24 September 2012



Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board



Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service








That the Ottawa Police Services Board receive this report for information.




Attached for the information of the Board are excerpts from letters of appreciation / thanks received from the public since the last regular meeting, for services rendered by members of the Ottawa Police Service.




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Charles Bordeleau

Chief of Police


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Date Received: 16 April 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member:  Cst. Eddy Wong

Excerpts from Letter:  On Feb 24/2012 I was assisted on Greenbank Road by one of your officers during a horrible snow/ice storm.  The officer was Eddy Wong who works out of the Nepean office on Greenbank Rd. In these days of too much negative reporting, I think it timely to give positive feedback.  Mr. Wong was exceptionally supportive and dealt with my situation in an empathetic manner and was able to stay until I was on my way again. He was genuinely concerned about me and my safety.  I hope that Mr. Wong is told of my respect for his interaction with me and that a note will go into his file in accordance with your procedures.  In addition I am sending a copy of this letter to the Ottawa Citizen and hope they will consider it worthy to print.


Date Received:  13 August 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member: Constables Sarah Smith and Ross Griffith

Excerpts from Letter:   I would like to sincerely thank the two constables who took care of my boyfriend today.  My boyfriend has been going through some rough times lately and the two constables were outstanding in their professionalism, patience and empathy.  His firearms had to be stored in a safer place and they really went out of their way to find a way that would satisfy both parties, as well as rules, regulations and options.  I recognize that this is not a situation they come across very often and they took the time to get informed. I can never thank them enough for the great help and service they provided today.


Date Received: 23 July 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member:  Cst. Dinis Oliveira and Sgt. Charles Momy

Excerpts from Letter: My father-in-law had a heart attack in the pool and passed away 45-60 minutes later in spite of valiant efforts of the attending paramedics and Officer Oliveira and Sgt. Momy.  My mother-in-law was in the pool with him when he had the heart attack and had been struggling to keep his head above water and desperately calling for help. It took some time for someone to hear her so she was traumatized when emergency services arrived.   Both Officer Oliveira and Sgt. Momy were empathetic and did their very best to comfort my mother-in-law. We think they went beyond their call of duty and even gave her comforting hugs and words of encouragement before leaving. Officer Oliveira and Sgt. Momy did their best to make a terrible situation better. We will always remember that and have a space in our hearts for them. 


Date Received:  16 July 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member:  Det. Isabelle Coady, Sgt. Scott Fitzgerald and S/Sgt. Bill Sullivan

Excerpts from Letter:  On behalf of my father, I would like to extend my appreciation to the department and in particular, the detectives involved in the investigation into the crime of theft by a home care worker against my father.  In all dealings we were shown the utmost of respect, professionalism and compassion, and through their dedication and efforts, were able to identify the culprit and obtain a confession and restitution for my father. The thoughtful gesture of a gift of a lovely crocheted blanket, when this ordeal was resolved was very much appreciated.


Date Received: 22 August 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members: Sgt. Maria Neill, Constables Kevin Bradley, Clinton Danson and Derek VanZutphen. 

Excerpts from Letter:  I am writing to you today to say thank you for the wonderful service that the police have provided to us.  On Thursday, August 16, 2012 a friend of our son alerted us to the fact that our son was planning on killing himself that day.   After contacting Pat Frost he put me in touch with Sgt. Maria Neill.  She kept me calm and gave me clear, specific instructions on how to proceed.  I had some contact with our son through texting and was able to give Sgt. Neill an approximate area in Stittsville where we thought he was headed.  Within the hour the officers she deployed found him in the woods near the Stittsville arena before he was able to follow through completely.   While I can tell you it was without a doubt the most horrific event to have to endure as a family your officers were very compassionate and helped us that evening more than I can really express adequately.  They took the time to help me pull myself together so that I could be there for my son and they talked to my son at length.  Without all of them he would not be at CHEO today getting the help he needs.  It might be said they were just doing their jobs, and if that is the case, then we can all breathe easier knowing this is the calibre of caring individuals keeping our communities safe and connected.  I hope there is some method of recognition that is available to award all of these fine individuals and if there is anything that we can ever do to support the police please do not hesitate to call upon us.  We would love to be able to return the favour.


