Special Meeting


Ottawa Police Services Board


Minutes 2


Wednesday, 19 January 2011, 8:30 a.m.


Champlain Room, 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa




Present:          Councillor E. El-Chantiry (Chair), D. Guilmet-Harris, Councillor J. Harder, H. Jensen, J. MacEwen, C. Nicholson, Mayor J. Watson




Ms. Fedec, Board Executive Director, explained that in accordance with Section 28 of the Police Services Act the Board must elect a Chair at its first meeting each year, and in accordance with the Board’s own Procedural By-law, it must elect a Vice Chair.  Accordingly, she requested nominations for the position of Chair.


Member Watson put forward a Motion that Member El-Chantiry be nominated to the position of Chair of the Ottawa Police Services Board for a period of approximately six months, until the Board meeting on 25 July 2011, at which time another election would be held.  This should allow sufficient time for the other three pending new appointments to be confirmed and will permit them to participate in electing the Chair. 


Moved by J. Watson


That the Ottawa Police Services Board approve the appointment of Member Eli El-Chantiry as Chair of the Police Services Board for a term of six (6) months, commencing immediately and ending on July 24, 2011.



YEAS:        E. El-Chantiry, J. Harder, J. Watson

NAYS:       D. Guilmet-Harris, H. Jensen, J. MacEwen


Member Nicholson was not present at the time of the vote but arrived shortly afterward.  Member Watson explained his rationale for requesting a six month term was because the Board is awaiting three new appointments, two from the Province of Ontario and one from Ottawa City Council.  He asked Member El-Chantiry for his opinion regarding the six-month term.  Member El-Chantiry thanked everyone for their support and trust, and indicated he was prepared to be elected for a six month term. 


Member Guilmet-Harris disagreed with the rationale, stating that once the six month term expires there would be approximately three meetings left in 2011.  She felt having an experienced Chair would give the new appointees the opportunity to learn and adjust to their new role, putting them in a much better position for the election in January 2012. 


Member Harder noted that Member El-Chantiry had already concurred with the six month term and added that he now also serves as Deputy Mayor; the term will give him the opportunity to re-assess his current duties as Chair of the Board in addition to his new duties as Deputy Mayor.


Member Jensen agreed with Member Guilmet-Harris’ comments; however, he also understood the rationale behind the motion and stated he was now prepared to support it.


Member Watson put forward a revised motion with a new end date to the appointment, which the Board then voted on.


Moved by J. Watson


That the Ottawa Police Services Board approve the appointment of Member Eli El-Chantiry as Chair of the Police Services Board for a term of six (6) months, commencing immediately and ending on 25 July 2011.



                                                                                                        D. Guilmet-Harris dissenting


Regarding the election of a Vice Chair, Member Jensen wished to move a motion using the same rationale behind the election of the Chair, i.e. that several new appointments are pending.  If approved, the Board would operate without a Vice Chair until the new members are appointed.  In the interim it would be left to the Chair’s discretion to determine who would assist should the need arise. 


Moved by H. Jensen


That the Ottawa Police Services Board waive section 3.1 of its Procedural By-law with respect to the requirement to elect a Vice Chair at the first meeting each year.




Chair El-Chantiry recognized that Member MacEwen has been serving as the Board’s Vice Chair and it was his intention to continue to call upon Member MacEwen to fulfill the Vice Chair’s duties until the election is held.






Presentation by the Chief of Police and the Director General


Chief White invited everyone to join him in a moment of silence for Toronto Police Sergeant Ryan Russell who was murdered on 12 January 2011.  Chair El-Chantiry thanked Vice Chair MacEwen for attending the funeral on behalf of the Board. 


Chief White introduced the 2011 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets for the Ottawa Police Service.  He stated staff would be making a presentation to provide Board members with an overview of the Budget and which would include the following topics:


·      Policing Context and Chief’s Operational Priorities;

·      2011 Draft Operating Budget;

·      2012 – 2014 Draft Forecast Highlights;

·      2011 Draft Capital Budget and Forecast;

·      Budget Timetable.


The presentation (a copy will be kept on file with the Board Executive Director) was made by Director General Frazer and Executive Director of Corporate Support Mui.  At the conclusion of the presentation Ms. Frazer thanked her colleagues on Executive Command who gave generously of their time and leadership throughout the Budget development process.  She also thanked her team for the tremendous job they have done during this challenging process.


