Ottawa Public Library Board

June 27, 2012


A special conference call meeting of the Ottawa Public Library Board was held on June 27, 2012 at 08:30 hours at the Sir Richard Scott Building (4th Floor Boardroom), 191 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, ON.


Present:         Chair                                                                           Jan Harder

                        Vice-Chair                                                                  Jim Bennett

                                                                                                             Amelita Armit          

                                                                                     André Bergeron

                                                                                     Keith Egli

                                                                                                             Patrick Gauch

                                                                                                             David Gourlay

                                                                                                             Danielle Lussier-Meek

                                                                                                             Shad Qadri

                                                                                                             Doug Thompson

                                                                                                             Tim Tierney

                                                                                                             Marianne Wilkinson


Regrets:                                                                                              Christine Langlois

                                                                                                             Rose Zeidan


Also Present:Chief Executive Officer                                           Danielle McDonald

Div. Mgr. Facilities and Business Services          Elaine Condos

Div. Mgr. Service Excellence                                  Monique Désormeaux

Acting Div. Mgr. System-Wide Services and       Jennifer Stirling



Recorder                                                                     Catherine Bragg



1.     Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 08:35 am.

2.     Excused Absences

Regrets were received from Trustee Zeidan and Trustee Langlois.

3.     Declarations of Conflict of Interest

None declared.


4.     Approval of Agenda



       MOTION: 054-12


Moved by Trustee Gauch, seconded by Trustee Bennett to approve the agenda as presented.



5.     OPL Management Group – Economic Increase 2012

M. Désormeaux, Division Manager, Service Excellence briefed attendees on the Ottawa Public Library Management Group’s Terms and Conditions of Employment.


Shortly after amalgamation, the Library Board approved that the Library’s Management group terms and conditions of employment be linked to those of the City of Ottawa Management and Professional Exempt (MPE) in terms of Job Evaluation, Pay Equity and Terms and Conditions of Employment.  Since then, subject to Board approval, the Library’s Management Group has received the same economic increases as the City MPE Group.


On June 13, 2012, Council approved the MPE 2012 Economic Increase and Merit Pay Program to include an economic increase of 1.5 per cent in 2012 and an extension of the temporary suspension of the lump sum (bonus) component of the MPE Performance Development program.


Trustee Bennett inquired as to whether or not Public Health and Police follow the City’s terms and conditions. M. Désormeaux responded that Public Health abides by the City’s terms and conditions. Chair Harder relayed that Police adhere to a separate agreement.


MOTION: 055-12

Doc #S1 OPL Management Group – Economic Increase 2012


Moved by Trustee Thompson, seconded by Trustee Armit that the OPL Board authorize a 1.5% economic increase for the Library’s Management Group, retroactive to January 1, 2012; and

That the Board extend the temporary suspension of the lump sum (bonus) component of the MPE Performance Development program to include the 2012 performance year.


6.     Adjournment



MOTION: 056-12


Moved by Trustee Gauch to adjourn the meeting at 08:40 am.




Minutes approved by: