24 September 2012



Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board



Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service








That the Ottawa Police Services Board receive this report for information.




The lease for the Centretown Community Police Centre (CPC) located at 393 Somerset Street expired on August 31, 2012.  The Somerset Street location was 2,421 sq. ft., and the budget for the annual rental and operating costs was $69,500.  The space was shared with the Diversity and Race Relations Section. 


With the 2011 relocation of the Diversity/Race Relations section to 474 Elgin Street, the OPS was seeking a smaller location for this facility suitable to the requirements of an urban CPC.  In keeping with the success of the relocated Manotick CPC, City and Police staff worked together to find a lower-cost accommodation solution in an existing City of Ottawa facility within the catchment area for the Centretown CPC.  This approach has resulted in continuity of service for Centretown citizens, as well as capital and operating budget savings.




A great deal of effort went into a search for suitable new locations for the CPC.  OPS staff worked with several landlords, the City and other groups to locate a space in the downtown core that would accommodate the needs of the centre.  This search, which was exhaustive, was challenged by several factors including cost, space and location. 


Sue Jones, the General Manager of Emergency and Protective Services (EPS), has been a key partner for the OPS in identifying and championing potential OPS/EPS co-location opportunities for our CPCs.  Ms. Jones was able to free-up space on the 2nd floor of City Hall suitable for the Centretown CPC by relocating some of her security operations. 


The City Hall space is in a highly-visible location on the 2nd floor, overlooking Jean Pigott Hall.   At 250 square feet, it is a much smaller space than the previous location at Somerset Street.  However, by using City Hall meeting rooms, washrooms and the cafeteria, OPS staff and volunteers will have very functional accommodations.


Volunteers have an office at the front entrance and the CPC officer has an adjacent private office.




There was no public consultation undertaken on the selection of a new location for the CPC as it remained within the Centretown catchment area and was in close proximity to the original CPC. The media did report on the relocation and cited that reaction from the community was mixed; some community members were quoted as saying the CPC acted as a deterrent to crime in the area, while others stated they believed it was the crime prevention work of the CPC Officer in the community that was more important and not tied to the physical location of the CPC.




The re-location to City Hall has resulted in savings in both the operating and capital budgets. 


With respect to the capital budget, funding of $75,000 for this relocation initiative was identified in OPS Capital Project #906165 – 2011 Facility Initiatives.  The actual fit-up and relocation costs were less than $21,000, resulting in capital project savings of $54,000, as shown in Table 1.


Table 1

Centretown CPC Relocation/Fit-Up Costs


1.   393 Somerset Closure

$  1,000

2.  City Hall Fit-Up:




$  6,000

Office System Furniture and Seating

$  6,000


$  3,000

ISMS – Security

$  3,000


$  1,500

               Sub-Total – City Hall Fit-Up


     Total Cost


     Budget Provision


     Capital Project Savings




The City is using a cost-recovery approach to determine the rent and associated operating costs for the space at City Hall.  The cost to OPS is expected to be in the range of $2,500 - $5,000 annually, resulting in operating budget savings of in the range of $62,000 - $64,500.





With cooperation and support from EDS General Manager Sue Jones and City Public Works, the OPS has been able to implement another successful co-location of a CPC within a City facility.  The new location at Ottawa City Hall is highly visible, easily accessible for both the public and volunteers, and will remain a vibrant part of the Centretown community.





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Charles Bordeleau

Chief of Police