Joint Meeting of the

Rural Issues Advisory Committee and the Ottawa Forestry Greenspaces Advisory Committee


Tuesday, September 25, 2007, 7:00pm

5572 Doctor Leach Dr., Manotick





Rationale of The Project


Dickinson Square Heritage Management Inc. (DSHMI) is an incorporated non-profit charity dedicated to preserve and promote the unique heritage character of Dickinson Square for the benefit of the community and beyond.  It is a coalition of community organizations: Kiwanis of Manotick, Manotick BIA, Manotick Horticultural Society, Manotick Art Association, Manotick Messenger, Rideau Historical Society, Rideau Seniors’ Centre, and Watson’s Mill Manotick Inc.


In November, 2006, the City of Ottawa entered into a Loan Agreement with the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) for the building of their new office building.  RVCA currently owns the 5 buildings of Dickinson Square in Manotick and granted the City of Ottawa an 18 month Offer to Purchase on these buildings.  At that time, City Council instructed city staff to enter into discussions with the RVCA and DSHMI to develop options that provide for the property to remain under public ownership and to report back to Committee and Council at least 6 months prior to the expiration of the option period.




Since that time DSHMI has been working with city staff  with an aim of City purchase of the buildings and DSHMI’s management of the Square as a Heritage Development Centre.  DSHMI has been busy researching possible community usage of the Square and has now hired a firm to complete a city staff requested Business Plan.


Timelines of the Project


·        September 24th – Tentative DSHMI presentation to the Rideau-Goulbourn Ward Council

·        September 25th – DSHMI presentation to Joint Meeting of the RIAC and OGSAC

·        October 15th – Tentative DSHMI presentation to the General Meeting of the Council of Heritage Organizations of Ottawa

·        Mid-October – Draft Business Plan delivered to City Staff

·        October 25th – Tentative DSHMI presentation of the Draft Business Plan to the Arts, Heritage and Culture Advisory Committee

·        November 1st – DSHMI presentation of the Business Plan to the Community and Protective Services Committee and City Staff Report

·        November 14th – Report rises to City Council

·        Early 2008 – City takes ownership of the buildings of Dickinson Square and offers Service Agreement to DSHMI to develop and manage the Dickinson Square Heritage Cultural Centre.




The Business Plan will outline recommendations for usage and activities of the new Heritage Cultural Centre.  Recommendations could include:



Impact of Area and Residents


Since the 1860’s, Dickinson Square has and remains a community focal point; first as a commercial/industry site; today, as a site of many community events and the operation of Watson’s Mill with over 20,000 visitors annually.


The Dickinson Square Heritage Cultural Centre will continue this success by hosting many different arts and heritage activities year-round.  It will be a first for Ottawa and serve residents from across the City, Province and beyond.


Request to the Committees


DSHMI would appreciate motions from both committees indicating their support of the project and the creation of a Heritage Cultural Centre in the Square.