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Under the amendments to the City of Ottawa Act, 1999, City Council shall appoint the members of the Board of Health (“BOH”).   The following appointment process is consistent with that of appointments to other boards and committees:


Council Members

During its regular appointment process in December 2010, six Council members will be selected by City Council to serve on the BOH as part of the next term of Council’s appointment and governance process.


Staff recommends that Council also appoint a Selection Panel that can assist in the identification of suitable public member candidates.


Public Members

The following eligibility criteria have been designed to assist Council in the selection process of the public members.  These criteria are consistent with those of other BOH’s including the City of Toronto.


·         General qualifications –In order for a member of the public to apply to be appointed to the BOH, an applicant must:

o   Be a resident of Ottawa;

o   Be at least 18 years of age; and

o   Not be staff of the City

·         Skills and abilities– in order to meet the needs of the new Ottawa BOH, staff recommend that, as much as possible, the Board collectively and individually through its membership demonstrates the following skills and abilities:

o   Interest, experience or background in issues affecting public health;

o   Interest or skills in planning and policy;

o   Experience in organizational activities, such as committees, non-profit groups, voluntary societies, occupational associations;

o   Skills in leadership and management and/or experience in administration and budget development;

o   Demonstrated skills in conflict management, negotiation and mediation;

o   Ability to make a commitment to monthly involvement in Board of Health meetings and related committee or other activities over a four-year term;

o   The diversity and demographics representative of the community in which the Board serves;

o   Bilingualism; and

o   Other skills and expertise related to the Board’s mission and legislated responsibilities.  


Application process and assessment and screening of candidates

The application period for the public member positions began on November 5th and will close on November 26. Applicants have been asked to complete a questionnaire that details information on their eligibility and qualifications.

At the end of the application period staff from the City Clerk’s office will conduct an initial screening of applications based on eligibility criteria. (The selection panel will have access to the complete list of applicants.)

The purpose of this initial screening is to review for basic eligibility and completeness, flag potential conflicts of interest or other areas of concern and to procure any missing information.

A second screening will take place in order to select the candidates which best meet the criteria sought by Council.

This screened list of candidates will then be provided to the Council-selected Selection Panel.

The principal assessment of public member candidates will be carried out by the Selection Panel, which will be composed of City Council members. Staff suggest the Selection Panel should meet to consider the candidates and decide on the interview process.

In addition to putting forward five candidates for approval by City Council, staff propose the Selection Panel should also consider designating an alternate candidate who could be appointed at a later date if necessary to replace appointees unable or unwilling to serve the full four-year term of office.


A tentative timetable for completing the selection process is provided below:



November 5 to November 26

·  Opening of public member recruitment process

·  Advertisement of public member positions in local media, and social media

December 2010

·  It is expected that six Council members will be selected by City Council to serve on Board as part of the next term of Council’s appointment and governance process

·  Staff propose that Council also appoint the Selection Panel for public member appointments to the BOH

·  City staff review and screen public member applications and provide screened list to Selection Panel

·  Selection Panel develops shortlist of public member candidates

January 2011

·  Selection Panel conducts interviews as required

·  Selection Panel selects five public members to serve on BOH and puts forward names to Council for approval

February 2011

·  Council considers the names put forward by the selection panel and finalizes membership of the Board

·  City staff formally request the Province of Ontario to proclaim in force the new Board

·  Orientation program for the new Board members

·  Staff finalize draft bylaws and policies necessary for inaugural BOH meeting

April 2011

·  1st meeting of new Board