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Planning Committee

Comité de l'urbanisme


06 January 2012 / le 06 janvier 2012


Submitted by/Soumis par : Nancy Schepers, Deputy City Manager, Directrice municipale adjointe, Infrastructure Services and Community Sustainability, Services d'infrastructure et Viabilité des collectivités


Contact Person/Personne-ressource : John Smit, Manager/Gestionnaire, Development Review-Urban Services/Examen des projets d'aménagement-Services urbains

Planning and Growth Management/Urbanisme et Gestion de la croissance

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Ref N°: ACS2012-ICS-PGM-0021












That the Planning Committee approve a Cash-in-lieu of Parking application exempting the

Owner of 130 Anderson Street from providing the 11 parking spaces required by the conversion of the existing building to a small batch brewery, subject to the following conditions:


(a)        The Owner to enter into the standard agreement required by Section 40 of the Planning Act;


(b)       A total payment of $ 35,530.00, relating to a small batch brewery, payable in full upon execution of the agreement; and


(c)        This approval is void if the agreement has not been signed within six months of the date of approval.





Que le Comité de l’urbanisme approuve une demande de règlement financier des exigences de stationnement dispensant le propriétaire du 130, rue Anderson de fournir les onze places de stationnement exigées par la transformation du bâtiment existant en microbrasserie, sous réserve des conditions suivantes :


(a)        Que le propriétaire passe l’accord type requis conformément à l'article 40 de la Loi sur l'aménagement du territoire;


(b)       Que le propriétaire verse un montant total de 35 530 $, relatif à l’acquisition d’une microbrasserie, payable en entier au moment de la passation de l’accord;


(c)        Que cette approbation soit annulée si l’accord n’a pas été signé dans les six mois suivant la date à laquelle l’approbation a été donnée.





The subject property is located on the southeast corner of Preston and Anderson Streets and forms part of the Preston Traditional Mainstreet.  The property is currently occupied by light industrial and commercial uses.  The applicant is proposing to convert the majority of the ground floor of the existing building (approximately 1069 m2) and the use of a mezzanine (approximately 200 m2) for coffee related uses, such as brewing, roasting, warehousing, staff training and a small coffee house restaurant.


The proposed use will require a total of 11 parking spaces.  Since the building occupies the entire property, no parking can be provided on site.  As well, as the previous use of the property (light industrial) was a legal non-conforming use, it does not enjoy the benefit of parking credits, which could be applied to lower the overall parking deficiency.






The request to provide Cash-in-Lieu of the required parking spaces is being recommended for approval for the following reasons.


·         Cash-in-Lieu of Parking may be appropriate where the existing parking supply in the surrounding area can accommodate the on-site deficiency.


·         While available parking on Preston Street can be difficult to obtain at times, this situation is more prevalent to the commercial area more to the south.  Site investigations undertaken by staff at the peak times have revealed that there is adequate offsite parking available to accommodate the proposed on-site deficiency.


·         Cash-in-Lieu of Parking may be appropriate where legitimate site constraints or other hardships exist that limits the ability to provide the required number of parking spaces.


As the building on the subject property is constructed virtually to the lot lines, there is no opportunity to place parking on the property that would conform to the Zoning by-law.


·         The use of the property is not considered over development of the site.


The use proposed for the existing building is permitted under the Zoning By-law and no expansion of the existing building is proposed.  Also, as the on-site parking deficiency can be accommodated by the on-street parking provided, the proposed conversion of the existing building to a permitted use is not considered to be over development of the site.


·      There will be no negative impact on the liveability of adjacent residential areas.


A concern with granting Cash-in-Lieu of Parking for commercial parking spaces is whether or not the resulting on-site deficiency will result in off-site parking for that commercial use occurring down adjacent residential side streets.  As there is sufficient on‑street parking available on Preston Street to accommodate the on-site deficiency, the proposed development is not expected to result in a negative impact on the livability of adjacent residential uses.




Preston Street is a Traditional Mainstreet, which calls for at grade commercial uses that add animation and pedestrian activity.  It is the Department’s position that the proposed use will better fulfill the policies of the Official Plan relating to Traditional Mainstreets, when compared to the current non-conforming light industrial uses on the property.




