28 May 2012




Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board




Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service









That the Ottawa Police Services Board:


1.         Request that the Council of the City of Ottawa amend City of Ottawa By-law No. 2004-276 (the Parks and Facilities By-law) to include as "outdoor municipality property", outdoor properties managed or controlled by the Ottawa Police Services Board for the purposes of prohibiting smoking.


2.         Forward the request to the Council of the City of Ottawa for its consideration.




On 28 March 2012 Ottawa City Council passed by-laws to provide for more smoke-free spaces in the City of Ottawa.  These amended by-laws (collectively referred to as the "smoke-free regulations") took effect 2 April 2012.


As of that date, the following spaces are now smoke free:

·      All outdoor areas on municipal properties including parks, playgrounds, beaches, sports fields, and outdoor areas around City facilities

·       ByWard and Parkdale Market stands

·       Outdoor restaurant, bar, and food premise patios.


The new smoke-free regulations apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The City has undertaken a phased-in approach for enforcement of the new smoke-free regulations. Beginning on 2 April 2012, a warning phase and a public awareness and education campaign was implemented.  The public awareness and education campaign is designed to ensure all Ottawa residents and tourists are aware of the new regulations.  Beginning 2 July 2012, charges will be laid as appropriate. 




There were some exclusions from the smoke-free regulations including an exclusion for municipal property managed by a local board as defined in the Municipal Act, 2001, as these groups operate under their own governance structure.  This includes property managed by the Ottawa Police Services Board.


Further, on 2 February 2012 Council approved a disposition that Council recommend to local boards to bring property under its management in compliance with these amended by-laws.


The City Clerk, Solicitor and Medical Officer of Health informed the Board by letter of the smoke-free regulations.  They invited local Boards to consider formally endorsing that the Parks and Facility By-law 2004-276, as amended, be extended to prohibit smoking on all outdoor property managed by the Board in order for them to apply to those properties.


Should the Board decide to request the amendment and the City complies, smoking would be prohibited on any outdoor property controlled by the Board and the regulations will be enforceable.  The Ottawa Public Library Board is undertaking a similar process.


An internal and external communicatons strategy, in alignment with the strategy undertaken by the City, has been created in order to strengthen awareness of the new regulations on Board controlled property.




Ottawa Public Health conducted extensive consultations with Ottawa residents, businesses and community partners.  It included a comprehensive three-month consultation program on the regulation changes that included in person, online and social, paid and earned media components.




There are no financial implication related to this report.




(original signed by)


Charles Bordeleau

Chief of Police