03 NOVEMBER 1998

3:00 P.M.



Chair: R. Chiarelli

Members: D. Beamish, R. Cantin, B. Hill, G. Hunter, P. Hume, A. Loney, M. Meilleur,

W. Stewart, R. van den Ham



That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee confirm the Regular and Confidential Minutes of the 20 October 1998 meeting.







- Committee Co-ordinator’s report dated 29 Oct 98

Moved by W. Stewart

That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee move out of Camera and resume in Open Session.



Mr. Bill Burrows, Solicitor, South Ottawa Collector Review Team, provided a Proposed Work Program Schedule outlining the time frame for the project review. He reported the Review Team should complete the Review by March 1999.

Councillor Beamish referenced the urgency involved with the issue as noted by staff when Council was requested to approve, on 23 September 1998, the budget authority of $17 million and remedial action. The Councillor suggested perhaps there was not an urgency for the project. He moved a Motion to place a hold on the expenditure of funds for the project without first being approved by the Committee.

Chair Chiarelli stated the Beamish Motion may create technical problems, in reference to the budget for the Review Team, in addition to other expertise sought to provide advice on the project.

M. Sheflin, Environment and Transportation Commissioner, confirmed it was the intention to follow the Corporate Policy Manual procedures throughout the process. He stated the $17 million budget authority was required to begin the process, as it provided the approval to draft a Request for Proposal resulting in a tender award to be considered by Committee. Mr. Sheflin pointed out there was an ongoing problem that required attention in addition to a long-term solution. He reiterated a recommended procedure would return to Committee for approval.

In response to a question from Councillor Beamish regarding capital funds spent from the $17 million budget, N. Schepers, Acting Deputy Commissioner, Environment and Engineering, stated funds had been spent only to retain financial and technical expertise, in addition to the Montgomery Watson consultant report. Ms. Schepers confirmed there would not be any large expenditure involved until the Request for Proposal stage was complete and Committee considered a recommended proposal and the expenditure required. She noted there may be a requirement for a small expenditure for technical expertise when evaluating the proposals received. Ms. Schepers anticipated a report would be before Committee early 1999 with regard to the recommended plan of action/ awarding of contract.

Councillor Beamish questioned the urgency in the previous report requesting the budget authority. Mr. Sheflin reiterated that a commitment to determine a solution was required to allow staff to proceed through the process. He stated this involved time, in particular around the preparation and review of the Request for Proposals. Mr. Sheflin confirmed staff were proceeding on the same time frame discussed during the approval of the budget authority.


Councillor Cantin pointed out the $17 million budget approval did not represent authority to spend the funds, but provided Council’s intent that the problem needed to be solved and the resources were available. M. Beckstead, Chief Administrative Officer, confirmed any contract award to remedy the problem would be considered by Committee. Councillor Cantin hoped Committee would trust the Chief Administrative Officer and emphasized the need for remedial action to be taken, which may involve front-end expenses in addition to the Review Team.

Councillor Loney pointed out there would be an ongoing opportunity for the Committee to amend the process, if required. However, he agreed there was a need to continue at this time.


Moved by D. Beamish

That no more funds be expended from the recently approved $17 million budget for the South Ottawa Collector without first being approved by the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee.


YEAS: D. Beamish, B. Hill, W. Stewart …. 3

NAYS: R. Cantin, P. Hume, A. Loney, R. van den Ham, R. Chiarelli …. 5


Councillor Loney proposed an amendment to the Terms of Reference for the Review Team.

Moved by A. Loney

That the Terms of Reference for the South Ottawa Collector Review Team be amended as follows:

Bullet No. 7: to be available as necessary to staff and other consultants to work towards the future integration of the South Ottawa Collector into the entire regional sewage treatment system, and to provide advice to the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee on this matter.


Councillor Meilleur inquired when the Review Team would be able to provide Committee with an opinion on the course of action required. Mr. Burrows stated this should be completed in approximately four weeks and was highlighted on the proposed work program as No. 9 - Review and Assessment of Proposed SOC Remedial Program (week of 29 November 1998).

That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee receive the report from the Review Team regarding the proposed time frame for Phase I of the South Ottawa Collector Project Review.



