Planning And Environment
Meeting Of: 14 May 1996

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Regular Items

Item 1 (2459.17 KB)
Change of Deferral N0.5 to referral to omb ottawa official plan, 1991 - referral to the ontario municipal board ottawa-official plan amendment N0.14

Item 2 (3292.49 KB)
ottawa- official plan amendment no.9 preston-champagne area

Item 3 (6.55 KB)
The impact on ottawa-carleton from the development of adjacent ontario municipalities (OMATOC STUDY)

Item 4 (222.47 KB)
Response to the report of the Wetlands working group

Information Previously Distributed

Item 1 (38.71 KB)
Development opportunities at Transitway stations (DOTS) Study

Item 2 (39.48 KB)
1996 Water Distribution System Rehabilitation Pragramme

Item 3 (25.34 KB)
East end household special Waste event

Item 4 (238.84 KB)
Mineral Resource Study

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