Regional Council

No. 14 8 September 1999

The Regional Municipality



Council Minutes


 The Council of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton met at Haydon Hall, Regional Headquarters, 111 Lisgar Street, Ottawa, on Wednesday, 8 September 1999 at 1:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 1:35 p.m. and opened with the singing of the National Anthem, sung by students of grades five and six from Elgin Street Public School.

The Regional Chair, Robert Chiarelli, presided and led Council in prayer.



Announcements/Ceremonial Activities

Councillor Betty Hill advised Council that elected officials from across the region were invited to participate in the "County Plowing Match" which was held in Nepean on Saturday, 4 September 1999. She stated that Chair Chiarelli had won the VIP class of this event. She then presented the Ottawa-Carleton Plowmanís Association VIP Trophy to Chair Chiarelli.


 Confirmation Of Minutes

The minutes of the Regular Council meeting of 14 July 1999 were confirmed.


Declarations Of Interest Arising From Prior Meetings Of Council And Committees

No declarations of interest were filed.



1. Soloway, Wright Barristers and Solicitors, apprising Regional Council of Devon Estatesí and Taggart Realty Managementís concerns regarding Official Plan Amendment 51, City of Kanata, which deals with the regional shopping centre site in Kanata.


2. Peter Finkle, Regional Director, East, Ministry of Health, responding on behalf of the Honourable Elizabeth Witmer, Minister of Health and Long Term Care, to Mary Jo Woollam, Regional Clerkís letter with respect to the possible role that the Region could play in health care.

He stated that the Ministry is not prepared, at this time, to consider Councilís recommendation and explained the rationale behind that decision. He did note, however, that the Ministry does recognize the expertise that is available from Regional Council, and in so doing, would encourage the Region to explore possible joint ventures with the District Health Council (DHC) as well as to nominate representatives to the DHC.




The following members of Council advising that they will be absent from Council and Committee meetings during the dates indicated:

Councillor C. Doucet 11 August 1999

Councillor D. Holmes 19 July - 13 August 1999

Councillor W. Stewart 6 - 20 September 1999


Motion To Introduce Committee Reports


Moved by Councillor D. Holmes

Seconded by Councillor J. Legendre

RESOLVED THAT Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Services Committee Report No. 1; and Planning and Environment Committee Report Nos. 39 and 40 be received and considered.





Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Services Committee Report No. 1

Grant of Easement, 2250 Queensview Drive, Ottawa


Committee Recommendation

That Regional Council approve the granting of permanent easement rights over a total of 1042.1 m2 of land described as part of Lots 317 to Lot 321, Registered Plan 372212, City of Ottawa, and part of Queensview Drive (Closed), all shown as Parts 1, 2 & 3 on Plan 4R-14678, to Bell Canada for the sum of $1.00.



Planning and Environment Committee Report No. 39


1. Public Meeting to Consider Draft Regional Official Plan Amendment 6 - Archaeological Resources Potential Mapping Study


Committee Recommendations

1. That Council approve the Archaeological Resource Potential Mapping Study (April 1999), under separate cover, to be used as a tool in implementing policies for the protection of archaeological resources, as required in the Provincial Policy Statement, the 1997 Regional Official Plan and the Memorandum of Understanding transferring plan review responsibilities to the Region;

2. That, having held a public meeting, Council enact a by-law to adopt draft Regional Official Plan Amendment 6 to the 1997 Regional Official Plan, attached as Annex A to this report, to reflect the recommendations of the Archaeological Resource Potential Mapping Study.



2. Nepean Landfill Contaminated Groundwater
& Trail Road Landfill Leachate Treatment and Disposal


Committee Recommendations As Amended

That Council approve:

1. The creation of a programme to investigate new and emerging technologies for the on site treatment of leachate from the Trail Road Landfill site and leachate contaminated groundwater from the Nepean Landfill site; and that the workplan for this program be the subject of a report to Planning and Environment Committee and be circulated for comment.