Date Received: 6 March 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members: Constables Fletcher Blake, Jenny Campbell, Gregory Tyrer, Elizabeth Anvari

Excerpts from Letter: On Tuesday, March 6, 2012 late afternoon, my husband went downstairs with two door to door Summit Energy employees to check out our hot water tank.  Our front door must have blown open and our neighbour not knowing where we were and thinking someone must have broken in called the police.  The Ottawa Police responded immediately. They were professional, thorough and concerned whilst checking out the situation and made sure that my husband was comfortable with the two men in our basement. Thank you so much for the quick response and for all the work you are doing in Vanier.  We realize that the Ottawa Police, like us, are trying to change the stigma Vanier has.  Again thank you, we really appreciate you.


Date Received: 3 August 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members: Sgt. Damien Laflamme, Constables Troy Messam, Silvijo Setka, Dominic Paykarimah, Brett Chisholm, Kerry Rambarran, Erik Burnie, Matthew Sweet, Megan Arbuthnot, Keri Saunders, Andrew Pendlebury, Timothy Cowley, Nigel Emaman, Dimitrios Panagakos and Tracey Mantle

Excerpts from Letter: On May 5th 2012 (note: the father passed away that day following the accident) my parents were in a bad Motorcycle accident and I really want to thank all the Ottawa Police and the Paramedic, and Fire service for their overwhelming help and support and services that my parents got. For a son to get a call at work saying I need to go to the Civic Hospital because your mom is there, and there was a big accident is heart wrenching. I work at the metro on the corner of St Laurent and Walkley. I had to drive up St Laurent to get on the highway and I passed the accident.  I want to go as far up the chain of command as I can and have a meeting with the Chief of Ottawa Police to make it clear of my gratitude. Thanks very much.


Date Received: 13 July 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members: Cst. David Stewart

Excerpts from Letter: I would like to offer thanks, and commend the lead officer who attended the call at our house when our son took a small overdose, due to depression at not being able to find a job.  The officer displayed kindness, empathy, and sincerity, and mixed kind words of encouragement and advice, while still trying to find facts. He is a credit to your service.


Date Received: 2 August 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members: Constables Judith Drover-Janes & Kevin Jaques

Excerpts from Letter: I want to thank the police officers who responded to the accident on the Rideau River bicycle path that occurred on July 31. The officer who helped me home was most helpful and professional. I really wasn't aware how incapacitated I was immediately after the accident, and thought initially, that I could have made it home on my own. After she helped me, I realized that I could not have made it.  Following their advice, I will be getting a new bike helmet, as the one I had really protected me.


Date Received: 18 August 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members: Cst. Marilyn Warren

Excerpts from Letter: Thank you to Officer Warren who responded to a car accident I was in on Walkley Road.  She was attentive, caring, kind and friendly. She was helpful, non-judgmental, and professional and made myself, my mother-in-law, and my children feel more at ease at a time when we were extremely shook up. Many thanks to her for responding so quickly and for staying with us until we could get safely back on the road and head home to Cornwall.  Thank you, Officer Warren -- your kindness in this situation is much appreciated and helps to remind us that there are officers such as yourself who should be regarded as an ally, and for putting such a pleasant face on the Ottawa Police Service.


Date Received: 11 August 2012

From: Darryl Wilton, Superintendent of Operations - Ottawa Paramedic Service

OPS Members: Sgt. Svab, A/Sgt. Hrnchiar, Constables Lindsay Leclair, Derek Van Zutphen, Michael Hart, Aaron Casselman, Andrew McAnany, Kevin Bradley, Eddie Wong, Sean Convey, Chris Botchar, Clinton Danson,

Excerpts from Letter: On June 21, Paramedics and Police responded to a call for a young child that had received crush injuries under a minivan.  I participated in the call as Superintendent of Operations for Ottawa Paramedic Service.  The paramedics involved with the call would like to issue a commendation to the dozens of police officers who assisted us with the escort and intersection control, first from the scene to the Queensway-Carleton Hospital, and subsequently to CHEO.  The rapid deployment of police officers to a number of intersections, during rush hour, enabled paramedics to have a rapid and very steady transport while performing a number of invasive medical procedures, which would otherwise be nearly impossible while in the back of an ambulance that is experiencing continuous stop-and-go motion.  The Ottawa Police Service worked cohesively with Ottawa Paramedics to preserve life above all else and employed that creed with the best interest of the patient and her family.  Please accept this commendation and sincere thank-you.