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The Shareholder of Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation

and Council / et au Conseil


2 November 2011 / le 2 novembre 2011


Submitted by/Soumis par : Kent Kirkpatrick, President and CEO (OCLDC)



Contact Person/Personne ressource : Gordon MacNair, Secretary and COO (OCLDC)

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Ref N°: ACS2011-CMR-REP-0024






Ottawa community lands development corporation

(OCLDC) 2010 annual report






LA Société d'aménagement des terrains Communautaires d’Ottawa

rapport annuel 2010




That Council receive the Audited Financial Statements of the Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation (OCLDC) for the Year 2010 as set out in the Annual Report prepared by Ernst and Young and set out in Document 1 attached. 




Que le conseil reçoive les états financiers vérifiés de la Société d’aménagement des terrains communautaires d’Ottawa pour l’année 2010 tels que présentés dans le Rapport Annuel préparé par Ernst and Young ci-joint dans le Document 1.




On 10 October 2007, City Council approved the establishment of the Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation (OCLDC) for implementation of the Longfields Subdivision and Centrepointe Town Centre projects (Report number ACS2007-BTS-RPM-008).  Staff undertook planning and engineering studies and held open house consultations with the community for the Longfields and Centrepointe Town Centre projects.  An application for subdivision approval for the Longfields lands was initiated and draft subdivision approval was granted in September 2008.


As its meeting on 28 January 2009, City Council approved recommendations to proceed with the incorporation of the Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation to undertake City property development initiatives and transfer the control of the Longfields subdivision to the OCLDC (Report ACS2008-COS-RPM-0063).


The goal of City Council in creating a development corporation as reflected in the report is to achieve the following objectives:



In August 2009, the Letters of Patent were issued by the Ontario Ministry of Government Services establishing the Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation/La Société d’Aménagement des Terrains Communautaires d’Ottawa for the purpose of promoting and undertaking community improvements in the City of Ottawa to improve, beautify and maintain municipally owned land, buildings and structures for the benefit of the community by: 


(i)                 planning, subdividing and developing or redeveloping sites owned or held by the corporation for residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, public, recreational, religious, charitable or other uses;

(ii)               constructing, operating, maintaining, owning and/or providing facilities for amusement, culture, heritage, parking and public transportation;

(iii)             acquiring, holding, selling, leasing or disposing of sites described in subparagraphs (i) and (ii) above;

(iv)             undertaking or conducting studies, research and design work;

(v)               conducting public marketing and advertising for sale in connection with the activities set out in subparagraphs (i), (ii) and (iii) above and

(vi)             other complementary activities not inconsistent with the above noted objectives.






Project Description


The 50 hectare parcel of City owned vacant land in Barrhaven is being developed in accordance with a concept that includes innovative planning and design, affordable housing and opportunities for small scale builders.  The subdivision features a mixed-density residential community which integrates pedestrian and cycle pathways, access to rapid transit, public parks and the preservation of environmental features.  An application for subdivision approval was submitted and draft subdivision approval was granted in September, 2008.  A 9.97 hectare parcel, being Phase 1, received final subdivision approval in March 2011.


Land Sales Activities


In 2009, eight parcels of land were advertised for sale and agreements to purchase those parcels were executed with various small builders and institutional organizations. Closing dates are scheduled for various dates in 2011. 


The sale of two institutional blocks (159 Claridge Drive and 3020 Woodroffe Avenue) was approved by City Council in May 2009 (Report number ACS 2009-CMR-REDPO-0030).


Serviced Parcels Phase 1\Institutional

Closing Date

Sale price

159 Claridge Drive

Sale cancelled – for sale

Asking ($1,300,000)

3020 Woodroffe Ave.

March 2011

(Sold) $ 1,051,191

Total Institutional




At its first Board Meeting on 10 March 2010 (Report numbers OCLDC2010-RID-0002, OCLDC2010-RID-0003), the OCLDC approved six land sales and one land exchange with the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) for the residentially zoned parcels as follows:


Serviced Parcels Phase 1\ Residential:

Closing Date

Sale price

135 Claridge Drive

Q4 2011


137 Claridge Drive

Q4 2011


161 Claridge Drive

August 2011


Total Residential







Total Serviced Phase 1 land sales








Unserviced Parcels

Residential / Mixed use

Closing Date

Sale price

591 Longfields Drive

March 2011


641 Longfields Dive.

Sale price incl. Pedestrian Plaza ($2M)

Upon subdivision approval in 2011


643 Longfields Drive

Upon subdivision approval in 2011



Total  Unserviced land sales








601 Longfields Drive Land Exchange

CECCE Site Works ($200,000)

  August 2010



At the close of the 2010 calendar year, the OCLDC had secured purchase and sale agreements for the land in the Longfields Subdivision that totalled $17,530,791. All of these purchase and sale agreements are scheduled to close in 2011. Deposits for these transactions in the amount of $2,867,250 were received in 2010.





