Report to/Rapport au :


Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee

Comité de l'agriculture et des questions rurales


and Council / et au Conseil


18 December 2008 / le 18 décembre 2008


Submitted by/Soumis par : Nancy Schepers, Deputy City Manager/

Directrice municipale adjointe, Infrastructure Services and Community Sustainability/Services d'infrastructure et Viabilité des collectivités


Contact Person/Personne ressource : Sandra Garnett, Manager, Business Integration Services

Building Code Services Branch/Direction des services du code du bâtiment

(613) 580-2424 x 41544,


Rideau-Goulbourn (21)

Ref N°: ACS2009-ICS-BLD-0005













That Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee recommend Council approve the following names for the two service roads created as part of Phase 2 of the expansion of Highway 7:


1.                  Golf Club Way for the south service road from Dwyer Hill Road to just east of the Canadian Golf and Country Club.


2.                  West End Way for the south service road from Ashton Station Road easterly to a cul-de-sac near Overpass Road.




Le Comité de l’agriculture et des affaires rurales recommande au Conseil d’approuver les noms suivants pour les deux voies de desserte créées dans le cadre de la Phase 2 du prolongement de la route 7 :


1.         voie Golf Club pour la voie de desserte sud, du chemin Dwyer Hill à un point juste à l’est du Canadian Golf and Country Club;


2.         voie West End pour la voie de desserte sud, du chemin Ashton Station vers le cul-de-sac à l’est près du chemin Overpass.     



On September 10, 2008, Council approved the acceptance of the transfer of five service roads that are being created by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) as part of the widening of Highway 7 between Highway 417 and Ashton Station Road. 


At that time, the anticipated completion date for Phase 2 - and the opening of two service roads located west of Jinkinson Road to west of Ashton Station Road - was Fall 2010.  Accordingly, Public Works agreed to add the additional roads to their inventory with related budget impact to be identified in the 2010 budget.  However, the pace of construction exceeded the expectations of MTO and on December 3, 2008, the portion of Highway 7 to Dwyer Hill Road was completed, with direct access from the highway to Westleigh Road severed and the first of the two south service roads was opened. 




The closure of the direct access to the Canadian Golf and Country Club and Country Club Village estate lots requires that these property owners redirect traffic to the service road located south of the intersection of Highway 7 and Dwyer Hill Road.  The Canadian Golf and Country Club is directly impacted by the transition to this service road as its principal address was numbered based on the Highway 7 address.  With Council's approval of this road name, the property owner will be advised of the new road name and the signs will be changed as soon as possible.


As Highway 7 construction has not yet reached Ashton Station Road, the naming of the second south service road will take place only  when the access to Overpass Road is severed by the opening of the expanded Highway.  Council's approval of West End Way for this road will provide the two property owners with advance notice of their new civic numbers and new road name.  The new name will be applied when the access to Highway 7 is severed thereby eliminating the temporary use of the name "Service Road" and allowing the property owners to transition seamlessly to the new road name.


Council's approval of the roadway names at this time will allow MTO to sign the service roads while they remain in provincial ownership.  Emergency Services, utilities and mapping companies will be advised of the new roadways and the approved names and the effective date of transition.  Each property owner will receive written notification of the name of the new roadway and their new civic number.  For West End Way, the two residential property owners will receive written notice of the roadway name change both in advance of the name change and once the transition date is provided by MTO. 


Providing the approved names to the province in advance of the actual transfer of responsibility for the roadway minimizes the impact of this interruption on the business and associated property owners.   Distinct names for the new roads will support effective wayfinding at the earliest possibility.   A similar process was applied when naming the first three services roads adjacent to Hazeldean Road.  The By-law to officially name the road will be presented to Council through the Orders of the Day once the transfer of ownership is concluded.




Because of the considerable time differential between the expected and actual completion date and the corresponding short notice of the opening of the first south service road, staff contacted the General Manager of the Canadian Golf and Country Club to advise of the name selection that would be presented to Committee.  The property manager expressed support for the name, Golf Club Way. 


The Rural Affairs Office was consulted throughout the process of confirming appropriate street names for both Phase 2 service roads.


City Operations (Emergency Services and Surface Operations) and  Planning and Growth Management Branch were advised of the closure of the direct access off of Highway 7 to the Golf and Country Club and to Country Club Village and the imminent opening of the south service road.


The Ward Councillor, Councillor Brooks, was advised of the imminent closure of access from the highway and the opening of the Dwyer Hill south service road and the selection of new road names for the service roads.








Temporary street name signs will be installed by Ministry of Transportation at the Ministry's expense with official municipal street name signs installed by Traffic and Parking Operations Branch of City Operations and charged to the sign maintenance operating budget.




Document 1  Location Plan




Ministry of Transportation will be notified of the Council-approved names for these service roads in order to install temporary street signs timed with the opening of these roads.

Infrastructure Services, Surface Operations, Planning and Growth Management and Traffic and Parking Operations will be advised of the approved new street names for the south service roads.

Legal Services will prepare the Street Name By-laws for posting on the Orders of the Day once the official transfer of responsibility for these roads takes place. 


All property owners will be provided written notice of the street name change, any required civic numbering change and the effective date.


With Council's approval of the street names, emergency service agencies, public utilities, and mapping companies will be advised of the new street names and the associated effective date.

LOCATION PLAN                                                                                                  DOCUMENT 1