September 5, 2012


Wendy Fedec, Executive Director

Ottawa Police Services Board

Ottawa City Hall

110 Laurier Avenue West

Ottawa, Ontario

K1P 1J1


Dear Wendy,


Please accept this proposal from the Herne Company Limited to work with the Ottawa Police Services Board (OPSB) on the next round of its Performance Evaluation Program.  I am thrilled with the possible opportunity to continue to work with the OPSB as it leads the way in police services board performance evaluation.


I understand from our discussions that the OPSB is interested in receiving third party assistance in the analysis of its Board performance evaluation.  The OPSB is to be congratulated for continuing its efforts with this forward thinking but challenging task.   


As you will recall Herne Co worked with you and the OPSB in 2009 and completed a process of review of its Board and governance practices.  As in 2009 I would recommend that the Policy & Governance Committee carry out a review of the board evaluation tool once you and I have had an opportunity to update it.  The Policy Committee would be in a position to approve the renewed survey tool developed for this 2012/13 round of board evaluation.  Herne Co would provide third party assistance in the analysis of the survey results and recommendations for moving forward to continuously improve the performance of the board.  Attached is a brief description of myself and Herne Company.


The following process is recommended for this analysis should the OPSB wish to retain the services of Herne Co.:

Ø    Renewal of the survey tool first by Herne Co and the OPSB Executive Director followed by review and approval of the survey tool by the Policy & Governance Committee

Ø    Conversion of the survey tool approved by the Policy Committee to an electronic format, which may also be used in a paper format should members wish.





Ø    Compiling and analyzing the completed evaluation questionnaires (two days)

Ø    Preparation of a summary report to the Board including identifying areas where the Board is achieving its goals and areas which would benefit from continuous improvement, and an action plan for 2013 (two days)

Ø    Draft a summary report on the process and its findings for inclusion in the Board’s annual report (one day).


The maximum total consulting days in this proposal is 6 days.  At $550.00 per day plus the cost of my administrative assistant at $30.00 per hour, this proposal would equate to just under $4,000.00 plus HST.   


If you require any further details on this proposal, please let me know and I would be pleased to provide them.  I look forward to the potential opportunity to continue my work with you and the OPSB on this very exciting project.


Yours truly,


Barbara Hume-Wright


Barbara Hume-Wright

President, Herne Company Limited


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Barbara Hume-Wright


Barbara Hume-Wright is the principle of the Herne Company Limited, a public sector management consulting company.  For over 30 years Barbara has worked within the public and not for profit sectors managing a wide range of portfolios.


Barbara has an undergraduate degree in social science with a major in urban and regional planning from the University of Western Ontario; a second undergraduate degree in Education from the University of Regina and a graduate degree in Extension Education specializing in program planning and evaluation from the University of Guelph.  She has extensive experience working with municipal elected officials; Boards of Directors and senior staff in a number of different provincial, municipal and not for profit organizations.


Barbara’s experience included a key role on the Toronto amalgamation team, working directly with the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) developing and facilitating the corporation’s significant change processes as well as leading a service planning and priority setting process; a corporate wide customer service program; and a corporate wide project management initiative.  More recently Barbara led an organizational revitalization project for the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards.  This project included addressing a wide range of organizational, financial and service challenges while working cooperatively with the association’s Board of Directors.  Barbara also actively led a board governance and development training project.  She continues to provide board goverance assistance to that organization.


Barbara provides her board governance expertise to a number of clients with services including articles, training, board assessments and coaching.  Early in 2010 she co-lead a one day board goverance session for the Canadian Society of Club Managers. Since 2010 Barbara has provided board governance assistance in the private sector and the volunteer sector.


Barbara obtained her Chartered Directors (C. Dir) designation from the Directors College (a joint venture of McMaster University and the Conference Board of Canada) in 2009.