M E M O   /   N O T E   D E   S E R V I C E



To / Destinataire

Chair and Members of the Planning and Environment Committee /

Président et membres du Comité de l’urbanisme et de l’environnement


File / N° de fichier: 


From / Expéditeur

M. Rick O'Connor, CMO

City Clerk and Solicitor / greffier et chef du contentieux

Contact / Personne-ressource :

Leslie Donnelly, Deputy City Clerk, greffière adjointe

580-2424 Ext. 28857


Subject / Objet

Advisory Committee Reserve Appointment Environmental Advisory Committee / Nomination d’un membre suppléant au Comité consultatif sur l’environnement


Date:     20 May 2009 /

             le 20 mai 2009




In accordance with the Appointments Policy approved by Council, reserve members are automatically appointed to fill any vacancies that occur through resignation or where the appointed member misses more than three consecutive meetings.


Reserve members who are called in to fill a vacancy adopt the membership term of the vacancy they are filling.  The appointment date of the reserve member coincides with the resignation date of the voting member.  City Council previously appointed voting members and a minimum of two or more reserve members to each committee.


Advisory Committee/ Comité consultatif

Appointee / Membre nommé

Resigned Member / Membre démissionnaire

Date of Appointment / Date de nomination

Length of Term / Durée du mandat

Envirornmental Advisory Committee /
Comité consultatif

Bill Toms

Tony Peluso

20 May 2009/ le 20 mai 2009

30 November 2009 /
le 30 novembre 2009



R. O’Connor