25 March 2013



Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board



Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service







That the Ottawa Police Services Board receive this report for information.




In February 2012, the Ottawa Police Services Board approved a staff recommendation to purchase 58 Ford Taurus Interceptors, as a replacement patrol vehicle for the Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor whose production was being discontinued. This recommendation was made in part on the understanding that the design of the new Ford Taurus would allow the use of the existing cabin solution developed for the Ford Crown Victoria.  The OPS had been involved in discussions on the design of the new Taurus through a police advisory committee.


The equipment housed in the vehicle cabin includes:  a laptop computer, a radio and handset, our e-ticketing system, and controls for the vehicles’ emergency equipment.  Staff have successfully identified a cabin solution for the new Ford Taurus Interceptors; one which meets both rigorous performance criteria and yet at the same time remains cost-effective.  This report outlines the solution and the timeline for competition of the upfit.




Upon receipt of the Ford Taurus Interceptors in mid-July 2012, staff noted that Ford had introduced last minute changes to the Taurus design. These changes made the use of the OPS’s existing cabin solution impractical. These included:

·         The shape of the vehicle dashboard which made mounting a computer screen at an appropriate height and angle difficult using the existing mounting device.

·         The length and design of the gear shift which interfered with the cabin space needed for the installation of equipment.

·         The passenger side air bag which did not deploy as stated by Ford’s own vehicle specifications; this prevented the installation of equipment using the existing OPS mount system.


As a result of these challenges, staff within our Information and Technology, Technical Services and Fleet Sections began work on the development of a new cabin solution. This work involved collaboration with other police services and the consultation of external experts. It was recognized that the cabin solution developed needed to meet the following criteria:

·         Safe: It had to be robust enough to withstand the impact of a collision, while not impeding the normal function of the vehicle’s safety features, including its airbags.

·         Ergonomic: Patrol vehicles are effectively mobile offices for our uniform members and must allow them to work comfortably for the entire duration of their shift.

·         Functional: The design must support the challenging and difficult work that is expected of our uniform members.

·         Cost-effective: The solution needed to be achieved at a reasonable cost per vehicle.

·         Sustainable: As the OPS continues to improve and augment electronic systems within our patrol vehicles, staff needed to ensure that the cabin solution and the equipment used in it can be upgraded, expanded and supplemented as required.


Several cabin solutions were evaluated in the development process, including a solution completed in October 2012.  This solution, while initially promising, had to be discarded after inaccuracies were discovered in Ford Canada’s own specifications manual which made the solution unsafe. 


Staff then identified the successful cabin solution, which introduced a new computer mount produced by the D & R Electronics Company based in Bolton, Ontario.  This same mount and a similar cabin design has been adopted by other police services.  Based on the feedback from these agencies and our own front-line members, staff were confident in recommending this as the preferred cabin solution.  The new cruisers are already being introduced into the active vehicle fleet but on an as needed basis when current patrol vehicles are decommissioned.




This issue did not require public consultation.  Extensive consultation was conducted however with partner agencies, external experts and front-line members of the OPS.




The costs for the parts for the Taurus cabin solution is estimated at $675 per unit.  With labour expense included, the entire upfit is expected to cost $65,000 for the 58 units.  Funds were included with Capital Project 906552 -2012 Fleet Replacement for this purpose.


Total Budget Available from Works-in-Progress $464,000

This Request                                                                        $ (65,000)

Balance Remaining                                                            $399,000





Staff is confident that the identified cabin solution meets all the criteria and is the best and most cost-effective solution for our fleet of Ford Taurus Interceptors. Based on on-going discussions with Ford Canada it is likely that they will modify the design of future model years to further improve the functionality of the cabin. It remains the intention of staff however to discuss the recovery of costs associated with this solution with Ford Canada.


The expertise and professionalism of our staff and particularly those in our Technical Services Section should also be recognized. In fact, some of the suggestions made by Staff are now being considered by Ford Canada for future model years of the Taurus.




(Original signed by)



Charles Bordeleau

Chief of Police



Responsible for report: Director General Debra Frazer