21 March 2012



Executive Director, Ottawa Police Services Board



Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service







That the Ottawa Police Services Board receive this report for information.




Upon being selected as Chief of the Ottawa Police Service, the new Chief immediately initiated a project to ensure a professional and seamless transition.  Any leadership transition must build on the successes of previous administrations but align the work through the lens of the new Chief.  This report will provide an overview of the approach that is currently underway at the Ottawa Police Service.  It is the first of three reports outlining progress against the plan that has been established for the Office of the Chief of Police Transition. 


Leadership change in any organization – public or private – entails a complex number of issues that must be managed – typically during the first 100 days.  There is an overall industry standard that transition work must be tackled immediately – however there is no blueprint readily available in the public policing sector.


The Office of the Chief Transition Project has been created to inform the Board on a regular basis and create a legacy for future Chiefs of Police in Ottawa.  The investment being made in the Transition Project will provide a readily transferable process that can be used in the future during a period of executive or leadership change.  The Transition Project will serve as a roadmap for successive chiefs while ensuring that we are meeting the strategic priorities and obligations of the Office of the Chief of Police and the Police Services Board.  It will also serve to inform other police agencies facing leadership change. 


The practical work associated with the transition requires the assistance and talent of various personnel.  A transition team has been established and is being led by a senior officer with experience in project and change management initiatives at the Ottawa Police Service. 





There will be a number of issues that arise in the short, medium and long term during the next five years.  The transition will focus on “First Order - Change Management” specifically while setting the stage for “Second Order” change into the future.  The first order of change involves ensuring a seamless transition while optimizing ongoing operational effectiveness including timely, transparent and inclusive decision making.

The first priority was to ensure that all statutory requirements for the position were met.  This included understanding and developing the protocols for the legal and ceremonial swearing in of the new Chief of Police. 

The second priority was to ensure that any Ministry requirements and administrative obligations relating to the duties and office of the Chief of Police were met.  A review of these was undertaken and documented accordingly. 

Tradition is an important element of policing and our police family.  We have long standing traditions and new ones that have evolved.  In 2000, the new Ottawa Police Service held its first formal change of Command Ceremony.  Prior to that date the Chief’s staff had been presented to the incoming Chief through a swearing in ceremony.  The new Change of Command Ceremony was held in conjunction with the swearing-in of new recruits and officers joining the Ottawa Police Service from the Ontario Provincial Police.  This ceremony created a sense of continuity and tradition while also showcasing the role of the Ottawa Police Service Honour Guard and Ottawa Police Chorus.  This tradition will continue as we plan a Change of Command Ceremony with former Chief and now Senator Vernon White.  [J1] 

Scope of 100 Day Transition work

The Transition Project will focus on first order changes and lay the foundation for second order changes into the future.  First order changes during any change management process involve ensuring a seamless transition while optimizing ongoing operational effectiveness, including timely, transparent and inclusive decision making.

Second order changes will evolve through change management strategies through the processes underway or those that will be undertaken over the course of the next five years.

In the first two weeks of the project, ten work elements have been identified and work plans and strategies are evolving to address issues for transition.  These are:

1.             Appointment - First Two Weeks

2.             Change of Command

3.             Change Management

4.             Police Services Board Engagement

5.             Employee Engagement

6.             Community Engagement

7.             Strategic and Operational Planning

8.             Financial Planning

9.             Communications/Media Relations

10.         Project Closeout.

First Order of Change

Communicating the vision and priorities of the organization to every member of the Ottawa Police Service and community is an essential ingredient in our success moving forward.  The Chief and Executive leadership group will ensure that strong and clear communications are integral to all of the activities surrounding the activities of this transition and moving forward.  We will ensure that strong communication permeates every part of the process and work to ensure people receive information in a timely manner. 


In this approach, the Ottawa Police Service will utilize existing tools, enhance others, and explore new opportunities and communications channels (such as Twitter) to deliver successful communications.  The overall communications strategy will be focussed on both our internal members and the external community.  The outreach will be continual and seek feedback on a regular basis. 


