28  May 2012



Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board



Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service








That the Ottawa Police Services Board receive this report for information.




Attached for the information of the Board are excerpts from letters of appreciation / thanks received from the public since the last regular meeting, for services rendered by members of the Ottawa Police Service.




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Charles Bordeleau

Chief of Police


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Date Received: 13 February 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member:  Sergeant Denis Hull

Excerpts from Email:   I just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for your assistance many years ago.  I was a youth when we met and submersed in a troublesome family environment.  I have since secured myself in an enjoyable job with the government, and after seven years, I’m finishing up my second University degree.  Sometimes we touch people’s lives and even with the slightest of kindness change their trajectory. Thank you.


Date Received: 23 February 2012

From: Larry Rousseau, Regional Executive Vice President National Capital Region PSA of Canada

OPS Members:  OPS Members

Excerpts from Letter:   I just wanted to follow up after the event at City Hall that was held on Valentine’s Day (February 14).  While we were excited to see the small group of 35 strikers grow into a crowd of almost 200 on George St., we were very reassured to know that your officers were there to make sure everybody was going to make it safely to their destination, especially during rush hour.  Safety was the main objective of all parties and there was good collaboration between our people and your officers.


Date Received:  28 February 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member: Constable Jacinthe Dion

Excerpts from Letter:   I would like to thank Cst Dion for going above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me and my family around noon on Saturday, Feb. 24.  Our car broke down in a busy intersection.  We had no power to run the hazard lights and I had two children in the backseat.  Needless to say, we were feeling vulnerable on this busy road.  Officer Dion offered to drive us to a relative’s home nearby.  Without her assistance, we would have been left stranded on a cold afternoon.  I cannot thank her enough!  What could have been a very stressful and dangerous situation turned out to be quite an adventure that my children (and me) will not soon forget!  Thank you again Cst Dion. 


Date Received: 6 March 2012

From: Chief Anthony Di Monte, Ottawa Paramedic Service

OPS Member: Constable Shane Gregan

Excerpts from Letter:   I wish to recognize your quick intervention while responding to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event on Highway 31 at Meadow Drive on February 8, 2012.  Because of your ability to rapidly recognize a cardiac arrest event and initiate immediate resuscitative measures i.e. CPR and utilizing the Automated External Defibrillator, we were able to restore his cardiac rhythm and obtain a positive clinical outcome.  Thank you again for your contribution.


Date Received: 13 March 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members:  Sergeant Steve Boucher and Constable Dave Cochrane and Constable Kim Desjardins

Excerpts from Letter: On Sunday morning, February 19, my husband died at home after having a major seizure.  Please express my gratitude to Sgt Boucher, Cst Cochrane and Cst Desjardins.  Their compassion and concern about the welfare of the family was much appreciated.  Having Constable Cochrane stay with us and supervise my husband’s removal from our home was a great comfort.  As the new Chief of Police, you should be proud to have these three officers on your team.


Date Received:  11 March 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member:  OPS Member

Excerpts from Letter:  I wanted to say thanks to the officer who gave us a police escort to the hospital February 24 at around 2 am while I was in labour.  We met up with him in Manotick.  I wasn’t able to get the officer’s name before heading inside.  I was only able to say a quick thank you.  We had a beautiful, healthy baby boy.  We appreciate the care and concern!  Hopefully this message will reach him.


Date Received: 18 march 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member: OPS Member

Excerpts from Letter:   On the night of St. Patrick’s Day, I made the poor decision to bicycle home.  Having fallen off, I left my bicycle and proceeded toward home (in the wrong direction) on foot.  When a police officer found me, I was asleep on the grass beside the Transitway. After asking a couple of questions the officer told me that his biggest concern was that I get home safe, and suggested taking me in the police car, making very clear that I was not under arrest.  He was courteous and kind, and after dropping me off, returned with my backpack and helmet, which I had forgotten in the car.  If this reaches you, thank-you.  Your professionalism and respect were much appreciated, and I sincerely apologize for wasting your time.