2. That staff be directed to include a submission of $500,000 in the 2000 Capital Budget to fund this programme.




3. Trail Road Landfill Asset Management and
Landfill Optimization Study - Incineration Option


Committee Recommendations

That Council:

1. Receive for information, the preliminary analysis on the cost of incineration in comparison to optimization and;

2. Confirm the original direction to pursue the options as outlined in the Trail Road Landfill Asset Management and Landfill Optimization Study.



4. Protecting the Right of Condominium Owners to Fly the Canadian Flag


Committee Recommendation

That Council approve that a condition be included, as one of the standard conditions in the registration of all new condominium corporations, stating that condominium by-laws may not ban the flying of the Canadian flag and can only regulate the display of the flag to ensure it is done in a safe manner that does not interfere with the reasonable use of the other units by their tenants/owners.

"CARRIED" with Councillor Hunter dissenting.


Planning and Environment Committee Report No. 40

Local Official Plan Amendment 46, City of Kanata


Committee Recommendation

That Council approve Amendment 46 to the City of Kanataís Official Plan as modified by the Approval Page attached as Annex 1 (to the Planning and Development Approvals Commissionerís report dated 28 June 1999), and that staff be directed to issue the required "notice of decision".


Motion To Adopt Committee Reports



Moved by Councillor M. Bellemare

Seconded by Councillor M. Meilleur

RESOLVED THAT Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Services Committee Report No. 1; and Planning and Environment Committee Report Nos. 39 and 40 be received and adopted.

"CARRIED" with dissents as recorded on various items.


Motion To Introduce By-Laws



Moved by Councillor W. Byrne

Seconded by Councillor G. Hunter

RESOLVED THAT the following by-laws be enacted and passed.

By-law 68 of 1999 to approve area municipality by-laws regulating traffic on local streets as follows:

City of Ottawa 159-99

Township of Osgoode 49-1999

Township of West Carleton 39 of 1999

By-law 69 of 1999 to amend By-law No. 1 of 1996 concerning traffic and parking regulations.

By-law 70 of 1999 to authorize the issue of 20-year term debentures in the amount of $9,600,000 for the purpose of the Corporation of the Township of Goulbourn.

By-law 71 of 1999 to authorize the issue of 5-year instalment debentures and the issue of 20-year term debentures in the amount of $60,400,000 for the purposes of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton.

By-law 72 of 1999 to provide for the borrowing of the aggregates of the amounts authorized by By-law Nos. 70 and 71 of 1999 and for issuing one series of five-year instalment and 20-year term debentures in the amount of $70,000,000 therefore.

By-law 73 of 1999 to stop up, close and authorize the transfer of the following streets within Lebreton Flats, as specified in the Lebreton Flats Master Land Agreement approved by Regional Council in 1996.

By-law 74 of 1999 to establish a date for the fixing of the frozen assessment listing.


By-laws enacted and passed.





Moved by Councillor R. Cantin

Seconded by Councillor H. Kreling

RESOLVED THAT the Rules of Procedure be suspended in order that Council may consider the following Motion {Motion No. 176} with respect to the lowering of RMOC flags to half mast on 26 September 1999.





Moved By Councillor H. Kreling

Seconded by Councillor M. Meilleur

Whereas every year peace officers and family members gather on Parliament Hill for the National Day of Remembrance for peace officers killed in the line of duty;

And whereas this National Day of Remembrance will take place on Sunday, 26 September 1999;

And whereas over 500 peace officers from across the country will be parading from the Supreme Court of Canada to the memorial on Parliament Hill;

And whereas the Region of Ottawa-Carleton wishes to show its solidarity and appreciation for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of their duties in protecting the public;

Therefore be it resolved that the Region of Ottawa-Carleton lower its flags at half mast from 07:00 to 18:00 on Sunday, 26 September 1999 to honour the fallen.



Note: It was understood and agreed, that Motion No. 176 was not applicable to the flag of the Peopleís Republic of China, which was being raised at the Region, on the same day.


Confirmation By-Law


Moved by Councillor M. McGoldrick-Larsen

Seconded by Councillor B. Hill

RESOLVED THAT By-law 75 of 1999 to confirm the proceedings of Council be enacted and passed.


By-law enacted and passed.



Council adjourned at 2:00 p.m.