Report to/Rapport au :


Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee

Comité consultatif sur la conservation de l'architecture locale


and / et


Planning and Environment Committee

Comité de l'urbanisme et de l'aménagement


and Council / et au Conseil


14 March 2005 / le 14 mars 2005


Submitted by/Soumis par : Ned Lathrop, Deputy City Manager/

Directeur municipal adjoint,

Planning and Growth Management / Urbanisme et Gestion de la croissance 


Contact Person/Personne ressource : Grant Lindsay, Manager /Gestionnaire,

Development Approvals / Approbation des demandes d’aménagement

(613) 580-2424 x 13242,


Rideau-Vanier (12)

Ref N°: ACS2005-DEV-APR-0098




APPLICATION TO DEMOLISH FIVE BUILDINGS AT  52-54 bolton, 78-80 bolton, 281-283 cumberland, 287 cumberland and 207-209 murray street, designated under part v of the ontario heritage act, located in the lowertown west heritage conservation district.




demande en vue démolir cinq édifices au 52-54, RUE bolton, 78-80, RUE bolton, 281-283, RUE cumberland, 287, RUE cumberland et 207-209, rue murray, désignés en vertu de la partie v de la loi sur le patrimoine de l’ontario ET situés dans le DISTRICT DE CONSERVATION DU PATRIMOINE DE LA BASSE-VILLE OUEST




That the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee recommend that Planning and Environment Committee and Council:


1.         Refuse the applications to demolish heritage buildings located within the Lowertown West Heritage Conservation District, received on February 27, 2005 for 52-54 Bolton Street, 78-80 Bolton Street, 281-283 Cumberland Street, 287 Cumberland Street, and 207‑209 Murray Street


2.         Refuse to issue a demolition permit for 52-54 Bolton Street, 78-80 Bolton Street, 281-283 Cumberland Street, 287 Cumberland Street and 207-209 Murray Street, until the owner has applied for and been given a permit to erect a new building on the site (Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter.18, Section 42.10).




Que le Comité sur la conservation de l’architecture locale recommande au Comité de l’urbanisme et de l’environnement et au Conseil :


1.                  de refuser les demandes de démolition d’édifices historiques situés dans le district de conservation du patrimoine de la basse-ville Ouest, reçues le 27 février pour le 52-54, rue Bolton, le 78-80, rue Bolton, le 281-283, rue Cumberland, le 287, rue Cumberland et le 207-209, rue Murray;


2.                  de refuser de délivrer un permis de démolition pour le 52-54, rue Bolton, le 78-80, rue Bolton, le 281-283, rue Cumberland, le 287, rue Cumberland et le 207-209, rue Murray jusqu’à ce que le propriétaire ait soumis une demande de permis en vue d’ériger un nouvel édifice à ces emplacements et que cette dernière ait été acceptée (Loi sur le patrimoine de l’Ontario, L.R.O. 1990, chapitre 18, article 42.10).




The Lowertown West Heritage Conservation District was designated by City Council in 1993 as a heritage conservation district under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act.


The Heritage Conservation District Study involved the analysis of the heritage character of the area, individual analysis and scoring of each building in the District to determine its category on the City's Heritage Reference List and the development of a "Heritage Conservation District Plan" to guide the management of the heritage conservation district.


The buildings that are the subject of this application under the Ontario Heritage Act are all part of the Lowertwon West Heritage Conservation District and all were evaluated. A brief synopsis of each one follows (see also Heritage Survey Forms, page 1, Documents 2-6):


52-54 Bolton Street


Category 3. This is a flat-roofed, two storey double, with a carriage way, constructed in 1894. It was originally occupied by  Victor Lepage, a clerk and Jean Baptiste Lepage, a draftsman. Heritage staff have toured it and confirmed that it is in very poor condition. Retention of the front façade, including carriageway would be supported in the context of a subsequent application to alter under the Ontario Heritage Act.


78-80 Bolton Street


Category 2. This is a side-gabled, one and a half storey double house with pedimented dormer windows. Its design reflects the early vernacular tradition of Lowertown. It was occupied by a series of labourers throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Its present condition is unknown.


281-283 Cumberland


Category 3. This is a two storey, side-gabled structure constructed between 1861 and 1872. It was a residential dwelling with a carriage maker in the rear year for many years. It has been altered and had much of its original detail removed but it retains the profile of an 19th century Lowertown dwelling. The structure may have been built as a one storey building and had an additional storey added in late 19th century. It is currently occupied.


287 Cumberland, Our Lady Girls' School


Category 2. This school was constructed in 1904, but there was a Roman Catholic Girls' School on the site as early as 1886. There was a boys' school, St. Brigid's, at the other end of the block. Both schools were associated with the parish church, St. Brigid's on St. Patrick Street. The building is a two storey brick structure with a flat roof and stone window surrounds. It was re-roofed in 2000 and a permit to convert the building to apartments was issued the same year.  Currently unoccupied, condition unknown.