Continuity of Leadership and Management Team Transition

A continuity of leadership at all levels of the organization during this transition is essential.  With the vacancy created in the Deputy Chief position, it is important that the Executive Command be properly filled until the Board’s selection of a new Deputy is complete.  Superintendent Ralph Erfle has been appointed acting Deputy Chief (Operations) during this period.  Acting Deputy Chief Erfle brings over 30 years of service and experience to this role and has acted in this capacity on previous occasions. 

Knowledge Transfer

The process of ensuring a transfer of previous information, documentation and knowledge is crucial for the office of the Chief of Police.  The project will ensure that this is done in a comprehensive manner.  The new Chief will also meet with the Board to ensure that the Board’s strategic priorities are in alignment with the transition.  Similarly, the work of the Ottawa Police Service must also take into strong consideration the strategic priorities of Ottawa City Council.

Alignment and Integration of Current Priorities

The change in leadership of the organization may necessitate a slight delay on timelines of deliverables to ensure alignment with the new direction.  The criteria for such changes will be established by the project and the Board will be advised of those that have a direct relationship to the Board’s strategic priorities. 

The business planning process is the next important undertaking between the Board and the Service.  This will be followed quickly by a number of other projects that are currently well underway.  It is essential that the 2013-2015 Business Plan be developed in a way that properly aligns and integrates the current work.  Through this integration, the Police Service and the Board will have visible and transparent accountability mechanisms that support the existing reporting processes.  Furthermore, this alignment with the work that is underway will ensure that the human capital and financial planning challenges for the organization are addressed strategically. 

The current major planning and projects or initiatives that will be focussed on during this transition are:

·      Operational planning (underway for 2012 and by Q4 for 2013)

·      Community Engagement

·      2013 Budget Planning including:

1.             Budget process including one year operating and three year operating forecast

2.             Capital budget forecast for 2013 - 2022

3.             The Long Term Financial Plan

·      Information Management and Information Technology (IM-IT) Plan and governance model

·      Long Term Facilities Plan

·      Core Services Review – This review of service demands and strategies must be planned in a way to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and financial sustainability while laying the groundwork for service standards in Ottawa.

Each of these will be assessed during the next 100 days to ensure that they are connected to the overall direction set by the Chief and Board. 


Consultation will be a hallmark of the approach taken by the Ottawa Police Service in all of our activities.  During leadership transition it is essential that the organization and its members are included in the changes undertaken.  In particular, the executive leadership team of the Police Service will be called upon to participate actively in the work undertaken.  As well, the Chief and his team will continue to ensure strong and ongoing communications and links to the broad Ottawa community.  The response to date has been very positive and we will continue to build upon this good will. 



There will be internal and professional costs associated with the transition.  The budget is in development and will be included in future reports to the Board.  All funds will be found from existing resources in the 2012 budget. 


Resourcing currently includes the assignment of Acting Superintendent Terry Cheslock.  A/Supt. Cheslock has been given the authority to seek additional resources as required.  There will be no operational impact and any part time resources will be incorporated into existing functions. 


The project has also acquired the services of Peggy Kampouris to assist with project management and tracking.  Ms. Kampouris has extensive knowledge and experience with the organization and has been associated directly with successful and award winning projects such as the Attendance Enhancement Project, the Outreach Recruitment Project and the Strategic Staffing Initiative.  She also has vast experience in planning organizational change initiatives within the public sector.



The appointment of a new Chief of Police is a significant moment for the police service and community.  The current transition is occurring over a very short time period with very limited time to plan.  The timing however does provide a unique opportunity for a new chief given the large number of major projects that are at their inception or reaching a major milestone. 


In particular, the development of the Police Service’s next three year Business Plan is underway, and coincides with the commencement of the 2013 Budget planning.  The Office of the Chief Transition Project will allow for these two major projects to be properly aligned with the new direction and integrated into the other major initiatives underway.  The project will work to have an orderly, seamless, planned and professional transition in the first 100 days.  We will build on the organization’s successes and accomplishments to date and plan for the future. 


This is the first of three reports that will be presented to the Board during this time that will outline progress against the plan.  The second report in April will allow us to share the more in depth work plan. 


Given the short time period in which we have all gone through this major leadership change, the Executive leadership group appreciates the patience, flexibility and cooperation demonstrated by everyone during this time.



(Original signed by)

Charles Bordeleau

Chief of Police

 [J1]Too early  to tell