The following graph shows the annual operating and capital requirements over the next 10-years for the Solid Waste Services Department, City of Ottawa.

The dollar amounts presented above are high level estimates only and are used for long-range planning purposes only. Actual dollar amounts may change from those presented.



         Operating budget for 2011 is $67.7M. For 2012, add $3.1M in estimated budget pressures. (total $70.8M).

         For 2013, reduce by $1.5M in estimated budget pressures, mainly due to impact of service level change. (total $69.3M).

         For 2014, add $2.3M in estimated budget pressures (total $71.6M).

         For 2015, add 2% for Growth and 2% for CPI, so $2.9M (total $74.5M). Add 4% every year thereafter.