2010 WORK COMPLETED – Longfields Subdivision


Phase 1 Land

Ø  finalized negotiations for five (5) land sales; 

Ø  worked towards registration of Phase 1 subdivision;  submitted several engineering reviews, dealt with stormwater management pond/park block issues, pedestrian block, drainage ditch/temporary license of Occupation for drainage , easement requirements, Composite Utility Plan.


Unserviced Lands – Longfields Drive

Ø  finalized negotiations for three (3) land sales; 

Ø  completed land exchange with the CECFCE at 601 Longfields Drive, completed site works and site plan approval;

Ø  finalized Hydro line relocation project along transitway for implementation in 2011;

Ø  worked with surveys to finalize reference plan for three (3) sales and hydro line.


Drafted agreement for sale of 655 Longfields Drive to Jock River Farms and tri party agreement with Sequoia Church for the sale of 651 Longfields Drive (lands adjacent to subdivision).


2011 WORK PLAN – Longfields Subdivision


Phase 1 Land

Ø  register subdivision

Ø  award tender for servicing;

Ø  register easements, transfer park block and  reserves;

Ø  prepare landscape plan for subdivision;

Ø  oversee construction of services from July to November 2011.


Sale Transactions to be Closed by Year End

Ø  finalize sale transactions for Phase 1 with South Nepean Muslim Community (closed), Mattino Homes, Larco Homes;

Ø  Jock River Farms;

Ø  Campanale Homes.


Hydro Pole line relocation

Ø  finalize implementation plan and commission pole relocation by Q3.


Sale of 159 Claridge Drive and 3010 Woodroffe Avenue

Ø  prepare marketing material and requisition appraisals;

Ø  prepare agreements of Purchase and Sale, development agreements, option to

repurchase agreements;

Ø  advertise properties for sale;

Ø  submit rezoning application for 159 Claridge Drive.


Phase 2 and 3 Lands

Ø  prepare remaining lands in Phases 2 and 3 to be advertised for sale;

Ø  rationalize grouping of lots/blocks to be sold;

Ø  market Phase 3 lands for sale.

Design Review of Builder Architectural Plans

Ø  oversee builder permit plans for compliance with Longfields Design Guidelines and Sustainable Design Criteria.




Project Description


The purpose of transferring this property into the OCLDC is to develop and implement a strategy for the Centrepointe Town Centre Project. This project will result in development of City-owned lands at Baseline Road and Woodroffe Avenue, integrating 100 Constellation Crescent, Ben Franklin Place, vacant and transit lands and will demonstrate the 20/20 Vision of creating a “sense of place”. The development will focus on the integration of commercial, residential and office uses through intensification and innovation.


On 10 October 2007, Council approved the inclusion of this property in the OCLDC (report number ACS2007-BTS-RPM-0008). In November 2008 City Council approved the Centrepointe Concept Plan (CTC) as updated to include the rapid transit functional design and the City’s Archives/Library Technical Services Facility and Algonquin College Projects (Report number ACS2008-COS-RPM-0063).


The Archive/Library Building and the Algonquin Centre for Construction Trades are completed and in operation.


The implementation of the remainder of the CTC Concept Plan will require substantial further development planning some of which is currently underway including the functional design of the future Baseline Transit Station. Once the station design is finalized, funding will need to be secured to advance the next stage of development of the transitway.  The station design will also lead to the identification of viable development parcels, which will become available when the next stage of the transitway project in completed.  In that regard, and similar to the work done through the co-operation of the City and Algonquin College, staff will be able to explore more development opportunities within the CTC either individually or jointly with private sector partners.  Securing additional public and private sector funding will be instrumental in advancing the next stages.  Additionally, the transfer of lands in the Centrepointe Town Centre (CTC) to the OCLDC will occur once these next projects stages have been advanced and the subject lands are ready for development.


2010 WORK COMPLETED – Centrepointe Town Centre


Ø  monitored progress of Algonquin College development (CCTBS Building);

Ø  resolved  parking issues due to construction at 100 Constellation Crescent, Baseline Station, Arnon Lands; 

Ø  monitored construction of Archives and Library building;

Ø  monitored consultant’s completion of functional design for Baseline Station.






2011 WORK PLAN – Centrepointe Town Centre


Ø  ongoing monitoring of progress of Algonquin College development (CCTBS building);

Ø  monitoring construction of Archives and Library building and Centrepointe Theatre expansion;

Ø  monitoring completion of functional design for Baseline station.




The 2010 audited financial statements, prepared by Ernst and Young, consolidate financial information relating to the Corporation’s activities. The financial statements were approved by the Board at its meeting of 15 July 2011 and are attached as Document 1.




Document 1 – 2010 Financial Statements - Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation.