26 May 2014



Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board



Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service








That the Ottawa Police Services Board receive this report for information.




Attached for the information of the Board are excerpts from letters of appreciation / thanks received from the public since the last regular meeting for services rendered by members of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS).





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Charles Bordeleau

Chief of Police


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Responsible for the report:  John Steinbachs, Director, Corporate Communications



Date Received: 7 January 2014

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members: Unknown

Excerpts from letter:  The other day, around 3:00 am I was awakened by some teens/young adults who were walking down my street in Barrhaven. They appeared to be intentionally kicking over garbage cans, spilling the contents into the street. I got dressed and went outside to clean up the mess at the end of our driveway and I was pretty mad. I briefly considered driving up the street to confront these individuals but instead I sat in my living room watching in case they returned. I wasn't sure whether I should call to file a complaint but I didn't want to bother the police with something that seemed so trivial. About 5 minutes after I had come inside, I saw an Ottawa Police SUV drive by slowly. The vehicle turned around and drove by a couple more times. I'm not sure if this drive-by was related to the mischief that was going on, but after seeing that the area was obviously being patrolled, I was relieved - and also very impressed!   I just wanted to say thank you to the officer who was keeping an eye on our neighbourhood that night. I sincerely appreciate it.



Date Received: 3 February 2014

From:  OPS Chief of Police

OPS Members: see list below

Excerpts from letter: I would like to bring to your attention the excellent work by individuals on a suicidal depressed male call. A male had sent a picture of himself with a gun in his residence to his ex wife. The information received was that he was suicidal and if anyone came to the door he would end his life in the basement.  As units were setting up, the subject had called his ex wife. Cst. Bargh was with the ex wife at that time. He asked for permission to talk with the subject and was able to talk the subject out of his residence. Cst. Archer had containment at the front of the residence. Just like training from Use of Force, Cst. Archer directed the subject onto the street and officers approached to apprehend the subject. Good work on the officer’s part de-escalated the situation. The male was taken to hospital for assessment and a cache of guns was seized from the residence.  Job well done by all involved!


The Communication Centre personnel were as follows:

911 Call taker James Bellefeuille

East dispatcher Ayn McLeod

East dispatch support Joanne Delahunt

East dispatch support Pierre Lalonde Sr

Supervisor Joanne Soltendieck


The officers that attended were:

Sgt Sam Hill

Cst Steve Mann (Tactical)

Cst Joshua Cavicchioli (Tactical)

Cst Devon Archer

Cst Shane Lebeau

Cst Gurprit Dhaliwal

Cst Daniel Bargh

Cst Marcus Cibischino

Cst Bradley Burleau

Cst Roberta Crocker

Cst Kirk Batson

Cst Nicolas St Pierre Babin



Date Received: 28 February 2014

From: Member of the Public

PS Members: Unknown

Excerpts from letter: I would just like to take a moment to thank the officers who watched/patrolled Goldeneye Way this week.  I'm not sure if they witnessed the crazy driving behaviour that we commonly experience on our walk to and from school every day - hopefully they did.  So many issues with speed, failing to obey the crossing guard, creeping past the crossing guard as she walks back to the sidewalk, parking facing the wrong direction in front of the school, parking in the no stopping zone across the school and allowing children to run across in front of oncoming traffic to reach school yard.  I think your presence made a difference that morning.  Too bad the behaviour returns within a few days.  Some good fines just might do the trick.



Date Received: 26 March 2014

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member:  Cst. Christopher Jenkyn

Excerpts from letter:  While driving my daughter to the airport, I was stopped for driving without my headlights on.  Cst. Jenkyn was pleasant, professional and as I have never been pulled over for a traffic violation, I appreciated how he dealt with this old lady who promises never to do it again!



Date Received: 30 March 2014

From: Member of the Public

Excerpts from Call Centre report: A woman called to pay a compliment to the officers that patrol Emond Street (Central-East Division) stating that the “officers are great; they communicate with my neighbours very well”.  She stated that living in Vanier the demographic ranges and she appreciates all the work our officers do in that area and not having the residents any less deserving than other areas of the City.



Date Received: 9 April 2014

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member:  Cst. Andrew McAnany

Excerpts from letter:  I would like to express how much our Grade One students and their French teacher at Monsignor Paul Baxter School benefited from Cst. McAnany's presentation.  Our unit of study was Community Helpers. The children learned about the role and the importance of police officers in our community. The children had so many questions and Constable McAnany answered each and every one of them.  It was really an amazing experience.  Please forward our many thanks and appreciation to Constable McAnany!



Date Received: 10 April 2014

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member: Cst Dennis Brown

Excerpts from letter: I was on March Road heading south and there was a police car stopped in the middle lane with her/his lights flashing. When I passed the car I could see there was a raccoon on the ground in front of the police car who had been struck and the police officer had positioned the car so that either the animal wouldn't be hurt any further if it was still alive or cause an accident in the busy morning traffic. I am a wildlife advocate and have seen many terrible things on the roads in my long commutes. I couldn't see if this animal was still alive but I set to work right away to pray specifically for the animal, the officer and the people in traffic.   I am writing because it was very touching and comforting to see an officer taking such care for the whole situation at hand and I was very moved by it. Thank you for all the good work you do - you and the entire force. I would truly love to see a better situation in place and legally endorsed by the city and the MNR to better protect and preserve our wildlife.



Date Received: 11 April 2014

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member:  Cst. Adam Collins

Excerpts from letter: I was pulled over by Cst. Collins for turning left off Elgin Street during a time that it was not permitted.  I was given a warning for my error.  I am writing this email to say how much I appreciated the professionalism of this police officer.  He spoke respectfully and was extremely pleasant and explained clearly what I had done wrong.  It was kind of him to use his discretion to give me a warning; however, even if he had given me a ticket, I would still thank him as he was most respectful throughout (and after all, I did make an error).  In a day where people are quick to complain, I thought it important to send this email to point out that Cst. Collins is the type of officer who gives the Ottawa Police a good reputation.  He is clearly a role model to be followed and appears to take great pride in his work.  Cst. Collins is truly appreciated by citizens like me. 



Date Received: 24 April 2014

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member: S/Sgt. Mike Haarbosch

Excerpts from letter:  S/Sgt. Mike Haarbosch - your Robbery unit is doing a great job!  You go get those thieves!  Amazed and inspired that the Ottawa Police Service—with the public's help—is arresting a lot of people that have been committing those robberies.  Yes!



Date Received: 24 April 2014

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members:  Cst. Sebastien Lemay and Cst. Shane Lebeau

Excerpts from letter:  I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for a job well done early last week in my neighbourhood that involved tracking down three adult males who were vandalizing and stealing from cars and sheds.  While it doesn't sound like much, it means a lot to us since these types of door rattles and petty vandalism is somewhat of an annual event. At least we can let them know we are watching. I did speak with Cst. Lemay and Cst. Lebeau and I do know that there were many others involved including your dispatch folks and canine unit. All very positive and professional.  On behalf of our neighbourhood, great work and thanks very much!



Date Received: 28 April 20134

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member: Unknown

Excerpts from letter: I just wanted to say thank-you to the police and paramedics who responded to a call for help from my fiancé and helped me during a very dark and shameful moment in my life. I'd especially like to praise the officer's calm, professional and respectful approach to a difficult situation. He not only calmed me down and made me feel safe, he explained what he was doing as he was doing it, and reassured my fiancé that I was being helped.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.



Date Received:  9 May 2014

From: Member of the Public

Excerpts from letter:  I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for all the hard work that went into the recent arrests that have taken place in our neighbourhood.  Keep up the excellent job you are ALL doing on behalf of the entire community's safety - I strongly wish there was no need for "crack-houses" but unfortunately it's not how the world works.  You're all my Heroes being the best at what you do - keeping us safe!