That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee receive the report from the South Ottawa Collector Project Review Team and confirm the interpretation of the Review Team’s Terms of Reference.









- Environment and Transportation Commissioner’s report dated 10 Oct 98

Councillor Stewart referenced the statement in the report that read the "contract provision of $360,000 is recommended, including a contingency allowance for unforeseen variations and GST for a total revised contract provision of $960,000." J. Miller, Director, Engineering Division, agreed the statement was not clear and confirmed the contingency was actually $33,000, less than 10%.

In response to a question from Councillor Hill, Mr. Miller explained the consultant appointment was for the construction administration component for the work at Lemieux Island. He noted the prior component had been for the preliminary and detailed design for both Lemieux Island and Britannia Water Purification Plants.

Mr. Miller provided further clarification to Councillors Cantin and Stewart regarding the proposed budget to date, the total design and construction costs for the projects involving both Lemieux Island and Britannia, and the consultant costs.


That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee and Council approve Phase 2 engineering services - construction administration services, SCADA programming and commissioning assistance to CH2M Gore & Storrie Limited (CG&S), Ottawa, for the Lemieux Island Water Purification Plant component of the Turbidity Control Project, in the amount of $360,000, bringing the total contract provision to $960,000.


(R. Cantin dissented)



TENDER 0830-73AA-T1/98

- Environment and Transportation Commissioner’s report dated 27 Sep 98

Councillor Stewart referenced the financial statement and the limited information provided regarding the Inventory Control Account. G. Ford, Director, Supply Management Services Division, explained the items outlined in the tender were required for regular maintenance and at times, for emergency purposes. He confirmed the items were released as required and were charged to the user Department’s operating budget. Mr. Ford pointed out there was not an annual budget for the inventory account, but rather the budgets were located within the operating departments which purchased materials as required and as their budget permitted.

That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee and Council approve the award of the following:

1. The tender submitted by Westburne/Canada Valve, Ottawa, for the items as per schedules C, E, F, G, I, L, O, Q and S (see Annex A) in the amount of $629,156.21;

2. The tender submitted by Emco Supply, Ottawa, for the items as per schedules B, N, T and U (see Annex A) in the amount of $231,779.17;

3. The tender submitted by Bibby Ste-Croix, Oakville, for the items as per schedule J (see Annex A) in the amount of $59,200.85;

4. The tender submitted by Albert Viau Ltée, Laval, for the items as per schedules A, K, M, P and R (see Annex A) in the amount of $204,840.67.





- Acting Deputy Commissioner, Environment and Transportation, report dated 09 Oct 98

Upon the request of Mr. John Landreville, President, C.A.C.E. Construction (1991) Ltd., the Committee agreed to defer consideration of the report until the next meeting, 17 November 1998.


Moved by G. Hunter

That this item be deferred until the 17 November 1998 Committee meeting.


On a point of clarification, Councillor Hunter indicated that in the normal course of events, the low tender may have been rejected as it was irregular and staff may have recommended the award to C.A.C.E Construction as the low regular bid. The Councillor, however, noted all regular tenders received were above the departmental estimate which contributed to the staff recommendation to reject the bids and re-tender in 1999.

Mr. Landreville acknowledged this clarification.


That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee and Council approve the rejection of all bids and the cancellation of tenders for Contract No. 98-326, for the construction of the watermains required as part of the Meadowlands Pressure District Expansion.

DEFERRED (to 17 Nov 98)




- Environment and Transportation Commissioner’s report dated 05 Oct 98

That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee and Council approve the award of Contract 98-321 for the replacement of windows at the Fleet Street Pumping Station to J. C. Sulpher Construction, Gloucester, for a total contract provision of $281,037.





- Acting Deputy Commissioner, Environment and Transportation Commissioner,

report dated 13 Oct 98

Councillor Hill inquired what Departments used the equipment involved and if the equipment was Year 2000 compatible. N. Monkman, Manager, Environment and Transportation Systems Branch, reported the Environment and Transportation Department was the primary user, in addition to the Planning and Development Approvals Department. He explained the equipment was used for computerized design and mapping and involved regular updates which were covered under the maintenance agreement. Mr. Monkman confirmed a majority of the systems were Year 2000 compatible, however, the continuation of the maintenance agreement would ensure that all hardware and software tools provided would continue to be compliant.

