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Planning Committee

Comité de l'urbanisme


and Council / et au Conseil


20 January 2011 / le 20 janvier 2011


Submitted by/Soumis par : Nancy Schepers, Deputy City Manager/Directrice municipale adjointe, Infrastructure Services and Community Sustainability/Services d’infrastructure et Viabilité des collectivités


Contact Person/Personne-ressource : Derrick Moodie, Manager/Gestionnaire, Development Review/Examen des projets d'aménagement

Planning and Growth Management/Urbanisme et Gestion de la croissance

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Beacon Hill-Cyrville (11)

Ref N°: ACS2011-ICS-PGM-0039




ZONING – 2116 Montreal Road (FILE NO. D02-02-09-0088)




ZONAGE – 2116, chemin montréal





That the  recommend Council approve an amendment to the Zoning By-law 2008-250 to change the zoning of 2116 Montreal Road from R5A[1393] H(13), Residential Fifth Density Exception Zone with a height limit of 13 metres, to AM[1393], Arterial Mainstreet Exception Zone, as shown in Document 1 and as detailed in Document 2.




Que le Comité de l’urbanisme recommande au Conseil d’approuver une modification au Règlement de zonage 2008-250 afin de changer le zonage du 2116, chemin Montréal de R5A[1393] H(13), Zone résidentielle de densité 5 assortie d’une exception et d’une limite de  hauteur de 13 mètres, à AM[1393], Zone d’artère principale assortie d’une exception, comme il est indiqué dans le Document 1 et expliqué en détail dans le Document 2.





The subject property at 2116 Montreal is located on the northeast corner of where Montreal Road and Miss Ottawa Street intersect.  This property also has street frontage on Lerner Way to the south.  The property is designated as Arterial Mainstreet in the Official Plan.


Development Proposal


The applicant is proposing a one-storey, 1,400 m² commercial retail building.  The primary retail component will house a pharmacy with a medical facility as being a smaller complementary component to the development proposal.


Arterial Mainstreet


The development proposal satisfies Arterial Mainstreet policies with the building having an orientation towards the northwest corner of Montreal Road and Miss Ottawa Street.  A Site Plan Control application is currently being review and satisfies applicable mainstreet policies calling for land use intensification that establishes an animated pedestrian-friendly streetscape along Montreal Road.


Zoning Recommendation


Staff are satisfied that the proposed change in zoning for 2116 Montreal Road to AM, Arterial Mainstreet, is consistent with the policies of the Provincial Policy Statement and the Official Plan, and is recommended to be approved.  The change in zoning includes an exception requiring a landscaped buffer along Lerner Way which will prohibit vehicular access onto that residential street.


Public Consultation


Inquires relating to what are the applicable public notification procedures for a zoning amendment requests were received.  Additional comments included concerns related to traffic and vehicular access concerns, suggestions for the site’s landscape treatment, and placement of the garbage storage.  These comments have been responded to in the staff report and outlined in Document 3.




Préalables et analyse :


Le bien-fonds dont l'adresse municipale est le 2116, chemin Montréal est situé à l'angle nord-est de l'intersection du chemin Montréal et de la rue Miss Ottawa. Le bien-fonds a également une façade sur la voie Lerner au sud. Il est désigné « artère principale » dans le Plan officiel.


Proposition d'aménagement


La requérante propose la construction d'un bâtiment commercial de plain-pied ayant une surface de 1 400 m². La principale utilisation de l'aménagement proposé serait une entreprise de vente au détail - une pharmacie - accompagnée d'une utilisation accessoire plus petite - une clinique médicale.


Artère principale


La proposition d'aménagement correspond aux politiques relatives aux artères principales. Le bâtiment sera orienté vers l'angle nord-ouest de l'intersection du chemin Montréal et de la rue Miss Ottawa. Une demande visant la réglementation du plan d'implantation est à l'étude. Le plan est conforme aux politiques applicables en matière de rue principale, notamment celles qui préconisent une densification de l'utilisation du sol dans le but de créer un paysage de rue animé et convivial pour les piétons le long du chemin Montréal.


Exception au Règlement de zonage


Une bande tampon paysagée le long de la voie Lerner sera exigée pour interdire l'accès des véhicules automobiles à cette rue résidentielle.


Consultation/rétroaction du public


Des demandes de renseignements ont été reçues relatives aux processus de notification du public qui ont été suivis ou devraient l'être pour une demande de modification au Règlement de zonage, y compris l'imposition d'une limite au nombre de demandes d'aménagement qui peuvent être reçues pour une propriété donnée. D'autres commentaires concernaient la circulation et l'accès des automobiles. Des suggestions ont été formulées quant à l'aménagement paysagé des lieux et à l’emplacement des poubelles. Les réponses à cette rétroaction figurent dans le rapport du personnel.




