Ottawa Public Library Board

October 15, 2012


A regular meeting of the Ottawa Public Library Board was held on Monday October 15, 2012 at 17:00 hours at Ottawa City Hall in the Festival Control Room, 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, ON.


Present:         Chair                                                                           Jan Harder

                        Vice-Chair                                                                  Jim Bennett

                                                                                                             André Bergeron

                                                                                                             Keith Egli

                                                                                     Patrick Gauch

                                                                                                             Christine Langlois

                                                                                                             Danielle Lussier-Meek

                                                                                                             Doug Thompson

                                                                                                             Tim Tierney

                                                                                                             Marianne Wilkinson

                                                                                                             Rose Zeidan


Regrets:                                                                                              Amelita Armit

                                                                                                             David Gourlay

                                                                                                             Shad Qadri


Also Present: Chief Executive Officer                                          Danielle McDonald

 Div. Mgr. Facilities and Business Services         Elaine Condos

 Div. Mgr. Service Excellence                                 Monique Désormeaux

 Div. Mgr. System-Wide Services & Innovation   Jennifer Stirling

 Manager, Financial Services Unit                        Brenda Gorton


Recorder                                                                     Marc Pellerin

Observer                                                                     Jacques Levesque


1.     Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m.


2.     In Camera



MOTION: BRD2012-0073


Moved by Trustee Bergeron, seconded by Trustee Zeidan to move in camera to discuss personal matters about an identifiable individual and to discuss a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the board.



MOTION: BRD2012-0074


Moved by Trustee Thompson, seconded by Trustee Bergeron to return to open session at 5:07 p.m.




3.     Order of Friendship



MOTION: BRD2012-0075

Doc #C1: Order of Friendship


Moved by Trustee Zeidan, seconded by Trustee Bergeron that Jana Folta, long-time volunteer and community supporter, be awarded the Ottawa Public Library Order of Friendship in recognition of her volunteer work and commitment to the Ruth E. Dickinson Branch of the Ottawa Public Library.




4.     Regrets

Regrets were received from Trustees Armit, Gourlay, and Qadri.  Trustee Gauch and Trustee Lussier-Meek joined by teleconference.


5.     Declarations of Conflict of Interest

None declared.


6.     Approval of Agenda



MOTION: BRD2012-0076


That the Ottawa Public Library Board approve the agenda as presented.




7.     Confirmation of Minutes



MOTION: BRD2012-0077

Doc #2: Confirmation of Minutes: September 10, 2012


That the Ottawa Public Library Board approve the minutes dated September 10, 2012 as presented.





8.     Approval of Consent Items



MOTION: BRD2012-0078


That the Ottawa Public Library Board approve the following on consent:


-     Doc #4: October 15/12:          Governance and Audit Committee Report

-     Doc #5: October 15/12:          Ontario Library Association (OLA)

                                                          Conference Trustee Attendance




And to receive the following reports:


-     Doc #7: October 15/12:          Chief Executive’s Report

-     Doc #8: October 15/12:          2012 Ottawa Public Library Board Work

                                                          Plan Mid-Year Review

-     Doc #9: October 15/12:          2012 Strategic Work Plan Mid-Year Review

-     Doc #10: October 15/12:        Revisions to Performance Reporting

-     Doc #11: October 15/12:        2012 Calendar of Reports, Outstanding

Inquiries, Motions and Unscheduled Reports

-     Doc #12: October 15/12:        Monitoring Report: A.8 Communication &

                                                          Counsel to the Board

-     Doc #13: October 15/12:        Monitoring Report: A.27 Municipal

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA)

-     Doc #14: October 15/12:        Q3 Financial Report




9.     Temporary Bookmobile Service at Chapman Mills Public School

Trustee Wilkinson emphasized the need to identify gaps in library service offerings within the city, including the need to review current bookmobile service offerings.  She inquired as to when the OPL bookmobile service delivery report will be presented to the OPL Board.  Danielle McDonald, Chief Executive Officer stated that the report will be available in the first quarter of 2013.  Jennifer Stirling, Division Manager, System-Wide Services and Innovation, mentioned that the report will assess areas of the city that are currently underserved by the bookmobile service.  The report will provide the Board with a comprehensive analysis of OPL bookmobile services, with appropriate recommendations presented to the Board.


Chair Harder noted that the report should assess the financial viability of the bookmobile service.  The report should further include a review of alternative service delivery channels, such as potential partnerships to provide services, including an analysis on cost analysis for best practices.