Date Received: 4 April 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members: Constable J.P. Vincelette and Constable David Pennock

Excerpts from Letter:   I wish to write a brief message regarding the service provided by Cst. Vincelette and Cst Pennock.  There is no pertinence in reporting the details of the situation, other than both of the officers were very polite, professional, and provided exceptional service to my mother.  In these recent times, many complaints against the Ottawa Police have been publicized by the media.  I think it is more important to recognize those who do a good job than those who do not—it’s not just about busting bad guys, it’s about crime prevention and community policing as well.  Both of these officers should be recognized for their candidness, professional courtesy, and willingness to proactively mitigate a recurring issue.  I was impressed with how the officers promptly approached the situation and also how they dealt with my mother.  Your services were much appreciated.


Date Received: 12 April 2012

From: Mr. Justice Timothy D. Ray, Superior Court of Justice

OPS Members:  Staff Sergeant Robert Drummond and Constable Denis Dupont

Excerpts from Letter:   Through you, I want to thank Cst Dupont, who has been assisting the Crown, for his assistance in securing premises, in order to permit my jury to take a view of a building.  This was an important part of the trial, and I want to thank all of the officers involved, through you, for their assistance.  I would also like to thank S/Sgt Drummond who was in charge of the detail at the scene for securing the site in an efficient but unobtrusive manner.

Date Received: 12 March 2012

From: Kingman K. Wong, Legal Attache Federal Bureau of Investigation

OPS Members:  Sergeant Will Hinterberger, Sergeant Marty Rukavina and Sergeant Milton Capaday, Constable Mark MacMillan and Constable Serge Clement

Excerpts from Letter:   I am writing to express the FBI’s sincere appreciation to you and your staff during the visit of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to Ottawa in March 2012.  I would, in particular, like to express the FBI’s gratefulness to the outstanding assistance provided by Sgt. Hinterberger, Sgt. Capaday, Cst. MacMillan, Cst. Clement, Sgt. Rukavina. The excellent performance by your officers is truly a reflection of the high quality and professionalism of the personnel of the OPS.  Please commend them for a job well done, and we at the FBI look forward to future opportunities to cooperate and collaborate with your service.


Date Received: 13 April 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Members:  Constable Michael Oger

Excerpts from Letter:   Dear Cst Oger, on Nov 6 you called me to report that my daughter was in an accident.  When I arrived at the hospital 5 hours later, you waited to speak to my husband and I.  I would be neglectful if I did not write to you to thank you for all you did for us on that day.  You went beyond your call of duty and took this upon yourself as if it were your own child.  Your kindness and care that day did not go unnoticed, and sorry for taking so long to write, but the journey of full recovery we are on is not over. From the bottom of my heart thank you.


Date Received:  4 May 2012

From: Member of the Public

OPS Member:  Constable Joshuah Cavicchioli and Constable Caroline Hall and Unknown dispatcher

Excerpts from Letter:   We wish to commend the Ottawa Police Service for the professional and humane way a recent incident was handled.  On March 12, 2012 around 8:30 p.m. a member of our family became distraught as a result of an incorrectly prescribed medicine and called the police to report a violent crime perceived to be occurring nearby.  The telephone dispatcher discerned the true nature of the call and sent two competent, well trained and humane constables to the residence.  Coincidentally, we phoned a few minutes later out of concern that our family member had not contacted us as we had expected.  Cst. Cavicchioli who was accompanied by Cst. Hall, answered the telephone and told us that they had already determined that the residence was tidy and the caller was well groomed and compliant, and that since we would soon be in attendance, it was not necessary to take the person to a hospital…. We want to express our sincere thanks and admiration for the actions of the unknown dispatcher and the two constables, and to the Ottawa Police Service for having developed such a fine first responder system.  You can be proud of such a good team.