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 2011 Road Safety Results

Date:  August  17, 2012



The Safer Roads Ottawa program (SRO) was approved by City Council in November 2011 and replaced the former Integrated Road Safety Program (IRSP) which had been in place since 2003.    


SRO is a leading partnership between Ottawa Fire Services, Ottawa Paramedic Service, Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Public Health and the Public Works Department with the focus to make “the City of Ottawa the safest traffic environment for all”.  This new program engages community stakeholders and relies on a 4E approach to road safety; education, enforcement, engineering, and emergency response.


Collision data results are compiled and released on an annual basis.  The following are highlights for 2011:


·         Traffic fatalities decreased from 38 in 2010 to 25 in 2011, the lowest number of fatalities in six years.

·         An all-time low was recorded for traffic injuries – 3,690 in 2011, down from 3,822 in 2010

·         Total traffic collisions were up from 14,953 in 2010 to 15,295 in 2011

·         Total number of collisions rose by 2.3% but the number of injuries and fatalities resulting from serious collisions declined, by 3.8% and 34.2% respectively.  

·         The number of registered vehicles increased in 2011 by 1.5 percent to 515,784 compared to 508,389 in 2010. 


The attached 2007-2011 Collision Data Summary provides a snapshot of collision data for the 2007 to 2011 time period including the top 10 signalized intersection collision locations. 


The Safer Roads Ottawa Strategic Road Safety Action Plan directs staff to work on two major awareness campaigns each year between 2012 and 2015.  In 2012, the awareness campaigns will focus on aggressive and distracted driving.  As well, on a monthly basis, the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) targets two road safety initiatives which are enforced by the Ottawa Police Service.


For additional information regarding the Safer Roads Ottawa Program, please visit Ottawa.ca/roadsafety.


Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Phil Landry, Manager of Traffic Management and Operational Support at extension 23185.



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