26 November 2012



Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board



Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service








That the Ottawa Police Services Board receive this report for information.




Attached for the information of the Board are excerpts from letters of appreciation / thanks received from the public since the last regular meeting, for services rendered by members of the Ottawa Police Service.




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Charles Bordeleau

Chief of Police


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Responsible for report:  Director John Steinbachs





Date Received: 18 September 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members:  Ms. J. Drouin, Ms. R. Desormeaux, Sgt S. Rainville, Csts S. Agnessi, J. MacLean, B. Gagnon, D. Brown, N. Siddiqui, B. Rohrig, M. Leroux and R. Stockdale.

Excerpts from Letter:  On September 10, about 11:30 pm by the Ottawa River, I called 911 for police intervention to locate my daughter who was in distress.  There was immediate response and from the time I called 911, 6 cruisers, Sergeant-Supervisor, Police Officer Trainer & Police Dog were involved.  They found my daughter within minutes safe and sound.  Everyone worked as a team in a very professional manner.  They were polite: the trainer and Sergeant gave myself and husband handshakes when introducing themselves.  The attending officer was with us until the ambulance came.  We say thank you to each of them for their excellent and quick service. We are so grateful.


Date Received:  12 July 2012

From:  Member of the Public

OPS Members: Detective Isabel Coady, Sgt. Scott Fitzgerald and S/Sgt Bill Sullivan

Excerpts from Letter: On behalf of my father, I would like to extend my appreciation to the department and in particular the detectives involved in the investigation into the crime of theft against my father.  In all dealings we were shown the utmost of respect, professionalism and compassion, and through their dedication and efforts, were able to identify the culprit and obtain a confession and restitution for my father.  The thoughtful gesture of a gift of a lovely crocheted blanket, when this ordeal was resolved, was very much appreciated.


Date Received:  24 May 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members:  Constables Shawn Arcand, David D'Ornellas, Philip Oakley, Jean Begin, Sergeants Jeff Aylen and David Berrea.

Excerpts from Letter: At approximately 2h35 am I contacted the Ottawa Police Service to report a theft and break in and (gave) a vague description of the possible individual responsible. Within10 minutes, a cruiser approached my residence and the officer asked for details about the crime.  He was genuinely interested in understanding the facts and took notes.  The backup cruiser officer then arrived, and the attendant officer was provided with pertinent details and dispatched to search the area.  At about 9h20 this morning, the owner of the vehicle was called and informed that his satellite radio had been recovered.  As a retired member of the RCMP, I am keenly aware of the challenging and often dangerous work of police officers, particularly at night.  The professionalism demonstrated by the officers who responded to this incident was exemplary, evidenced by the apprehension of an individual.


Date Received: 23 July 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member: Detective Tina Sabourin

Excerpts from Letter: Last December we had to seek help from the Ottawa Police Service, Orleans, in an assault matter and our case was assigned to Det. Tina Sabourin.  We would like to express our deep appreciation for her services.  No doubt she handles many cases like ours.  However her courtesy, professionalism, understanding and patience during our ordeal were exemplary and meant a lot to us as we tackled this difficult situation.  Her support and explanations during the process of subsequent court hearings were always thorough and balanced.  We don't know what kind of commendations are available for members of the Ottawa Police Service but we firmly believe that Det. Sabourin went above and beyond as she worked on this case and that she deserves some appropriate acknowledgement from your office for this. She is a credit to the Service.


Date Received: 9 April 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member: Cst. Eddie Wong

Excerpts from Letter:  On Feb 24/2012 I was assisted on Greenbank Road by one of your officers during a horrible snow/ice storm.  My car had slid on the ice and I ended up in the ditch.  The officer was Eddie Wong.  In these days of too much negative reporting, I think it timely to give positive feedback which is well deserved by our police force.  Cst. Wong was exceptionally supportive and dealt with my situation in an empathic manner and was able to stay until I was on my way again.  He was genuinely concerned about me and my safety.  I hope that Cst. Wong is told of my respect for his interaction with me and that a note will go into his file in accordance with your procedures.  In addition I am sending a copy of this letter to the Ottawa Citizen.  I hope, if it is printed, that other citizens will consider the benefit of positive feedback in dealing with our city's professional service providers.


Date Received: 10 October 2012

From: Councillor Peter Hume

OPS Member: Cst. Ahmed Hafizi

Excerpts from Letter:  The Alta Vista Traffic Blitz took place Wednesday, October 3rd at three locations in my community.  Each of the areas that were targeted were identified as problematic not only by residents and our local community associations, but also by data received from the speed radar boards that are used throughout the community.  I want to thank staff from Safer Roads Ottawa and Constable Ahmed Hafizi as they did a great job to ensure the success of the event and the safety of the participants.  The traffic blitz was a perfect way to engage local residents and to generate awareness concerning road safety.  I look forward to working with both Safer Roads Ottawa and the Ottawa Police Service next spring when we once again take to the streets of Alta Vista.


Date Received: 26 October 2012

From: Member of the Public

Excerpts from Letter: I am on the 911 list as unable to speak (throat cancer).  I was having trouble with my computer this morning and tried to call my daughter to alert her but my electronic voice would not work.  I don't know what happened then but suddenly two officers were at my door to check on me.  I am fine and I want to compliment the service for looking into my situation so promptly.  Hopefully I will not need to call 911but thank you for being there.


Date Received: 13 September 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members: Constables Jennifer Simpson and Gavin Morris.

Excerpts from Letter:  Thank you for the incredible service and response starting with Rachel who took my call, to the officers who came out to find our daughter.  In hindsight, she was just off adventuring but when you don't know, you just can't afford to take any chances.  I really appreciated the help I received - you're the best!


Date Received: 19 august 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members: Constables Min Soe Myo and Cory Chuchryk

Excerpts from Letter:  Last Wednesday evening at about 9 a call was put in due to a domestic issue related to my daughter and her husband.  Two officers arrived on the scene, Constables Myo and Chuchryk.  I was grateful for the kind and professional manner in which both officers handled themselves and the situation. 


Date Received: 31 July 2012

From: Member of the Public

Excerpts from Letter:  Good morning!  My family and I go often to Dundonald Park with our son and I just wanted to compliment the Ottawa Police for their work there.  We have seen a lot of police walking through the park recently and we feel that the atmosphere has gotten a lot better due to this.