Chair El-Chantiry thanked Director General Frazer and her team for their hard work in putting together the budget and delivering on City Council’s request of a 2.5% budget increase. 


Following the presentation a discussion ensued and the following points of clarification were provided:

·         The radio program cannot be purchased through debt financing, therefore it is being deferred so that staff can align funds on a go forward basis.  The program cannot be cancelled because police services across the country have been planning for several years to implement a national standard radio system that will enable them to communicate with one another.

·         Development Charge funding is limited to facilities, with Fleet Services qualifying to a very limited extent.  There has been no allocation of additional development charge funding during 2012 to 2020 as the focus will be on the South Project and perhaps a portion of the Central Project when it comes up later in the forecast.  (Slide 28)

·         The challenge the OPS faces is being unable to take on new debt resulting in deferring and limiting new capital projects.  This is the reason the South Project has been deferred beyond 2014.  (Slide 29)

·         The Police Service takes advantage of coordinated bulk purchasing with both the City and the Province in order to keep costs down.  Vehicles remain the main bulk purchase item, however, it is also done with items such as ammunition and firearms.  Discussions have occurred around the possibility of obtaining better pricing for bullet proof and replacement vests.

·         The projected $2 million year-end surplus is largely the result of a reduced number of people retiring (which is a huge cost due to contracts negotiated decades ago), and not from the operating side of the organization. 

·         Table 5 on page 11 of the Budget book illustrates that the number of retirements will be declining over the next few years.  Due to this decline it is possible to reduce funding in the retirement account by $250,000.

·         Page 95 references the sole instance of One Time Funding in 2011:  approximately $2 million will be pulled from the “One-Time Funding Reserve Funds” account to fund two specific projects:  Records Purge Project and Evidence Disposal Project.  Temporary staff will be onsite for one year to complete these projects and then the funding and expenses will be eliminated.


Member Jensen wished to flag that the Board will be facing a budget pressure in 2012 when it hosts the Ontario Association of Police Services Board’s annual conference.  The Association will be celebrating its 50th anniversary and it will be a significant event for the City of Ottawa in terms of revenue.  In the past, the host board has been expected to raise approximately $50,000, of which half is funded through sponsorship from other Ontario boards.  He would have liked to see half of this amount added to the 2011 budget but this was not supported by the Board’s Finance & Audit Committee.  Chair El-Chantiry noted that the budget is at its limit, but perhaps as the time approaches discussions can be had with the City and the Mayor’s office in light of the revenue the conference will generate for City businesses. 


Chair El-Chantiry congratulated the Director General on the impressive success of the Pay as You Go program (Slide 27).


Member Jensen addressed the 2011 Budget Review Schedule included in the slide presentation.  He noted that at the December 20th Board meeting, the Board requested a change to the proposed budget review timetable to add a special meeting on March 7th for approval of the budget after all the public consultations have taken place.  With the addition of that special meeting there are now three board meetings planned at which the public will have an opportunity for input.  With this in mind, the Board’s Finance & Audit Committee recommends that the special meeting previously scheduled on February 7th at 5:00 p.m. for the purpose of hearing public delegations be deleted from the schedule. 


Moved by Member Jensen


That the Ottawa Police Services Board approve the following revised meeting schedule for review of the 2011 Ottawa Police Budget, in addition to the multi-ward consultations being organized by the City of Ottawa:


24 January, 5:00 p.m.          Regular Board Meeting & Public Delegations on the Budget


28 February, 4:00 p.m.        Regular Board Meeting & Public Delegations on the Budget


7 March, 9:00 a.m.               Special Meeting – Public Delegations &

                                               Approval of the Budget




Chief White confirmed that Ottawa Police Service finance staff and members of the Executive Command will be in attendance at all multi-ward Public Consultation meetings.


Board members then considered the following recommendations:


That the Ottawa Police Services Board:


1.             Receive and table the Ottawa Police Service 2011 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets;


2.             Receive and table the options for attaining a 2.5% tax rate increase; and


3.             Consider the Ottawa Police 2011 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets at a special meeting on 7 March 2011.


                                                                                       RECEIVED AND TABLED





            The meeting adjourned at 9:30 a.m.






      ____________________________                   _____________________________

      W. Fedec                                                           E. El-Chantiry

      Executive Director                                            Chair