MOTION: BRD2012-0080

Doc #6: Temporary Bookmobile Service at Chapman Mills Public School


That a temporary bookmobile stop be added to serve Chapman Mills Public School from October 22, 2012 to March 25, 2013.




10.  Chair’s Remarks

Chair Harder gave her verbal report.


Event for Newcomers

On September 25, the OPL hosted the Information and Networking Event for Newcomers Starting a Business.  Participants included Invest Ottawa, World Skills, Paul Dewar’s Office, and OPL Business Services.  The event consisted of opening greetings by Mayor Jim Watson and Danielle McDonald, CEO.


FOPLA pot-pourri

On October 4, FOPLA hosted the 2012 book launch to celebrate the fresh talent behind pot-pourri.  Trustee Bennett was in attendance as a guest speaker.  Young authors read their poems and short stories to a full house.  Over 20 authors featured in the collection, along with their family members and friends, gathered in the mezzanine of the Main Library to celebrate the publication of their writing.


2013 Meeting Schedule

Chair Harder noted the possibility of a meeting date change for OPL Board meetings in 2013.  Regularly scheduled Monday meetings may be moved to another day due to holiday weekends regularly conflicting with meetings.  Alternative options will be reviewed.


Claude Aubry Celebration

The naming of the children’s room at the St-Laurent Branch will be held on October 20 in conjunction with the branch’s 50th anniversary celebration.  A bronze reading bench has been installed in the park area behind the branch and will be unveiled on October 20 at 10:15 a.m.


11.  eBooks and OPL: Advocacy in Action

Jennifer Stirling, Division Manager, System-Wide Services and Innovation gave a PowerPoint presentation on progress to date by the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC) Taskforce pertaining to eBook strategies for libraries.


The demand for eBooks has been skyrocketing. In 2010, OPL customers downloaded 86,523 eBooks. In 2011, the demand has more than doubled to 233,755.  Projected figures for 2012 indicate that by September, library customers will have already downloaded 317,378 eBooks. If these projections hold, the OPL will see usage almost double to 423,171 by the end of 2012.


Library systems have relied on distributors to provide access to eBooks to library customers.  Distributors bundle the purchased content, including the acquisition process, storage of books and access mechanism all together.  At present, there are no true ownership rights to the materials purchased. 


For the first time in history, libraries are faced with diminished content available for purchasing.  Some distributors have instituted circulation limitations, and some have introduced price increases.   Libraries are also faced with a changing market, with library staff required to familiarize themselves with a range of new eReaders. 


Despite the challenges, the OPL has worked to simplify the process for OPL customers by instituting a single sign on feature, adding an account link from the main page, simplifying direct customer support, implementing staff and training programs, and participation in vendor advocacy.


Working with the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC) Taskforce, a statement of principles was developed for eContent, emphasizing the need for libraries to purchase their own content from publishers, host their content, and control how the content is accessed.  Negotiations have also been taking place with publishers, such as the Canadian Publishers Council and the Association of Canadian Publishers to arise with a solution.


The Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC) Taskforce has been working to establish a process for which Canadian content could be stored.  A Request for Information was released in May 2012.  The Taskforce requirements are currently being finalized in an RFP [Request for Proposal] process, to be released in November 2012, pending new developments on publisher negotiations.


The OPL will continue to investigate eBook solutions.  The overall goal is to integrate the content in the main library catalogue to simplify access for library customers.


Chair Harder opened the floor to questions.


Trustee Wilkinson inquired about the number of participants involved in the RFP process.  J. Stirling answered that all large Canadian urban library systems forming part of the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC) have participated in the RFP process and have shared in the cost.


Trustee Zeidan asked as to whether printed books are also provided with the purchase of eBooks.  Monique Brûlé, Manager, Collection Management explained that printed copies are provided in most cases, with audio books sometimes included as part of the purchase.  Some eBook purchases will only include an electronic copy.  Electronic books are stored in Overdrive.  When the eBook licence has expired, the Library no longer has access to the content. 




Trustee Bergeron inquired about the origin of drastic eBook price increases for libraries, in comparison to individual customer purchases.  J. Stirling responded that prices are set by publishers.  Libraries are forced to pay up to three times as much than individual customer purchases.  M. Brûlé added that distributors have also instituted circulation limitations on purchased content by libraries.


