Committee recommendation


(This matter is Subject to Bill 51)


That Council approve an amendment to Zoning By‑law 2008-250 to amend the zoning of 220 Terence Matthews Crescent, Business Park Industrial Subzone Four Exception 1810 with a holding provision (IP4 [1810]-h), to add a catering business as an additional permitted use and remove the holding provision, as detailed in Document 2.



Recommandation DU Comité


(Cette question est assujettie au Règlement 51)


Que le Conseil approuve une modification au Règlement de zonage no 2008-250 visant à modifier la désignation de zonage de la propriété située au 220, croissant Terence-Matthews, soit « zone de parc d’affaires et industriel, sous-zone 4, exception 1810, assujettie à une disposition d’aménagement différé (IP4 [1810]-h) », de façon à ajouter un service traiteur aux utilisations permises, comme le précise le document 2.






1.      Deputy City Manager's report, Infrastructure Services and Community Sustainability, dated 18 November 2011 (ACS2011-ICS-PGM-0221).

Report to/Rapport au:


Planning Committee

Comité de l'urbanisme


and Council / et au Conseil


18 November 2011 / le 18 novembre 2011


Submitted by/Soumis par : Nancy Schepers, Deputy City Manager/

Directrice municipale adjointe, Infrastructure Services and Community Sustainability/Services d’infrastructure et Viabilité des collectivités


Contact Person/Personne-ressource : Derrick Moodie, Acting Manager/Gestionnaire intérimaire, Development Review-Suburban Services/Examen des projets d'aménagement-Services suburbains, Planning and Growth Management/Urbanisme et Gestion de la croissance

(613) 580-2424, 15134  Derrick.Moodie@ottawa.ca


Kanata South (23)

Ref N°: ACS2011-ICS-PGM-0221




ZONING – 220 Terence Matthews Crescent (File no. D02-




ZONAGE – 220 croissant Terence-Matthews





That the  recommend Council approve an amendment to Zoning By‑law 2008-250 to amend the zoning of 220 Terence Matthews Crescent, Business Park Industrial Subzone Four Exception 1810 with a holding provision (IP4 [1810]-h), to add a catering business as an additional permitted use and remove the holding provision, as detailed in Document 2.




Que le Comité de l’urbanisme recommande au Conseil d’approuver une modification au Règlement de zonage no 2008-250 visant à modifier la désignation de zonage de la propriété située au 220, croissant Terence-Matthews, soit « zone de parc d’affaires et industriel, sous-zone 4, exception 1810, assujettie à une disposition d’aménagement différé (IP4 [1810]-h) », de façon à ajouter un service traiteur aux utilisations permises, comme le précise le document 2.





The subject property, 220 Terence Matthews Crescent, is located on the north side of Terence Matthews Crescent within the Kanata South Business Park.  The Glen Cairn residential community is found to the north of the property, separated by the Trans-Canada Trail.  The surrounding area includes a variety of commercial, office and warehouse uses.


The subject property is irregular in shape with a 66.93-metre frontage and an area of 6,100 square metres (0.61 ha).  The property currently contains a recently constructed building with a gross floor area of 1,744 square metres.  The front portion of the building is two storeys and the ground floor is occupied by a 150-square metre dance studio and a 120-square metre children’s gym.  The second floor is currently vacant.  The rear portion of the building is one storey with Suntex Stucco Systems Inc., the owner of the property, occupying 691 square metres with a warehouse and a small amount of office space.


Parking is located on both the east and west sides of the building with the majority located on the east side.  There are a total of 46 parking spaces provided on the subject property.


Purpose of Zoning Amendment


The purpose of the Zoning By-law amendment is to amend the current site specific zoning provisions to allow a catering establishment as a permitted use, limited to 200 square metres of gross floor area.


Existing Zoning


The subject property is currently zoned IP4 [1810]-h (Business Park Industrial Zone).  The purpose of this zone is to accommodate a mix of office-type uses, light industrial uses and a variety of complementary uses to serve business park employees.  Large retail uses and uses which are likely to generate noise, fumes, odours or other similar impacts are prohibited.


The IP4 Subzone is specific to the Kanata South Business Park which prohibits a number of the complementary uses permitted in the IP parent zone such as a bank, an instructional facility, a medical facility and a place of assembly.  The subzone also identifies specific zoning provisions for lot area, lot width, yard setbacks and height.  The site specific exception [1810] which applies to the subject property allows for an instructional facility and a recreational and athletic facility as permitted uses.


Proposed Zoning


The proposed zoning by-law amendment would allow for a catering establishment use, limited to 200 square metres in gross floor area, to be permitted on the subject site.  As a technical amendment, the h-symbol would also be removed from the property’s current zoning.  The holding symbol that was subject to this property was removed by way of Zoning By-law 2011‑151.




Planning Act and Provincial Policy Statement


Under Section 3 of the Planning Act, all decisions affecting planning matters shall be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement.


Section 1 of the Provincial Policy Statement requires that land use and development patterns support strong, liveable and healthy communities, protect the environment and public health and safety, and facilitate economic growth.  Section 1.1.1 states that healthy, liveable and safe communities are sustained by promoting cost-effective development standards to minimize land consumption and servicing costs.  In addition, Section 1.3.1 states that planning authorities shall promote economic development and competitiveness by providing for an appropriate mix and range of employment, providing opportunities for a diversified economic base and ensuring the necessary infrastructure is provided to support current and projected needs.