207-209 Murray Street


Category 2. This two storey, side gabled double was constructed in the 1870s and displays the di-chromatic (red and white) brick popular in Canada in that decade. The house was built by Stanislas Hotte, who occupied one side and rented out the other. Like many Lowertown buildings, there were light industrial uses in the rear yard - in this case, a carpenter's yard. There was a fire in the building in the last two years, but the extent of the damage and the condition of the building is not known.


The other component of the Study, the Heritage Conservation District Plan, has been used by staff since the creation of the District when considering applications and new development within the District.    




Recommendation 1


Heritage Conservation Districts are created to preserve the character of neighbourhoods and areas that convey a special sense of time and place. The City Council Approved Official Plan, provides for the creation of heritage conservation districts through policy and 2.5.5. 2 which states that "The City will provide for the conservation of cultural heritage resources for the benefit of the community and posterity ... groups of buildings, cultural landscapes and areas of the City will be designated as Heritage Conservation Districts under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act."


The City Council approved Lowertown West Heritage Conservation District Plan also has guidelines regarding demolitions in the District. Section 7.5.4 of the Guidelines states that "As a general principle, demolition of structures within the District will not be recommended for approval by City Council."


The 2005 Provincial Policy Statement issued under the authority of Part 3 of the Planning Act, which came into force on March 1, 2005 also addresses the issue of the demolition of designated heritage resources stating that:


2.6 Cultural Heritage and Archaeology


2.6.1 Significant built heritage resources and significant cultural heritage landscapes shall be conserved.


In addition, all of the buildings, except Our Lady School, contain rental housing units. The City has policies regarding the demolition of rental housing units. Section 4.5.5 of the City Council Approved Official Plan, states that "Applications for demolition of housing units will not be approved unless replacement units are provided."  This policy enforces the Demolition Control policies established through Section  33 of the Planning Act that allow Council to refuse to issue a demolition permit unless a building permit has been issued. The entire former  City of Ottawa is a Demolition Control area.


Recommendation 2


When Council refuses an application to demolish a building under the Ontario Heritage Act, Section 42 (10) of that Act gives Council the authority to refuse to issue a demolition permit until "the owner has applied to council under this section and been given a permit to erect a new building on the site .."  This ensures the preservation of designated buildings threatened with demolition indefinitely.


Given the policies and guidelines above, the Department does not support the applications for the demolition of these buildings. The buildings have all been scored according to Council-approved guidelines and have been placed in Category 2 or 3, each is an integral part of a streetscape that contributes to the heritage character of the District that is being protected.


The Department has not received applications for replacement buildings, nor have cultural heritage impact statements on the condition of the structures been received. As there are no plans for replacement buildings and no evidence (apart from 52-54 Bolton) that the condition of the existing structures warrants their removal, the Department can not support the demolitions. Furthermore, the removal of the existing heritage buildings on the sites would continue to make it difficult to achieve the aims of the Lowertown West Heritage Conservation District to preserve the integrity of the District and to manage change in such a way as to enhance the character of the District.




Adjacent property owners and residential tenants were notified by letter of the date of the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee (LACAC) and Planning and Environment Committee tee meetings and were provided with comment sheets to be returned to LACAC.


The Lowertown West Residents’ Association was informed of the project.


Heritage Ottawa was informed of the proposed demolitions. 


Georges Bédard, the Ward Councillor, is aware of these applications. 








Document 1      Location Map, Bolton Street

Document 2      Location Map, Cumberland and Murray Streets

Document 3      Heritage Survey Form (HSF), page 1, 52 - 54 Bolton Street

Document 4      HSF, page 1, 78-80 Bolton Street

Document 5      HSF, page 1, 281-283 Cumberland Street

Document 6      HSF, page 1, 287 Cumberland Street

Document 7      HSF, page 1, 295 Cumberland Street




The Corporate Services Department, City Clerk's Branch, to notify the applicant/ agent (Arnell Goldberg, Goldberg, Stronick and Stroud, 307 Gimour St., Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0P7); the owner (Claude Lauzon, 274 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 7E6) and the Ontario Heritage Foundation (10 Adelaide Street, 3rd Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1J3) of City Council’s decision regarding the demolitions at 52-54 Bolton, 78-80 Bolton, 281-283 Cumberland, 287 Cumberland and 207-209 Murray Street.




LOCATION MAP, BOLTON STREET                                                                        Document 1



LOCATION MAP, CUMBERLAND AND MURRAY STREETS                            Document 2


               Document 3


                                                                     Document 4


                                                     Document 5


HSF, PAGE 1, 287 CUMBERLAND STREET                                                            Document 6


HSF, PAGE 1, 295 CUMBERLAND STREET                                                            Document 7