That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee and Council approve the purchase of maintenance services for computer equipment from Intergraph Canada Limited, Mississauga, for a total contract provision of $176,100.






- Planning and Development Approvals Commissioner’s report dated 13 Oct 98

That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee approve the sale of 1140 Alenmede Crescent in the amount of $104,900.00 pursuant to an Agreement of Purchase and Sale that has been received.





- Planning and Development Approvals Commissioner’s report dated 2 Oct 98

That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee and Council:

    1. Declare the lands along the rear of 2041 - 2093 Cabot Street shown as Parts 1 to 14 on Plan 4R-13715 as surplus to the Region’s needs;
    2. Approve the sale of the land identified in Recommendation 1, subject to any easements that are required, to the eleven (11) adjacent property owners for the nominal sum of $1.00.







Le conseiller Legendre, coprésident du Groupe de travail du président régional sur les services bilingues de la Municipalité régionale d’Ottawa-Carleton, fait une présentation au Comité. Le conseiller mentionne les membres du Groupe de travail comme suit : les conseillers Legendre et Loney, coprésidents, et Louise Bourgault, Gisèle Richer et Jacques Therrien, représentants de la collectivité. Le conseiller Legendre souligne aussi la collaboration de trois membres du personnel : Luce Lavoie, Réjean Chartrand et Jacques Larouche.

Le conseiller Legendre déclare que le travail du Groupe a été achevé dans un court délai, à commencer par la formation du Groupe en avril 1998 et les travaux entrepris au début de mai 1998. Il explique que le délai d’achèvement tombe à la mi-novembre parce que les intervenants étaient d’avis à ce moment-là que la restructuration de l’administration locale serait rapide et parce qu’ils voulaient présenter un sommaire de la situation actuelle et les recommandations nécessaires. Le conseiller Legendre affirme que le rapport est le résultat d’une bonne somme de travail et remercie les membres du Groupe de travail, le conseiller Loney et tous les autres participants engagés dans le projet.

Prenant la parole sur le rapport final du Groupe de travail en août 1998, le conseiller Legendre examine le travail entrepris. Il explique qu’il y a eu notamment un examen de la situation actuelle à Ottawa-Carleton, c’est-à-dire de la politique officielle sur le bilinguisme depuis 1973, et des améliorations apportées au fil des ans. Le conseiller fait rapport sur les consultants du Groupe de travail, Nadeau, Beaulieu et Associé.e.s, qui ont examiné la situation et les services fournis à divers endroits, soit dans les 11 municipalités d’Ottawa-Carleton, à Aylmer, à Hull et à Gatineau, à Moncton au Nouveau-Brunswick, à Winnipeg au Manitoba, dans les provinces de l’Ontario et du Québec et au gouvernement du Canada. Le conseiller Legendre déclare que le rapport final comprend un sommaire du travail des consultants et qu’il est un outil utile de comparaison entre la Région et d’autres collectivités. Il ajoute que la collectivité d’Ottawa-Carleton a été consultée pour obtenir les points de vue et les perceptions des citoyens sur les services de la Région, une composante qui a aidé le Groupe de travail à formuler les conclusions générales du rapport.

Le conseiller Legendre suggère que la prochaine étape qui comprend l’étude des recommandations du rapport par le Comité peut se dérouler en janvier ou février 1999, après l’examen du budget. Il constate que certaines recommandations sont moins urgentes et peuvent être considérées distinctement, si nécessaire.

La conseillère Meilleur demande si la politique s’appliquera au Service de police régional d’Ottawa-Carleton. Le conseiller Legendre répond que le Service de police examine actuellement ses politiques sur le bilinguisme, qu’il est conscient des activités du Groupe de travail et qu’il obtiendra un exemplaire du rapport. Le conseiller Legendre espère que le Service de police adoptera une politique semblable afin d’éviter un service à deux volets dans la Région d’Ottawa-Carleton. La conseillère Meilleur affirme avoir reçu des plaintes sur le temps qui s’écoule avant d’obtenir un service en français au Service de police et elle ne croit pas que les services ou les politiques actuelles sont appropriés.

