Report to/Rapport au :


Council / et au Conseil


10 December 2010 / le 10 décembre 2010


Submitted by/Soumis par : Marian Simulik, City Treasurer/Trésorière municipale


Contact Person/Personne-ressource : Mona Monkman, Deputy City Treasurer--Corporate Revenue/ Trésorière municipale adjointe—Finances municipales

Finance Department/Service des finances

613-580-2424 ext./poste 41723,


City Wide/à l'échelle de la Ville

Ref N°: ACS2010-CMR-FIN-0074




2011 Budget Timetable and process




Calendrier et processus budgétaires de 2011





That Council adopt the timetable and process for developing and approving the 2011 budget as detailed in this report.





Que le Conseil adopte le calendrier et le processus visant l’élaboration et l’approbation du budget de 2011, tels qu’ils sont expliqués en détail dans le présent rapport.





On December 8, 2010, Council, while considering the 2010-2014 Council Governance Review report, approved a 2011 Budget process as outlined in that report.  Also on that date, Council passed the following motion which directed the City Treasurer to report to Council with a more detailed timetable, including suggested Standing Committee review dates, and budget development guidelines.  This report responds to that Council motion:


“THAT the City Treasurer be directed to bring a report forward to the December 15, 2010 meeting of City Council that includes a more specific timetable for budget and an overview of how staff will approach the development of a draft budget.”





The following 2011 budget process, as outlined in the Governance report, was approved by Council on December 8, 2010:



2011 Budget Timetable


The following recommended detailed timetable expands on the budget timetable which was included in the Governance report.


The timetable is prepared on the basis that Standing Committees of Council will consider public delegations on the 2011 budget during their regularly scheduled meetings. 


The recommended timetable for the budget process is as follows:




Receive a City Budget overview report at Council

Table the budget reports for each Standing Committee at Council.

Table Budgets from the Boards:

Ottawa Police Services Budget

Ottawa Library Services Budget

Special meeting of Council on January 19, 2011

Committee and Board meetings to listen to public delegations, review budgets, and recommend a budget to Council

Committees of Council:

Finance –  Tuesday, February 1

Transportation – Wednesday, February 2

Planning – Tuesday, February 8

Agriculture and Rural Affairs – Thursday, February 10

Environment – Tuesday,  February 15

Transit Commission – Wednesday, February 16

Community and Protective Services – Thursday, February 17

IT Sub-Committee –– first meeting in February


Local Boards:

Ottawa Police Services Board – before March 8

Ottawa Public Library Board – before March 8

Committee of Adjustment – before March 8

Crime Prevention Ottawa – before March 8

Five multi-ward bilingual budget consultation meetings organized by staff (centre, east, west, south, rural)

Monday,  February 21, South

Wednesday, February 23, West

Thursday, February 24, Rural

Monday, February 28, East

Thursday, March 3, Central

Council deliberations and adoption of the budgets from each of the Standing Committees and Boards as Committee of the Whole

Tuesday, March 8 to Thursday, March 10


The 2011 Rate Supported Budget would proceed as follows:



2011 Budget Development Guideline


In the absence of specific Council budget directions regarding the development of both the City and the Local Board budgets; City staff will develop the draft City services budgets in accordance with the approved Fiscal Framework, taking into account the subsequent decisions approved by Council in 2009 and in 2010 which impact the amount available for capital works. 




There are no rural implications associated with this Report.





The consultation process on the budget is outlined in this Report.





There are no legal or risk management impediments to implementing the recommendations in this Report.





As outlined in this Report.










Staff will implement the directions provided by Council.