The subject property at 2116 Montreal is located on the southeast corner of Montreal Road and Miss Ottawa Street intersect.  This property also has street frontage on Lerner Way to the south.  Surrounding area development consists of townhouses on the opposite side of Montreal Road, a mixed use building (commercial on the ground floor and residential above), townhouses and a single family dwelling to the east, single family dwellings along the south side of  Lerner Way, and a restaurant and motel on the west side of Miss Ottawa Street.  Surrounding area development primarily consists of a mix of commercial and residential development along Montreal Road.


In 2005, there was a Zoning By-law amendment for this property to change the zoning of 2116 Montreal Road from Co(0.7/9), Commercial Office, to Ra2(E'X'),  Residential Medium Density Apartment Exception, to permit 42 Stacked Townhouses.  At the time, this property was subject to the former City of Gloucester’s Zoning By-law.


Existing Zoning


With the harmonization of the former municipal Zoning By-laws, the former City of Gloucester Ra2(E'X'), Residential Medium Density Apartment Exception, was changed to R5A [1393] H(13), Residential Fifth Density Zone which best replicates zoning provisions from the previous municipality’s Zoning By-law.


The R5A zone designation permits a range of residential uses, including the intended development of stacked townhouses, up to a height of 13 metres.  The zoning exception that increases the minimum building setbacks imposed to address building shadowing was carried over into the new zoning by-law.


Purpose of Zoning Amendment


The applicant has requested that the property be rezoned from R5A [1393] H(13), Residential Fifth Density Zone, to AM, Arterial Mainstreet Zone, with an exception.  The change to the zoning is being requested to accommodate a one-storey, 1,400 m² commercial retail building with a street orientation towards the northwest corner of the site where Miss Ottawa Street intersects Montreal Road.   Also proposed is a medical facility component to serve as a complementary component to the proposed pharmaceutical retail occupancy.


Proposed Zoning


The applicant proposes to rezone the property to AM, with an exception, to accommodate the property’s commercial redevelopment. For administrative purposes the existing exception number is proposed to be reused.  The Arterial Mainstreet (AM) Zone permits a range of commercial, residential, institutional uses, including a mixed development of these uses.




Provincial Policy Statement


The Provincial Policy Statement provides policy direction on matters of Provincial Interest related to land-use planning and development by promoting efficient land use patterns that support development of viable liveable communities.  Contained within the policy statement is an explicit policy objective to promote opportunities for intensification and redevelopment where there is the availability of suitable existing or planned infrastructure to accommodate projected needs for intensification.


In this circumstance there exists an opportunity to redevelop an existing underutilized parcel of land.  The former commercial nursery and grocery previously occupying the lot has been demolished and has remained vacant since 2004.


Official Plan 


The Official Plan designates this property as Arterial Mainstreet.  The Official Plan recognizes that identified Mainstreets are at different stages of development, as in the case along this section of Montreal Road.  In addition, intensification is encouraged to occur through the redevelopment of such sites as vacant lots, underutilized lands or with existing development reaching their end of its life cycle.  This would describe this section of Montreal Road where there is a range of Residential, Commercial and Mainstreet zone designations.  The intent for lands designated as Mainstreet is that over time redevelopment will be allowed to occur in a more compact form consisting of pedestrian-orientated mixed-uses.  In this regard, the proposed zone designation change from Residential Fifth Density Zone designation to an Arterial Mainstreet designated is consistent with these policies.


Zoning By-law


The current R5A, Residential Fifth Density Use Zone, is intended to allow predominately a wide mix of residential building forms ranging from detached to mid-high rise apartment dwellings in areas designated as General Urban Area in the Official Plan.  Within the purpose statement of the R5A zone contains a directive to allow limited commercial uses such as convenience retail and service uses of a limited size.  As such, the zoning change to an Arterial Mainstreet Zone designation is more consistent the intent of the Official Plan policies that will allow for redevelopment to more intensive residential and commercial uses along this portion of Montreal Road.




Contained within the performance standards of AM zone designation are graduated minimum building setbacks based on building heights.  These graduated building setbacks are consisted with the current provisions of the current R5A zone designation contained within the exception to that zone designation.


In addition, the proposed exception to the zone designation is to require a 5.18 metre landscape strip along Lerner Way which will provide an adequate buffer to the parking area and strengthen the residential character of that street.  Through the Site Plan Control approval process, the landscape buffer will be further enhanced by the establishment of berming and introduction of plant material.  A proposed pedestrian path leading from Lerner Way into the site’s rear parking area will provide a non-intrusive integration of commercial development proposal with the residential community to the south.




The requirement for a landscape strip along Lerner Way will prohibit vehicular access onto that that residential street.  The site will be accessed from the non-residential section of Miss Ottawa Street or Montreal Road, which is an arterial roadway.




In summary, staff are satisfied that the proposed change in 2116 Montreal Road is consistent with the policies of the Provincial Policy Statement and the Official Plan.  Therefore, the requested Zoning By-law amendment is recommended for approval.


Concurrent Application


A Site Plan Control Application has been submitted in support of the Zoning Amendment where the development proposal will be subject to the Urban Design Guidelines for development occurring along Arterial Mainstreets.  This application is in the final stages of being finalized.








Notice of this application was carried out in accordance with the City's Public Notification and Consultation Policy.




The Ward Councillor is aware of this application and the staff recommendation.




Should this matter be appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board, it is estimated that a one day hearing would result.


If the application is refused, reasons must be provided. Should the applicant appeal the refusal, an outside planner would need to be retained by the City.  It is estimated that the cost would be $15,000 to $20,000.




Respect the existing urban fabric, neighbourhood form and the limits of existing hard services, so that new growth is integrated seamlessly with established communities.








There are no direct financial implications associated with this report.




The application was not processed by the "On Time Decision Date" established for the processing of Zoning By-law amendments due to a delay in receipt of a Site Plan Control Application.




Document 1    Location Map

Document 2    Details of Recommended Zoning

Document 3    Consultation Details




City Clerk and Solicitor Department, Legislative Services to notify the owner, Richcraft Homes Ltd. (MAIN),  201-2280 St. Laurent Boulevard, K1G 4K1, Lisa Dalla Rosa,, 174 Colonnade Road, Unit #33, Ottawa, ON  K2E 7J5, Ghislain Lamarche, Program Manager, Assessment, Financial Services Branch (Mail Code:  26-76) of City Council’s decision.  Planning and Growth Management to prepare the implementing by-law, forward to Legal Services and undertake the statutory notification.


Legal Services to forward the implementing by-law to City Council.


Compte tenu de la nature de cette annexe, elle n'est disponible qu'en anglais. La Ville pourra, sur demande, traduire ce document au complet ou en partie. Les demandes de traduction doivent être présentées à Denis Charron (; au téléphone : 613-580-2424, poste 13422) ou à la Division des services en français (; au téléphone : 613-580-2424, poste 21536).


These attachments are available in English only. The City of Ottawa may translate these documents or parts thereof on request. Requests for translation should be forwarded to Prescott McDonald (; or (613) 580-2424, ext. 13854) or to the French Language Services Division at or (613) 580-2424, ext. 21536.

LOCATION MAP                                                                                                DOCUMENT 1



DETAILS OF RECOMMENDED ZONING                                                    DOCUMENT 2


Proposed Changes to the Comprehensive Zoning By-law



1.       The subject lands shown on Document 1 will be rezoned from R5A [1393] H (13), Residential Fifth Density Zone, to AM[1393], Arterial Mainstreet Exception Zone,


2.       All of the existing text of Exception 1393 is deleted and replaced with text similar in effect to the following:


a)       in Column II the text “AM[1393]”; and

b)      in Column V the text “Despite Table 185(h)(ii), a landscaped area with a minimum width of 5.18 metres is required along the lot line abutting Lerner Way”



CONSULTATION DETAILS                                                                             DOCUMENT 3




Notification and public consultation was undertaken in accordance with the Public Notification and Public Consultation Policy approved by City Council for Zoning By-law amendments. 





There was a question why building renditions were not made available of the City’s web page for the zoning applications. 



The submission of building elevations is not a requirement of a zoning application.  Elevations are required to be submitted with a site plan application and are posted on the City’s web page when available electronically.



Why is there not a timeframe for comments to be received on the application?



Development applications subject to public notification are posted on the City’s website and can be accessed by the public for comment up until such time there has be a decision by the City on the application.



Why is there a second zoning request where the original zoning accommodated the preferred development option for the original development of residential dwellings?



There are no limits on the types or numbers development applications may be filed on a property enabling the property owner to change his strategy in how the property is developed.



The commercial development should not be allowed vehicular access onto Lerner Way.



The proposed zoning exception will prohibit vehicular access onto Lerner Way.



There was a request for the installation of landscaping material along Lerner Way.



The landscape plan submitted with the site plan application addresses the request for landscaping material along Lerner Way.



There was a concern express that the commercial development proposal will bring additional traffic into the community.  Additionally, the traffic signals at Montreal Road should be recalibrated so that there are shorter cycles between light changes.



A Traffic Study was submitted with the zoning and site plan applications which will be reviewed to determine what road modifications may be required as a result of the development proposal.  The concern relating to the recalibration of the light signals has been forwarded to the Traffic Operations Unit to investigate.



The garbage enclosure should be located away from the residential dwellings.



There is no exterior storage of garbage being proposed on the site plan application currently being processed.



The public should have been notified by e-mail of the zoning application.



This zoning application is subject to Bill 51 of the Planning Act which requires notice be given by mail.  Additional City Council approved public notification procedures currently does not include notice to the public by e-mail.



There was a question as to the Ward Councillor’s role in the development approval process.



The Ward Councillor is notified of all development applications.  When an application is subject to public notification, the Councillor is copied on the notice going out to the public.  Depending on the controversial nature of the development application, the Ward Councillor may choose to hold a public information meeting to discuss the details of the application.