La conseillère Meilleur est déçue de l’information que certains organismes externes affichent temporairement à l’occasion dans l’édifice et de la traduction souvent médiocre.

Dans le cas du Service de police, le conseiller Legendre répond qu’à titre de seul membre francophone de la Commission, il a reçu des plaintes sur les services en français et la question est soumise à la Commission. Le conseiller soutient que le chef Ford veut offrir un service de qualité. Le conseiller Legendre espère, affirme-t-il de nouveau, que le Service de police acceptera le rapport et toute directive du Conseil.

Le conseiller Legendre précise que le transfert des services de la Province comprend l’obligation de répondre aux exigences de la Loi sur les services en français. Il confirme qu’il est important pour la Région d’examiner la politique sur les langues officielles du point de vue de la prestation de nouveaux services.

Le conseiller Cantin apprécie dans le rapport du Groupe de travail. Il insiste sur la nécessité de veiller à l’exactitude du français tous les services, actuels et nouveaux, et cite en exemple un texte en français inexact utilisé dans un véhicule du service 9-1-1.

Le conseiller Loney, à titre de coprésident du Groupe de travail, remercie le Groupe pour une excellente expérience d’apprentissage et déclare que le Groupe de travail a collaboré très efficacement. Le conseiller félicite le conseiller Legendre de son travail, incite le Comité à examiner le rapport et dépose le document pour discussion à une date ultérieure.

Proposé par A. Loney

Que le Comité des services organisationnels et du développement économique dépose son rapport intitulé «Groupe de travail du président régional sur les services bilingues à la Municipalité régionale d’Ottawa-Carleton».





Councillor Legendre, Co-Chair of the Regional Chair’s Task Force on Bilingual Services at the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton, provided a presentation to the Committee. The Councillor reviewed the membership of the Task Force as follows: Councillor Legendre and Councillor Loney, Co-Chairs, and Louise Bourgault, Gisèle Richer and Jacques Therrien, Community Representatives. Councillor Legendre also noted the contributions of three staff members; namely, Luce Lavoie, Réjean Chartrand and Jacques Larouche.

Councillor Legendre stated the Task Force’s work was completed within a short time frame, beginning with their establishment in April 1998 and commencement of work in early May 1998. He explained a completion deadline of mid-November was set, as it was thought, at the time, that local government restructuring would occur quickly and to ensure there was a summary of the current situation and necessary recommendations on record. Councillor Legendre stated the report was the result of good work and thanked the Task Force members, Councillor Loney and all other participants involved in the project.

Speaking to the Task Force Final Report, August 1998, Councillor Legendre reviewed the nature of the work that was undertook. He explained it involved a review of the current situation in Ottawa-Carleton, referencing the official Bilingualism Policy from 1973 and improvements implemented over the following years. The Councillor reported the Task Force consultant, Nadeau, Beaulieu & Associé.e.s, reviewed situations and services provided in various locations; the eleven Ottawa-Carleton municipalities, Aylmer, Hull and Gatineau, Moncton, NB, Winnipeg, MA, the Provinces of Ontario and Québec, and the Government of Canada. Councillor Legendre stated the Final Report provided a summary of the consultant’s work, and was a useful tool to compare the Region to other communities. He added the Ottawa-Carleton community was consulted to obtain their views and perceptions on the Region’s services which assisted the Task Force in determining the overall conclusions of the report.

Councillor Legendre suggested the next phase involved the Committee’s consideration of the report recommendations and could be in January or February 1999, upon completion of the budget review. He noted some recommendations had a lesser degree of urgency and could be considered separate, if necessary.

Councillor Meilleur inquired if the policy would apply to the Ottawa-Carleton Police Service. Councillor Legendre reported the Police Service was currently reviewing their policies on bilingualism, that they were aware of the Task Force’s work, and that the report would be circulated to them. Councillor Legendre stated it was his hope the Police

Service would assume a similar policy to ensure there were not two levels of service within the Region of Ottawa-Carleton. Councillor Meilleur reported she had received complaints regarding the time involved to obtain French service within the Police Service, and she did not believe the current services or policies were adequate.

