Committee of the Whole / Comité plénier

2009 Budget Motion/Motion du budget 2009






4.     The Elected Officials Budget, as follows;

a)     Operating Revenues (p. 47);

b)     Operating Expenditures (p. 48);

*  Motion 52

*  Motion 7Eliminate Ward Minor Capital Program ($575K savings) [Feltmate/Hume]

c)     Capital Budget (p. 52);

5.     The Financial Services Budget, as follows:

a)     User fees (p. 63-64) - inflationary;

b)     City staff recommended fee option (p. 65):
Implementing a cost-recovery fee for Business Improvement Areas’ administration ($200k);

c)     Operating Revenues (p. 53);

*  Motion 37Provincial Offenses Collection ($320K savings) [El-Chantiry/Qadri]

*  Motion 38 – POA Enforcement Options [El-Chantiry/Qadri]

d)     Operating Expenditures (p. 54);

e)     Capital Budget (p. 66);

6.     The City Clerk’s Services Budget, as follows:

a)     User fees (p. 64);

b)     Operating Revenues (p. 53);

*  Motion 9   - Advisory Committee Expense Budget ($40K savings) [Jellett/Thompson]

*  Motion 42  - Commemorative Naming Program ($100K savings) [Hume/Jellett]

*  Motion 45 – Reduction in Protocol Budget ($75K savings) [Hume/Jellett]

c)     Operating Expenditures (p. 54);

7.     The Legal Services Budget, as follows:

a)     Operating Revenues (p. 53);

b)     Operating Expenditures (p. 55);



18. The Transit Services Budget, as follows (moved up):

*  Motion 49 – Age Cap for Student Bus Pass ($110K revenue increase) [Cullen/Bloess]

a)     User fees (p. 111);

b)     Operating Revenues (p. 101);

c)     City staff recommended transit service reduction/others (p. 122), as follows:

iii)               Remove low performing transit routes ($6.6m);

iv)               Eliminate planned increases in Stittsville transit services ($380k);

*  Motion 43  - Pilot U-Pass ($2.1M increase) [Doucet/Cullen]

*  Motion 48

*  Motion 57 – Transit Services Deferrals ($500k savings) [Wilkinson/Qadri]

d)     Operating Expenditures (p. 102);

e)     Capital – Baseline Station/Transitway Functional Design Plans report. On November 26, Council Approved this report along with authorizing the transfer of funds in the amount of $10M from Investing in Ontario revenues and $6.6M from the Transit Capital Reserve Fund, subject to approval as part of Council’s consideration of the draft Operating and Capital Budgets scheduled for the first week of December 2008


9.     The City Manager’s Office Budget, as follows:

a)     Operating Revenues (p. 53);

b)     City staff recommended service reduction/other option (p. 65):
Eliminating additional rural road ditching/graveling and overlay ($800k);

c)     Operating Expenditures (p. 54)

*   Motion 11 – Deferral of Nicholl’s Island Proposed Expenditure ($1.6M savings) [Harder/Bloess]

d)     Capital Budget (p. 66);