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La sécurité de notre communauté, un travail d’équipe




DATE                              19 March 2012


TO/DEST.                        Chair and Members, Ottawa Police Services Board


FROM/EXP.                    Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board



                                         BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS OF OTTAWA





That the Ottawa Police Services Board approve the purchase of a half table at the “Ringside for Youth XVIII” Dinner and Boxing Night fundraising event for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Ottawa being held on 24 May 2012 at the CE Centre, at a cost of $900.00.




The eighteenth annual “Ringside for Youth” fundraising event for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Ottawa is being held at the CE Centre on 24 May 2012.  The event begins with cocktails at 5:30 pm, followed by dinner at 7:00 pm.  Prices range from $5,500 for a Corporate Sponsor, $3,000 for a front row corner table, $2,200 for a table in the second row, $1,800 for a regular table or $900 for a half table which seats four people. 


The Board has contributed to this event every year since 1996, except in 1999 when no request was received.  Last year a half table was purchased for $800.  Earlier this year, the Board made a $1,500 donation in the name of former Chief Vern White to the Boys and Girls Club – McCann Clubhouse, and also purchased a table for $500 at the farewell fundraiser breakfast for Chief White, with proceeds going to the McCann Clubhouse, for a total donation of $2,000.


A close partner of the Ottawa Police Service, the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa has served the Ottawa community since 1923, reaching out to 4,500 children and youth each year through after-school, weekend and summer programs that build self-esteem and help to develop stronger social skills.  


The Board’s Discretionary Fund Policy (attached as Annex A) sets out four categories for priority funding, one of which is Community Relations through Involvement with Police-Related Organizations.  This category of funding is intended to enable the Board to purchase tickets or contribute donations to fundraising events.  The attendance and participation of Board members at fundraising events for organizations that work closely with the Ottawa Police Service serves to demonstrate the Board’s support, goodwill and community involvement.  The Boys and Girls Clubs of Ottawa are an excellent example of the type of organization this category is intended to target. 


Should the Board approve this request, members will be canvassed to determine who wishes to attend this event. 




Discretionary funds in the amount of $30,000 have been included in the Board’s 2011 draft budget.  Of this amount, $17,000 is pre-committed or earmarked:  $10,000 for the Street Ambassador Program; and $7,000 for the Police Association’s scholarship fund.  The remaining $13,000 is available to meet all other requests.  At the present time there is $4,750 remaining to meet this and all other requests for the year.




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W. Fedec


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Policy Number:                       Policy Subject:


GA-7                             BOARD DISCRETIONARY FUND



Police Services Act, section 37


11 May 1998


May 2003

01 November 2010




Annual report to Board in December




Section 37 of the Police Services Act states that the board shall establish its own rules and procedures in performing its duties under the Act.  This policy was created to provide direction to the Board in allocating discretionary funds at its disposal.






The Ottawa Police Services Board has discretionary funds within its Budget to be used for such purposes as: purchasing tickets or making donations to fundraising events held by organizations working closely with the Police Service; funding members of the Police Service to participate in police-sponsored events; or contributing to programs/projects that further the work of the Police Service in the areas of crime prevention, community policing or other public safety initiatives.




To establish a Discretionary Fund Policy, consisting of a set of guidelines that identifies recognized funding priorities to assist the Board in allocating the discretionary funds contained within the Board’s budget.  The guidelines need not limit the Board in its funding of unique projects/functions, but would provide some consistency and rationale in dealing with expenditures that come before the Board for consideration.




The Ottawa Police Services Board will give preference to funding requests that fall into one of the following categories:


·         Community Relations through Involvement with Police-Related Organizations

Intended to enable the Board to purchase tickets or contribute donations to fundraising events.  The attendance and participation of Board members at fundraising events for organizations that work closely with the Ottawa Police Service serves to demonstrate the Board’s goodwill and community involvement.


·         Board/Police Service Relations

To assist members of the police service to participate in police-sponsored events, with the goal of enhancing the image of the Ottawa Police Service in other communities as well as at home.


·         Public Education/Awareness

To provide funding to projects outside of routine advertisements and the approved Communications Strategy of the Police Service, that assist the Board in communicating to the general public information related to crime prevention, community policing or other public safety issues. 


·         Special Board Requirements

Intended to provide flexibility to the Board to fund one-time requirements associated with Board functions, such as the sponsorship of functions at board-related conferences, or special meeting requirements outside of normal budgetary provisions.




-                      Groups and organizations requesting funding must be based in Ottawa and organized along not-for-profit principles.  Funding requests from individuals will not be considered.

-                      The organization receiving funding must clearly provide a benefit for the Ottawa Police Service and the community.

-                      The activities of the organization must reflect the Mission Statement of the Ottawa Police Service.

-                      Use of the funds must not extend beyond the current fiscal year.

-                      Funds cannot be used to cover a deficit from a previous year.

-                      Funds will only be provided to the group directly responsible for the activity or project being funded.

-                      As a condition of funding, the organization must be willing to make available, if requested, financial records indicating the disposition of the Board’s contribution to the project or activity.

-                      Funds not used as allocated or not needed within the fiscal year, in whole or in part, shall be returned to the Board.




The Board Executive Director shall prepare and submit an annual report to the Board that will summarize for the completed fiscal year all requests for grants and those approved by the Board.  This report shall be submitted to coincide with the annual Police budget review.  At this time the Board will review the policy to ensure that the funding priorities and criteria remain reasonable and reflective of the Board’s own priorities.