Reduced Payment Request


Below are the applicant’s reasons in support for having this application approved with a reduced cash payment of one dollar per space.  


The existing condition is that the subject property is at the property line and the property between the sidewalk and the building is a City roadway allowance.  The subject property is zoned TM.  Bridgehead, a local coffee company, has secured a long-term lease of the subject property.  Bridgehead will use the building in accordance with the Small-batch brewery provisions under the TM zoning.  The building will contain a coffeehouse, a support and training centre, and the company’s small batch coffee roasting operations.


Bridgehead has proposed to make improvements along the Anderson Street side of the building, substantially in accordance with the Site Plan drawing provided in Document 3.  The improvements include demolishing the existing asphalt, excavating and regrading the surface to accept interlock pavers, reinstating standard city sidewalk and depressed curbs and adding trees with tree grates, and integrated bicycle racks.  The company’s plan provides for screening where the subject property abuts the neighbouring residential property.  The patio contained on the drawings assumes a seasonal café seating permit.


The company has been working closely with staff on the site plan details, and is prepared to enter into a maintenance and liability agreement.  The company consulted with the Dalhousie Community Association, the Preston Street BIA and the Ward Councillor regarding its improvements.  The improvements to City property are in accordance with the improvements made along Preston Street and effectively extend the mainstreet down the side street, which is a desirable beautification in the urban zone.

Bridgehead is seeking a reduction of its cash in lieu of parking application in recognition of the value of improvements it is making to the roadway allowance along Anderson Street, which it estimates to be approximately $35,000.

In addition, Bridgehead is carrying out civil work of installing new separate storm and sanitary sewers for the rear section of the building, where the building had a combined sewer and sanitary line before.  The cost of this civil work is approximately $25,000.

As noted, this application is being brought forward to the Planning Committee to allow Committee to give consideration to the applicant's request for reduced cash payment.  Staff are satisfied that the policies respecting Cash-in-lieu of parking are met, however staff is not able to approve requests to reduce the amount for the cash-in-lieu application.








Notice of this application was carried out in accordiance with the City's Public Notification and Consultation Policy.  The City did not receive any negative comments or opposition to this application.  One comment in favour of the request for Cash-in-Lieu of Parking was provided.




The Ward Councillor is aware of this application and the staff recommendation.




There are no legal implications associated with this report.








The standard Cash-in-lieu of parking formula calculation requires a contribution of $35,530 to the Parking Reserve Fund.
















Ensuring that new growth is integrated seamlessly with established communities.




This application was processed in advance of the "On Time Decision Date" established for the processing of Cash-in-lieu of Parking applications.




Document 1    Location Map

Document 2    Fact Sheet

Document 3    Site Plan




Planning and Growth Management to notify the owner, the applicant, the architect, OttawaScene Canada Signs, 1565 Chatelain Avenue, Ottawa, ON  K1Z 8B5, and all interested parties of Planning Committee’s decision.


Legal Services to prepare Cash-in-lieu of Parking Agreement.


LOCATION MAP                                                                                                   DOCUMENT 1


FACT SHEET                                                                                                          DOCUMENT 2


130 Anderson Street


Cash-in-Lieu of Parking – Standard Method of Payment Calculation




Existing Development                                    Parking


Conversion from light industrial use to coffee roastry, support and training centre and café.         


Total Required Parking                   11




Parking required                                  11

Parking provided                                  0

Parking credits                                      0


Parking Deficiency                            11



STANDARD PAYMENT CALCULATION (as per cash-in-lieu of Parking By-law)


Short term levy                                                           $20,020.00


Long term levy                                                            $15,510.00


Total Standard Payment                                          $35,530.00


Cash-in-Lieu of Parking-Reduced Payment Calculation


11 spaces @ $1.00 per space - $11.00


Approved Cash-in-lieu of Parking Applications in Vicinity


141 Preston Street – one space (residential)

191-193 Preston Street – three spaces (residential)

215 Preston Street – two spaces (banquet hall)

225 Preston Street – nine spaces (commercial plaza)

SITE PLAN                                                                                                              DOCUMENT 3