Adding a catering establishment is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement as it contributes to a wider range of employment opportunities within the urban area.  The proposed business provides an opportunity to employ a large number of people relative to its small floor area, and it is compatible with the adjacent uses in that it will continue to maintain the non-retail character of the Kanata South Business Park.  The proposed use makes efficient use of existing infrastructure.


Official Plan


The subject property is designated as an Enterprise Area on Schedule B of the Official Plan.  Enterprise Areas have the potential to provide for at least 2,000 jobs and employment uses for the area that will not negatively impact on residential uses through noise, odour, health concerns or other conflicts.  Uses permitted in an Enterprise Area include a variety of industrial and employment-generating uses, such as warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, communications, storage, construction, office, institutional, and research and development uses.


The proposed zoning amendment to add a catering establishment as a permitted use conforms to the intent of the Official Plan and of Enterprise Areas.  This use will contribute to job production and adds to the mix of employment opportunities.  In addition, a catering establishment limited to 200 square metres in gross floor area is small scale in nature and will therefore have negligible impacts on the surrounding area.


In section 4.11, the Official Plan addresses compatibility and urban design and provides direction in the review of planning applications, specifically the importance of context and the evaluation of possible negative impacts from new development.  As the proposed change is internal to the existing building, there will be no urban design issues.


Policy 3 of section 4.11 outlines a number of criteria to be considered in evaluating the compatibility of a development proposal to its surroundings.

The proposed Zoning By-law amendment will not negatively impact the existing traffic conditions as both Terence Matthews Crescent, a local road, and the nearby Michael Cowpland Drive, a collector road, have the capacity to accommodate the traffic generated by users of the site.  Michael Cowpland Drive also intersects with Eagleson Road which is a designated arterial road.  The proposed catering establishment on the subject property will not significantly increase the volume of traffic as the intended business will sell no food to the general public from the site.  The only increase in traffic will be generated by the 12 employees and a bi-weekly food delivery truck.


There are currently 46 parking spaces on the subject property which is sufficient to meet the parking requirements for the proposed use.  As a result, spill-over parking on adjacent streets will not be an issue and parking conditions will not cause negative impacts for the surrounding area.


The catering establishment is also not proposed to generate additional noise, odour and other emissions due to the small scale of the business and the nature of the catering operation.  Unlike many large-scale catering establishments, this business will only be active during daytime hours, approximately from 8am to 3pm.  In addition, the proposed addition of a catering establishment is directly supportive of neighbourhood services since the catering establishment, known as “Lunch Lady”, will serve schools in the surrounding area.  This proposed use will have negligible impact on existing uses in the Kanata South Business Park, will not bring retail activity into the Park, and will not detract from its primary function as a place of employment.


Zoning By-law


As detailed in Document 2, the zoning by-law amendment will amend the exception 1810, adding a catering establishment, limited to 200 square metres in gross floor area, as a site specific use.  Also, a technical amendment requires that the h-symbol be removed from the property.




It is staff’s opinion that the proposed use conforms to the Provincial Policy Statement and the relevant Official Plan policies.  The use meets the general intent of the IP4 Zone, and is appropriate and compatible with the surrounding business park industrial uses.


Staff recommend the proposed amendment to the Zoning By-law be approved.








Notice of this application was carried out in accordance with the City's Public Notification and Consultation Policy.  The Bridlewood Community Association (BCA) made the following comments:



The BCA suggested that the HVAC system at the existing building be upgraded as the new tenant is a catering company unlike the existing tenants.  As well, the BCA recommended that the garbage bins be placed in an enclosed building.


Staff Response


The current HVAC system in the building is sufficient to address the needs of the proposed catering establishment.  Moreover, the caterer intends to install a ventilation hood within the kitchen that includes an additional filter system.  Due to the small scale nature of the business and the limited hours of operation, minimal odours are expected to be generated.


The current garbage collection area on site is located at the rear of the property within an enclosure.  To ensure that there will be no garbage capacity issues, an additional sealed bin will be located at the collection area for the exclusive use of Lunch Lady.  It is important to note that Lunch Lady does not operate during the summer months from the end of June to mid-September and, therefore, the potential for smells from the bin as a result of hot weather will be negligible.




The Ward Councillor is aware of this application and the staff recommendation.




There are no legal/risk management implications associated with this report.




There are no direct financial implications associated with this report.












The proposed rezoning meets the intent of the City’s Strategic Plan.  The additional use proposed for the subject site encourages the development of existing employment lands and provides support to existing neighbourhood services.




This application was processed by the "On Time Decision Date" established for the processing of Zoning By-law amendment applications.




Document 1    Location Map

Document 2    Details of Recommended Zoning




City Clerk and Solicitor Department, Legislative Services to notify the owner, applicant, OttawaScene Canada Signs, 1565 Chatelain Avenue, Ottawa, ON  K1Z 8B5, Ghislain Lamarche, Program Manager, Assessment, Financial Services Branch (Mail Code:  26-76) of City Council’s decision.


Planning and Growth Management to prepare the implementing by-law, forward to Legal Services and undertake the statutory notification.


Legal Services to forward the implementing by-law to City Council.

LOCATION MAP                                                                                                DOCUMENT 1



DETAILS OF RECOMMENDED ZONING                                                    DOCUMENT 2


Proposed Changes to the Comprehensive Zoning By-law


Exception 1810 of Section 239, Urban Exception of By-law No. 2008-250 is amended:


A.    Delete in column II the holding (-h) symbol, hold was removed from the property by By-law 2011-151


B.    Adding in column III the following additional land use:  Catering establishment


C.    Adding in column V the following provisions: 


·         Limit of 200 square metres in Gross Floor Area for catering establishment