8 decemBER 2010


10:00 a.m.





1.       Prayer



2.                 National Anthem (Mayor Watson)



3.                 Announcements/Ceremonial Activities



4.       Roll Call



5.       Confirmation of Minutes


Confirmation of the Minutes of the special meeting of 19-22 November 2010, the In Camera meeting of 19 November 2010 and the regular meeting of 24 November 2010.



6.       Declarations of interest including those originally arising from prior meetings



7.       Communications


·         Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO):

·         Appointment of Councillor P. Hume as President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario Board of Directors.

·         Government Announces Provincial Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy

·         Government will make changes to welfare but Special Diet Allowance stays for now

·         Infrastructure Stimulus Deadline Extended to October 31, 2011

·         Auditor General of Ontario releases 2010 annual report



8.       Regrets


No regrets filed to date.



9.       Motion to Introduce Reports

(Councillors S. Desroches and S. Qadri)


City Manager











1)            That, at its meeting on 24 November 2010, the 2006-2010 Council receive and table the “2010-2014 Council Governance Review” report.


                                                                                    RECEIVED AND TABLED


2)            That, at its meeting of 8 December 2010, the 2010-2014 Council consider and approve the following recommendations related to the Council and Committee structure and procedures:


Part I – Standing Committees


1)      The establishment of a Transit Commission composed of eight (8) Members of Council and three (3) citizen members to oversee transit operation as outlined in this report; and the establishment of an Interim Transit Commission composed of the Members of Council appointed to the Commission until such time as the citizen members are appointed.


2)      The following structure for Standing Committees for the 2010-2014 term of Council as outlined in this report, effective immediately:


a.      Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee;

b.      Community and Protective Services Committee;

c.       Environment Committee;

d.      Finance and Economic Development Committee and its associated Sub-Committees:

                                                                                            i.            IT Sub-Committee;

                                                                                          ii.            Member Services Sub-Committee;

                                                                                        iii.            Audit Sub-Committee;

                                                                                        iv.            Governance Renewal Sub-Committee;

e.       Planning Committee;

f.       Transportation Committee.


3)      The amendments to the Debenture Committee’s Terms of Reference as outlined in this report.


4)      The Council, Committee and Commission Calendar as outlined in this report.


5)      The establishment of a License and Property Standards Committee composed of five (5) qualified citizen members to hear cases with respect to licensing and property standard appeals as outlined in this report; and the establishment of an Interim License Committee with the current mandate until such time as the License and Property Standards Committee membership is finalized.


6)      The Nominating Committee process as outlined in this report.


7)  The appointment of the Mayor or the Ward Councillor to all ward/position-specific local boards as outlined in Document 1.


8)      The 2011 Budget process as outlined in this report.


9)      The changes to report protocols for Appointments to Agencies, Boards, Committees and Commissions, Commemorative Namings and City of Ottawa Architectural Conservation Awards and the City of Ottawa Heritage Plaques as described in this report, such that they are no longer automatically in camera reports .


10)  The practice of recommending a staff member to a Council position when no Member of Council is available and formal notification to the City Clerk and Solicitor of all appointments of Members of Council to agencies, boards, committees and commissions, both internal and external.


11)  The establishment of two Deputy Mayor positions to be filled by two Members of Council, and that the appointments be recommended to Council by the Mayor.



Part II – Accountability Framework


1)      That Council approve the monthly posting of Elected Officials’ office budget expenditures on, effective Q1 2011.


2)      That the Governance Renewal Sub-Committee, led by the Mayor and supported by staff and a third party, be tasked with assessing the overall governance structure and processes for the City of Ottawa, identifying issues and making recommendations to Council, including:

a.      Development of an Accountability Framework (Code of Conduct for Members of Council, Lobbyist Registry, etc); and

b.      Improvements to citizen engagement.


3)      That the Annual Report from the Meetings Investigator included as Document 2 be received and that the current Meetings Investigator’s contract be extended for the 2010-2014 Term of Council.



Part III – Local Boards


1)      Receive the updated listing of Local Boards as outlined in the report and direct staff to report on the compliance of its local boards with respect to required policies as part of its Mid-Term Governance Review.


2)      Approve the request from the Ottawa Community Housing Corporation (“OCHC”) that “its Board membership be increased to twelve (12) members” and the “appointment of Peggy Feltmate to the OCHC Board of Directors as a Community Board member”.


3)      The Ottawa Public Library Board Selection and Appointment Guidelines as outlined in the report.


4)      That the following measures be taken to proceed with the next steps for the implementation of the Board of Health, specifically that:


a.      The by-law to establish the size of the Board of Health in the form attached as Document 6 be enacted;

b.      The selection process for members of the Board of Health be approved as outlined in Document 7; and

c.       The per diem rate of $200.00 plus mileage and eligible expenses be approved for citizen representatives on the Board of Health and that the City Clerk and Solicitor be instructed to forward the approved per diem rate to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care for approval.


Part IV – Citizen Engagement


1)      That a joint facilitated priority setting session be held between Standing Committees and their associated Advisory Committees.


2)      That the Chair and Vice-Chair of each Standing Committee meet quarterly with the Chair and Vice Chair of their associated Advisory Committees.


3)      That additional reserve members be appointed for each committee during the Advisory Committee recruitment process.


4)      That reserve members be eligible for reimbursement of expenses under the Participation Expense Policy.


5)      Mileage for members using a personal vehicle to attend official meetings be tied to the rate provided to City of Ottawa staff.


6)      The enactment of the revised Advisory Committee Procedure By-Law (Appendix A – Code of Conduct) as outlined in the report and the associated By-law (Document 10).


7)      That staff be directed to conduct an in-depth review of public engagement and report back through the Governance Renewal Sub-Committee, with a target date of the end of Q2 2011.