Trustee Egli inquired about the libraries’ ability to band together to explore new strategies and increase their buying power.  He further inquired on existing strategies being explored by library systems in the United States.  J. Stirling answered that the OPL is exploring a number of strategic approaches, such as partnering with 191 library systems as well as all large Canadian urban library systems.  Strategies are also being explored by American library systems.


Chair Harder inquired on the Canadian Library Association’s involvement in the eBooks strategy.  J. Stirling responded that there has been no involvement from the Canadian Library Association.


Trustee Langlois inquired on existing partnerships with associations of university libraries pertaining to eBook strategies for libraries. J. Stirling responded that only public library associations have been involved to date.  The OPL will be working with other libraries to achieve best solutions.


12.  2013 OPL Draft Operating & Capital Budget and Estimates and Nine Year Capital Forecast

Danielle McDonald, Chief Executive Officer gave a PowerPoint presentation on the 2013 OPL Draft Operating & Capital Budget and Estimates and Nine Year Capital Forecast.


The budget process was set in June 2011 as per City Council’s directive.  Boards received their pro-rated share of 2.5% tax increase.  In developing the operating budget, a number of guidelines were considered including the fulfillment of mandatory requirements, the maintenance of existing programs or service standards, the support of RFID as the Board’s key strategic priority, and the development of options for the Board’s consideration for any discretionary funding.  The 2013 funding request is pegged at $1,415 million, consistent with City Council’s directive. 


The preferred Draft Operating Budget option recommended by the Finance and Budget Committee focuses on the acceleration of the Emerald Plaza renewal and expansion project, focuses on the rollout of RFID to a total of three branches, and also supports $75,000 in RFID-related training and $135K in base transfer to the capital PAYG (pay as you go).  With the OPL’s 2012 net operating budget amount of $41.161 million and the increased 2013 operating request of $1.4 million, OPL’s 2013 net operating budget request is pegged at $42.5 million.





The 2013 OPL Draft Capital Budget request is pegged at $3 million.  As per the Finance and Budget Committee’s recommendation, the preferred Draft Capital Budget would largely support the acceleration of Emerald Plaza as a renewal priority.  The option focuses on the implementation of RFID in three branches, focuses on the OPL’s digital channel, provides funding for alternative library services, and includes a $135K base transfer from operating.  With the addition of the lifecycle estimate of $0.475 million, the total capital request is pegged at $3.5 million.


D. McDonald summarized the Nine Year Capital Forecast. 


The development of the Nine Year Capital Forecast supports OPL’s three primary service delivery channels, including all of its 33 branches, OPL’s digital channel, as well as OPL’s alternative library services.  The primary focus consists of the implementation of RFID within a self-funded approach.  The capital forecast supports the OPL Board’s renovation priorities.  The long term goal emphasizes the funding of any additional FTEs for growth and reinvestment within the current budget.  The long term plan allots some funding towards the exploration of non-branch community channels.  The plan further proposes an increase in the PAYG funding envelope by $1 million over the next 10 years to address inflationary pressures.  Overall, the plan supports new capital projects, but no new FTEs for existing lines of service.


Trustee Wilkinson asked as to whether the Nine Year Capital Forecast included a 2.5% tax increase applied to each year or whether historic spending figures were used to forecast spending estimates.  D. McDonald explained that a 2.5% tax increase was applied for 2014, as per City Council’s directive.  Beginning in 2015, more focus will be given to OPL’s Radio Frequency Identification Tagging (RFID) initiative.  The Nine Year Capital Forecast will be revisited most likely in 2013 for planning purposes.


Trustee Zeidan asked as to how the recommended three branches were selected to receive RFID rollouts.  D. McDonald explained that a number of considerations were taken into account such as technology costs, training requirements, staffing costs, and renovation costs.


Trustee Zeidan inquired about cost savings as a result of RFID implementation at the recommended three branches.  D. McDonald advised that the cost savings achieved will result in funding for the West District Library additional required staff resources.



MOTION: BRD2012-0079

Doc #3: 2013 OPL Draft Operating & Capital Budget and Estimates and Nine Year Capital Forecast


That the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) Board receive and table the 2013 Draft Operating and Capital Budget Estimates for consideration at a subsequent meeting of the Board, to be held on 19 November, 2012; and


That the 2013 OPL Draft Operating and Capital Budget Estimates be tabled with City Council for consideration at its meeting of October 24, 2012; and


That the OPL Board receive the Nine-Year Capital Forecast for information.




13.  Adjournment



MOTION: BRD2012-0081


That the Ottawa Public Library Board meeting adjourn at 6:21 p.m.






Minutes approved by: