28 January 2013



Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board



Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service








That the Ottawa Police Services Board receive this report for information.




The Metcalfe Community Police Centre was located at 8243 Victoria Street in the City Client Service Centre in Metcalfe.  This Community Police Centre (CPC) served many communities of both rural and urban residents, as well as the villages of Osgoode, Vernon, Marionville, Riverside South and Findlay Creek.   The CPC catchment area was bounded to the west by River Road, to the north by Leitrim Road, to the east by Boundary Road and to the south by the City boundary.


OPS staff were concerned that the location was not central to the catchment area, especially with the growth in the Findlay Creek and Riverside South areas.  There were also concerns about the physical accessibility of the office space. The CPC office was located on the second floor and was only accessible to the public via stairs. Patrol officers had to enter through multiple locked doors and disable alarms after hours.


On 5 April 2011, the City of Ottawa Real Estate Partnership and Development Office (REPDO) circulated notice of the availability of a portion of the facility located at 7010 Parkway Road know as the “old Greely library”.  An internal review by staff determined that this site could be an excellent opportunity to relocate the Metcalfe Community Police Centre. A request to be considered for the site was submitted. Ultimately, two groups submitted request for the space, OPS and City of Ottawa Public Works (CPW), and both amended their requirements to share the opportunity for space.


This report outlines the new facility arrangements for the Metcalfe Community Police Centre.




New Location


The new site is an excellent choice from a geographic perspective.  This location has brought the CPC into a more central position within its catchment boundaries.  Relocation to 7010 Parkway Road has also provided a distinct identity for the CPC with good visibility from a major arterial road.  The relocation will support the recruitment and retention of the many volunteers from the rural communities.


New Space


With cooperation from City Public Works, OPS staff has been able to develop a very functional new space for the CPC.  Volunteers have a ground floor office at the front entrance of the building and the CPC officer has an office immediately adjacent.  Utilizing existing OPS security cards, all patrol officers will have access to the office as required on a 24/7 basis.


The ground floor location will be accessible to the public, CPC volunteers as well as OPS patrol officers.  The overall footprint for the CPC was reduced yet the design has provided a more efficient and safe work environment for the CPC officer and the CPC volunteers.  By sharing common area space with CPW, a more efficient space plan for the entire building has been achieved.


New Name

To better reflect the new location and the area served by the CPC, it has been renamed the Rural South Ottawa Community Police Centre. It reopened in December 2012 and an official opening ceremony was held on January 10, 2013.



Councillor Thompson was consulted on the relocation project and indicated his support.  The Councillor’s office pointed out that the vacated space at Victoria Street would be of great benefit to community groups.


With respect to the new CPC name, both Councillors Desroches and Thompson were consulted and approved of the change, commenting that it was more reflective of the areas served.




Operating costs are unchanged for the new location.  Funding for relocation and fit-up of the Metcalfe CPC totalled $56,260 and was identified in OPS Capital Project #906260 – Facility Initiatives 2011. 


Approved Budget to date    $191,000

Total Paid and committed  $128,603

Balance Available               $  62,397

This request              $  56,260

Balance remaining  $    6,137



The relocation and fit-up costs are outlined in the table below.



Table 1

Metcalfe CPC Relocation Costs


Construction Costs  (OPS Portion)


Building Security (Integrated Security Management System)










Total Project Cost





With cooperation from City Public Works, OPS staff has been able to develop an effective site for the Rural South Ottawa Community Police Centre.  The new location is central to the catchment area and easily accessible for volunteers and the public.  It will remain a vibrant part of the Metcalfe/Greely/Rural Ottawa South community and an important part of OPS operations.




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Charles Bordeleau

Chief of Police


Responsible for report:  Director-General Debra Frazer