8)      That Council approve the Petition Policy as outlined in the report.



Part V – Governance – Other Matters


1)      The amendments to the Procedure By-law outlined in the report related to the following:

(a)   Councillor Items at Standing Committee

(b)   In camera process

(c)    Emergency Measures

(d)   Nominating Committee


2)      The amendments to the Delegation of Authority By-law as outlined in the report.


3)      That the Procedure By-law and the Delegation of Authority By-law and any other related By-laws, as amended by this report, be included in the by-law listing of a subsequent Council meeting.


10.     Motion to Adopt Reports

(Councillors S. Desroches and S. Qadri)



11.     Motions of Which Notice has been Given Previously




Moved by Councillor M. Wilkinson

Seconded by Councillor S. Qadri


WHEREAS the City of Ottawa website states that “Urban natural areas are an important element of the urban landscape. They contribute significantly to public health, community enjoyment, property values, and many areas sustain regionally and even provincially important natural features and values. The Urban Natural Areas Environmental Evaluation Study (UNAEES) was commissioned in 2002 to fulfill the Official Plan direction and provide an important contribution to the Greenspace Master Plan”; and


WHEREAS the nine criteria used as the Evaluation Framework for this study were, Connectivity, Absence of Disturbance, Habitat Maturity, Natural Communities, Regeneration, Representative Flora, Significant Flora and Fauna, Size and Shape and Wildlife Habitat are all fully met in the South March Highlands, including the remaining KNL subdivision lands; and


WHEREAS the UNAEES study was underway prior to the City of Ottawa approving a subdivision on the KNL sensitive lands but this was ignored in deliberations on the development plan; and


WHEREAS other areas that were identified for acquisition are also urban development lands that are now being acquired at a price that is not significantly different from the cost of acquiring the KNL lands; and


WHEREAS it is important that the City meet its objectives to preserve the most important ecological areas wherever possible;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Ottawa immediately undertake a review of all natural areas involved in the original Urban Natural Areas Environmental Evaluation Study (UNAEES) which received a high evaluation number and report back to Council on how to protect these  lands within the urban setting; and



BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the review also include any areas in lands which have been added to the urban boundary since that time and were not evaluated (e.g. Fernbank lands) as well as any other significant environmental areas that were considered but then excluded due to planning decisions, such as the South March Highlands.




Moved by Councillor D. Holmes

Seconded by Councillor J. Harder


WHEREAS Parks form an essential part of the greenspace of the City of Ottawa; and


AND WHEREAS it has been demonstrated that some lands are being used by communities as park and are listed on the City’s Inventory of Parkland have not been formally dedicated as Parks;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT a by-law be enacted which formally dedicates all lands currently listed on the City’s Inventory of Parks as Parkland and that a report come forward to the appropriate Standing Committee in Q1 2011.





Moved by Councillor R. Bloess

Seconded by Councillor B. Monette


WHEREAS the City of Ottawa is the sole shareholder of Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. which provides electricity to more than 296,000 residential and business customers in the City as well as the village of Casselman, and


WHEREAS, in 2009, Hydro One Networks Inc. successfully applied to the Ontario Energy Board for an order granting Hydro One leave to sell certain distribution system assets located within Hydro Ottawa’s service area to Hydro Ottawa Limited (“Hydro Ottawa”), and


WHEREAS the proposed transaction was promoted as one which would enable Hydro Ottawa to improve operational flexibility and reliability while not adversely affect the safety, reliability, quality of service or operational flexibility for other customers of Hydro One, and


WHEREAS local MPP Phil McNeely, in spite of the provincial government’s recent imposition of significant additional energy taxes, has declared himself to be a proponent of “fair hydro prices for all residents” and promised in 2002 that he himself would oversee the transfer of Hydro One customers to Hydro Ottawa to facilitate the provision of better and less costly service for these customers, and


WHEREAS the HST and various levies and charges are causing financial hardship to many residents,


BE IT RESOLVED THAT these Hydro One customers be transferred to Hydro Ottawa at no cost in accordance with Mr. McNeely's promise of eight years ago.



12.     Notices of Motion (For Consideration at Subsequent Meeting)



13.     Motion to Introduce By-laws                                                  Three Readings

(Councillors S. Desroches and S. Qadri)


a.                   A by-law of the City of Ottawa designating the Carp Road Corridor as an improvement area.


b.                  A by-law of the City of Ottawa to establish a Board of Management for the Carp Road Corridor Business Improvement Area.


c.                   A by-law of the City of Ottawa to establish certain lands as common and public highway and assume it for public use (Ziegler Street, June Court and Leita Place).


d.                  A by-law of the City of Ottawa to amend By-law No. 2008-250 of the City of Ottawa to amend the zoning provisions of exception 1312 for lands currently and previously known as 2233 Mer Bleue Road.


e.                   A by-law of the City of Ottawa to amend By-law No. 2004-60 to appoint Municipal Law Enforcement Officers in accordance with private property parking enforcement.


f.                   A by-law of the City of Ottawa to designate certain lands on Rochefort Circle, Strasbourg Street and Farincourt Crescent as being exempt from Part Lot Control.



14.     Confirmation By-law (Councillors S. Desroches and S. Qadri)



15.     Inquiries



16.     Adjournment  (Councillors S. Desroches and S. Qadri)




Simultaneous interpretation of these proceedings is available.  Please speak to the attendant at reception.





In Camera Items are not subject to public discussion or audience.  Any person has a right to request an independent investigation of the propriety of dealing with matters in a closed session.   A form requesting such a review may be obtained, without charge, from the City’s website or in person from the Chair of this meeting.  Requests are kept confidential pending any report by the Meetings Investigator and are conducted without charge to the Requestor.