Using the City Council & Committee Agendas & Minutes Search Tools

There are several ways to search the City Council and Committee Agendas and Minutes

By month, dating back to January 2001. Select the month and year from the pull down menus and click “Jump to month”. All meetings for that month will be listed.

Narrow or widen your search by selecting Today, This Week, This Month or This Year.

You can narrow your search further once you’ve selected the time frame. If you’re looking for a particular committee meeting, highlight the appropriate committee from the menu and then click “Select”. (The default search criteria is ‘All’.) If the selected committee met or is scheduled to meet in the specified time frame, it will be listed. If no search results are returned, the committee did not meet or is not scheduled to meet during the time frame entered.

Search by meeting title or location

Use the From and To tool to search meetings that took place between those dates. You can search from January 1, 2001 to the end of this year. The tool searches meeting titles, report titles and location names. It does not search the agendas, minutes or other documents. To use the search tool, specify which period you want to search and then enter a keyword in the meeting title, report title or meeting location. Then click Search. It will return search results for all meetings that meet the criteria between the entered dates.

Search meeting documents

The City Council & Committee Agendas & Minutes Search on the bottom left searches the agendas and minutes dating back to January 1, 2001. It will return search results for all documents that contain the keywords entered.