Councillor Meilleur stated her disappointment with the occasional temporary signage used by external organizations within the building and the poor translation often involved.

With regard to the Police Service, Councillor Legendre responded that, as the only francophone Board member, he had received complaints regarding French services and the matter had been brought to the Board. The Councillor stated it was Chief Ford’s desire to offer quality service. Councillor Legendre reiterated it was his hope the Police Service would accept the report and any direction given by Council.

In reference to services transferred from the Province, Councillor Legendre noted the transfer included the responsibility of meeting the French Language Services Act requirements. He stated the importance for the Region to have reviewed the official languages policy with respect to the delivery of new services.

Councillor Cantin extended his appreciation to the Task Force for the report. He emphasized the need to ensure correct French was used in any service, current and new, and referenced an example of incorrect French text used in a 9-1-1 vehicle.

Councillor Loney, as Co-Chair of the Task Force, thanked the group for an excellent learning experience and stated the Task Force worked together very effectively. The Councillor commended Councillor Legendre for his work, encouraged the Committee to review the report, and moved to table the document for discussion at a later date.


Moved by A. Loney

That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee table the report entitled "Regional Chair’s Task Force on Bilingual Services at the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton ".





1. Capital Quarterly Report (July - September 1998)

- Finance Commissioner’s memorandum dated 14 Oct 98


2. Record of Tender Openings for the Month of September 1998

(As per Corporate Policy Manual Section 4.6.6)

- Regional Clerk’s memorandum dated 01 Oct 98




Moved by A. Loney

That Agenda Item No. 1 of the Confidential Agenda be considered by the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee In Camera pursuant to subsection 11 (1) (e) litigation or potential litigation affecting the Regional Corporation, including matters before administrative tribunals; (f) the receiving of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose; of the Procedure By-law.






- Committee Co-ordinator’s report dated 29 Oct 98


Moved by W. Stewart

That the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee move out of Camera and resume in Open Session.



Reference discussion and Motions approved under Agenda Item No. 1, South Ottawa Collector Project Review, Proposed Time Frame - Phase 1.



The following two inquiries were put forward by Councillor Munter.

1. Electronic repository of documents at Regional Corporate Resource Centre

Kanata resident Ron Tolmie has requested that the Regional Government Corporate Resource Centre become an electronic repository for budgets, by-laws, minutes, official plans and other documents from all 11 area municipalities, as well as for the Region itself. Mr. Tolmie has recently won a judgment against the City of Kanata through the Ontario Information Commissioner, requiring the release of electronic versions of such documents. He believes that it would be useful for members of the public to have access to these kinds of documents from all local municipalities in one single place. Councillor Munter requested staff review the details of his proposal and report back to Committee on its feasibility of implementation.

2. Same-sex spouse definition and its relation to the pension package

Earlier this year, in the Rosenberg case, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that the definition of "spouse" contained in the Federal Income Tax Act with regard to pensions was contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as it failed to include same-sex spouses. Since 1992, Regional Government has provided health and drug benefits to same-sex spouses of its employees on the same basis as all other staff. Councillor Munter inquired what measures were required to include pensions in this package to comply with the principles outlined in the Rosenberg judgment, and report back to Committee.


3. Corporate Policy Manual - Consultant Appointment

Inquiry by Councillor Stewart

Councillor Stewart referenced her inquiry made at the 6 October 1998 meeting regarding whether Regional policy was followed when the Region retained a consultant in the amount of $37,000 to review the external economic development partners funded by the Region. The Councillor noted she was advised at that time it was suitable to sole-source the contract because of the minimal amount, and if an RFP were developed, interest from larger firms and larger expense would result. Councillor Stewart stated she had since reviewed Chapter 4 of the Corporate Policy Manual, specifically Section - Purchase of Materials, Goods or Services between $10,000 - $50,000. She inquired if the use of the policy was discretionary and if not, why the Manual was not followed. Councillor Hume referenced the procedure for responding to inquiries, whether directly to the Councillor or to the Committee. Chair Chiarelli stated the inquiry and response to inquiry procedure would be reviewed.




The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.



17 November 1998





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