28 January 2013



Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board



Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service








That the Ottawa Police Services Board receive this report for information.




Attached for the information of the Board are excerpts from letters of appreciation / thanks received from the public since the last regular meeting for services rendered by members of the Ottawa Police Service.




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Charles Bordeleau

Chief of Police


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Responsible for the report:  John Steinbachs




Date Received: 12 January 2013

From: Member of the Public

Excerpts from Letter: I think it is important that senior levels of the Ottawa Police Service are aware when the public recognizes a job well done.  Congratulations to the OPS, the Ontario Provincial Police, the RCMP and Idle No More for a largely peaceful protest.  Voices were heard and rights were protected.  Idle No More was clear that the police were not the enemy and the police were supportive of a peaceful and legal protest.  Well done everyone!  We all like to point fingers when things go wrong but are pretty quiet when they go right.  I'm changing that!



Date Received:  10 December 2012

From: Sgt G. Kinnear and Member of the Public

OPS Member:  Detective Steven Lewis

Excerpts from Letter: Last month, two young males were found deceased in an apartment. The death seemed to be due to a drug overdose.  The family could not say enough good things regarding the actions of all the police involved particularly the care, consideration and dedication to their sons’ investigation by Detective Steven Lewis.  They spoke of receiving calls from Detective Lewis on his days off and going out of his way for the family to deal with a disturbing matter with one of the local papers.  I have personally observed many such efforts by Detective Lewis throughout his career, all of which go a long way to give the public confidence in our Service. He is dedicated to each and every investigation he conducts.  The family asked that I pass on their comments to Detective Lewis and thank him for making such a tragic event that much easier due to his work.



Date Received: 11 December 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members: Constables Trevor Tippons and Taryne Smith

Excerpts from Letter:  I called 911 early last month and requested police support in intervening with a person who I had reason to believe was at risk of harming herself. The several police officers who responded escorted us both to the ER.  I would like to commend these officers for their speed and dedication. I also appreciated most particularly their compassion and respectful handling of the person when I informed them that she has mental illness. In particular, they had a female officer handle the interviewing and escorting services which I saw was very helpful for the person.  Please pass on my gratitude to the officers, and all officers who have responded to such calls, and let them know that they helped save a life that is now well on the way to leading to a positive future. I trust that all of your officers receive the training and experience to be as compassionate and understanding in their attitudes as these officers exhibited in their behaviour towards us.



Date Received: 20 December 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members: Cst. Sharon Pristman

Excerpts from Letter:  I would like to thank Constable Sharon Pristman who responded to a fatal 911 call early this month.  Sharon was very empathetic and respectful to the family members in a time of such despair.  We were truly grateful and hope this message gets passed on to her and her superiors.  Sharon is a real asset to your team. 



Date Received: 26 December 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members:  Cst. McHenry  

Excerpts from Letter:   I would like to pass on my heartfelt thanks for the assistance provided by Officer McHenry as I was stranded with an over-heated car engine.  On Christmas night, when I didn't have the number for a towing company and my family could not come to my rescue, I was particularly worried.  Cst. McHenry noticed my hazard lights on the side street, called out a tow truck and waited with me while it arrived which I fully appreciate was above and beyond.  His kindness in helping me deal with the situation was appreciated. It certainly turned around what would otherwise have been an entirely miserable end to my Christmas and I now have a pretty good story to tell. 



Date Received:  28 December 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members:  Constables Jermaine Spence and Hartt Danford  

Excerpts from Letter:  A couple of months ago, I was in a pretty bad spot. I had let things get out of control, drinking had caused many problems in my life and I couldn't see a way out. I spent a good hour in the Ottawa River trying to figure out how to drown myself but in the end, thankfully, I didn't have the courage.  The rest of that night, I spent in the hospital, in the company of two officers. I know they could have been doing some more important things, and I was essentially wasting their time as they baby-sat me. They didn't make me feel that way, however. They were both incredibly helpful, supportive and encouraging. In particular, Cst. Danforth went out of his way to tell me I was a good guy and would pull through. I didn't believe him at the time, but I appreciated it nonetheless.  After another couple weeks of putting myself, friends and family through a bit more torment, I ended up going for treatment and have now been sober for over 3 months.  Two weeks ago, as I was walking to a meeting early on a Saturday morning, Cst. Danforth stopped me.  He wanted to see if I was alright, congratulated me on my sobriety and again spoke words of encouragement.  It's a small thing, but it was very nice to know that he actually cared, and cared enough to turn around to come talk to me as I was walking the way which he had just come from. It's evident to me that the friendly, neighborhood cop is not a thing of the past. Officer Danforth is proof of that - Ottawa is lucky to have him.  So thank you to Officer Danforth, and the Ottawa Police.  Every little thing helps when trying to turn things around and build a life after dealing with addiction and the destruction that comes along with it.



Date Received: 28 November 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members:  Constables Natali Senechal and Jen Mclinton

Excerpts from Letter:  I am writing to express my gratitude to the Ottawa Police Service, in particular Constables Natali Senechal and Jen Mclinton for their assistance in the wake of events that transpired recently.  My interactions with Cst. Senechal occurred when she arrived at the scene, following my call to 9-1-1. I must say that I could not have asked for a better police officer to assist me. She was professional and effective in carrying out her duties.  At the same time, she took a very human approach, helping me to feel safe and secure once more. In short, she went above and beyond, responding not only to the situation, but to my needs as a victim.  Constable Mclinton, as well, has been exceptional in her dealings with me. She has taken care to call on a regular basis and provide me with updates to my case.  She responds to my questions and has directed me to resources that have allowed me to regain a sense of security.  To both parties, I express my deepest gratitude and commendations on what I believe is a job well done.



Date Received: 19 December 2012

From: Member of the Public

Excerpts from Letter: On December 18, 2012 the OPS hosted a party for the Veteran's at the Rideau Veteran's Home.  I was able to attend with my 94 year old mother and was touched by the compassion and generosity shown by the OPS.  It was a wonderful event, very well planned for the Veteran's.  Thanks.



Date Received: 5 December 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members:  Cst. Mike Evans

Excerpts from Letter: I bumped a man with my vehicle and was completely distraught for having caused the injuries to this man. I dealt with Cst. Evans at the scene. I was visibly upset and Cst. Evans was very respectful and calm and helped me to relax and provide the information needed for the police report. I felt that he had a natural and rare ability to be very understanding and gentle even though I had made a mistake. He was able to deal with my emotions in an extremely professional manner while still completing the task at hand. I felt that his superiors should know that the manner in which he dealt with me is commendable.



Date Received: 23 November 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members:  Constables Sean Carroll and Jason Riopel

Excerpts from Letter: I just wanted to send a quick gratitude for the recent experience I had with these officers. Both were kind and informative. It was truly comforting to be informed of my rights, and kept safe. I will be requiring the services of the police in the near future for my safety and protection, and it will likely be the last time. I truly felt that my prior dealings were very much misunderstood, misinformed, and even felt sometimes bullied by some of the detectives I've dealt with. These officers were not there to take sides, stuck to the matters at hand, and did not judge anyone. I send my commendations. Thank you for protecting and serving. I'm truly grateful.



Date Received: 14 August 2012

From: Member of the Public

Excerpts from Letter: I would like to pass on KUDOS to the Ottawa Police Service for being so pro-active with the Car Break ins at Lanark Ave. and the Health Canada / Graham Spry Building.  Your efforts to remind the car owners to remove all valuables, is much appreciate with all the signs in the paid parking lot and on the street out front.  Thank you for your on-going support.