24 September 2012



Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board



Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service







That the Ottawa Police Services Board receive this report for information.




The Board has requested quarterly updates on the assignment of Senior Officers within the Ottawa Police Service.




Annex A outlines the various Directorates to which the Senior Officers are assigned, as of August 31, 2012.  The staffing activity at this level in the organization has a critical impact on the membership.  Specifically, the members see the potential for growth and movement while simultaneously being aware of the importance of our leadership paradigm to maintaining service provision at levels expected by the Board, the membership and the community we serve. 


The OPS currently has three (3) sworn members and one (1) civilian in acting assignments due primarily to ongoing projects.  The position of Platoon Inspector West is currently being filled by Acting Inspector Glenn Wasson until January 7, 2013, while Inspector Rock Lavigne is temporarily assigned to the Radio Project; the position of Inspector, Collision Reporting Centre Project, is being filled by Acting Inspector Sandra McLaren until January 30, 2013; and the position of Inspector, Service Initiative Project, is being filled by Acting Inspector Steve Bell until January 8, 2013.  The position of Director, Community Development, is currently being filled by Margaret Macdonald.  These assignments serve to ensure uninterrupted support for operations with the added benefit of developmental opportunities for these individuals.   


There are three (3) Senior Officer civilian positions currently vacant, along with two (2) vacant Senior Officer positions.  The position of Director, Information and Technology Services within Corporate Support, is currently filled until November 2012 by a temporary employee, Lewis Cardin.  The Director, Corporate Communications is vacant and is currently being filled by a secondee, John Steinbachs from the City of Ottawa, until April 30, 2013.  The Director, Community Development, is also vacant and is currently being filled by Margaret Macdonald. With respect to Sworn Officers, the positions of Platoon Inspector East and Inspector, Central District Investigations, are currently vacant.




This report identifies the substantive positions to which civilian and sworn Senior Officers are assigned.  Secondments and assignments are also captured in the data to provide a complete picture of the range of functions undertaken by this group. 


The report also provides the Board with an understanding of the number of staffing changes that typically occur at this level.   The staffing decisions impacting the assignment of Senior Officers are made with due consideration to balancing the need for:  consistency in leadership, minimizing the potential impacts to staff and ensuring the provision of police services to the residents of Ottawa.




(original signed by)


Charles Bordeleau

Chief of Police


Attach. (1) - Appendix A